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Citizens in A Combat Zone: A Film about 4 unlucky contractors in Fallujah

Citizens in A Combat Zone is the second part of a four part Frontline documentary titled Private Warriors. It details the story of the 4 Blackwater contractors whose grisly deaths triggered a massive US assault on the city of Fallujah in 2004, that resulted in the massacre of hundreds of Iraqis.

In it, the mother of one of the contractors killed spoke about how her son, a former navy seal and a father of two, didn't intend to stay more than two months in Iraq because 'he didn't want to be away from his kids.' But, he was steeped in DEBT and was doing it because the 'money was good', she said - 'and that was the deciding factor'.

"When you've been in special forces 13 or 14 years, you're trained to do one thing," she said, "and there's not a whole lot of jobs out there for people trained to kill - there really aren't. What are you going to do?"

As usual, MONEY is the deciding factor. Indeed, MONEY shut down the state of NJ the other day and every day MONEY holds millions of people around the world hostage to its availability.

What is it about MONEY that makes it so hard for some to come by, while others seem to be swimming in it? By now, the answer should be clear. The system is rigged.

NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO KILL TO MAKE A LIVING. The only reason there were no decent opportunities for these men, like there are no decent opportunities for tens of thousands of others is because the people who control the money supply WANT IT THIS WAY. They couldn't get us to do their dirty work otherwise.

OTHERWISE, we would have choices. Otherwise, WE WOULD BE FREE to do what our conscience tells us to do and go where our hearts tell us to go.

The moral of this story is that the only 'people' 'winning' this war are CORPORATIONS and the INTERNATIONAL BANKERS who finance them.

THEY are never at risk. THEY are never in harms way because THEY do not assume risk. THEY are MONEYLENDERS. THEY shift all of life's RISKS to US - the BORROWERS.

This insanity will NOT stop until WE - the people - take our MONEY back. The power to issue MONEY in the United States of America must be removed from private bankers and returned to its rightful owners - the PEOPLE.

NEVER A LENDER OR BORROWER BE. If we live by those words - we can be free.


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