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Iran-US-Israel Messaging, Loud and Clear

What is unique about this war is how the messages have been exchanged between Israel and Iran, and the Western world is clueless - including GW Bush (from his off-the-record exchange with Blair). The Israelis may find out, to their chagrin, that a multiply-challenged US president may not be so good after all.

Message 1: Israel->US: We are taking back Gaza and Southern Lebanon if you don't stop talking about 'Palestine'. There is no such thing.

Message 2: Iran->Israel: There is a red line, if you don't stop attacking Gaza, we will open another front. You may think this is unprecedented, but you watch and see. The whole Ummah is bleeding at the sight of Gaza atrocities - everyone will be on our side.

Message 3: Israel->Iran: Try it. We will throw down so many bombs and kill so many people that eventually they will all hate Hizbullah and Syria and Iran. We will remote control US media to ignore the link between Gaza and the new war.

Message 4: Iran->US: There you go, Uncle Sam. A demonstration of our forces, regional reach, weapons, guiding, accuracy and public support. Any questions?

Bush: The irony is that you should tell Bolton to tell Kofi to tell Iran to tell Bashad (sic) to tell Hizbullah to stop this sh*t. Also tell Condi to make sure bin Laden figures in somewhere or our bozo base is gonna get the idea that somehow this sh*t is not all related to 9/11. And tell Rumsfeld and his pals to cool it - we're not going after Iran, and don't let Cheney hear I said so.


At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

Very good characterization of the dialog that's taking place.

It's beyond comprehension how stupid Israelis are. They're destroying themselves and they're taking the rest of us with them.

At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What goes around comes around. Israel can't destroy the entire Middle East and they can last in a war of attrition forever. The writing is on the wall Israel is doomed. Without heavy US support Israel would fall flat on its face. They cannot maintain control of the US forever, their largest lobbying group AIPAC has been caught spying on the US and that case involves two PNAC authors. The judge can keep moving back the trial date but not forever. The world is going to know who rents our congress and who was spying on the US, AGAIN.

Israel has bitten off more than it can chew. The race card and the religion acard are not going to save them this time. No one in the world likes dead children and this time without the controlled embedded media, and Israel's Zionist Media allies in the Us, the pictures and truth are leaking out.

Israel does not have the numbers and despite right of return and all their desperate incentives to get people wait excuse me, ‘their people’ to move there, no one wants to live in a fascist cesspool with unpredictable violence which results as a backlash to Israel’s illegal aggressions, namely the military occupation of Palestine, exposed false flag operations, and attacking every one of her neighbors in under 50 years. Israeli has alienated itself from yet another large group of people, another generation of Lebanese will grow up with nothing but jutifiable dusgust for Israel. Israel’s latest attempts to follow their Clean Break strategy and actually try and fight one of their own battles, albeit safety from the air and their gun boats, has popped the bubble around Israeli military strength.

Never one to fail at shooting kids with rocks and sticks, or bombing houses of civilians, Israel cannot fight people who have even the slightest means to fight back. When one takes away the high number of civilian deaths from Israel’s 230 some murders in Lebanon only about 30 people were actually soldiers and Israel has lost 24 of its own half of them military. So despite superior fire power all Israel is good at is what they have practiced for the last 37 years, and that’s killing kids and then spending loads on the media to try and lie about it.

Israel’s bombings have been so spastic that they killed 8 Canadians. That’s what happened when a country ignores military targets and hits tourist areas and suburbs of major cities. Israel doesn’t know what to do when they other side can kill them back without having to result to homemade weapons and rockets purchased for the IDF’s own black market. They are losing again to Hezbollah both in this war and in public support. They can control the press in the occupied territories and the US press will promote whatever is profitable for the Military Industrial complex, but they can not control all of the media outlets in Lebanon particularly from Asia and Europe and the news is finally coming out. Regular people are seeing for the first time the pictures of dead children and the normal activities of the Isracist state.

Anyone who had to question it before can clearly now see the US was sent to war for Israel. We know PNAC was written in Israel and the same authors have or had high positions in the department of defense and Bush administration. We know AIPAC has been spying on the US. We know a cabal of Neocons made the OSP and its members lied us into war with Iraq. Its members also overlap with PNAC Authors. One OSP and PNAC author Lewis Libby is in trouble for blowing the cover of a clandestine CIA agent and consequently her entire front company which was in charge of tracking uranium. We know the ADL fabricated a story about Jews and Christians in Iran having to wear color-coded badges in Iran. (reminds me alot of the phony color coded terror alert system in the US). We know Israel is trying as hard as it can to put blame on Iran or Syria or both, accusing them of supplying Hezbollah with weaponry. We know it is Israel that wants a war with Iran and Syria and they want the US to do it.

We have seen all the Neocons on TV and radio pop up out of their mud and call for a larger war on behalf of Israel. But the trick has warn out and all that has happened is the Zionists have identified themselves and are getting a utterly disdainful reaction from the rest of America who is sick and tired of trading its blood for the fascist interest of so called the Jewish State which builds racially segregate colonies into a foreign country under the hand of military force.

Israel does not care about nor represent the Jews or that’s religion. Israel is a US military cash cow, a medium to bloat the budget of the pentagon and use leverage over the oil rich state of the Middle East. Its run my money loving greedy profiteers and was set up by the Zionist owners of private central banks such as the Rothchilds. Its purpose is not a homeland for a people of a certain religious faith. That idea in and of itself is ridiculous anyway. You know every other religion can go anywhere and does not attach itself to bloodlines or a piece of land.

Israel attracts and fosters lunatics. It does not care one iota about Judaism. It hides behind religion and the guilt associated with WWII (despite the very principle founders of Israel financing the Nazis and cutting off immigration to other nations in order to force Jews to move to this new project) in order to dodge criticism for what can be described as an apartheid police state and warmongering liars. The purpose of Israel the plutocratic fear laden “democracy” is to expand and to spread “democracy” AKA central banking and control of the world’s money supply to the few state who do not already have it namely the “Arab world”.

But this time Israel made a no-no and tried to fight on its own with out the big daddy US protecting them, and Israel is failing. Every kid they kill and every strike of aggression they make is a blow against their self. Russia has already called a spade a spade at the last G8 meeting. The world is tired of Israel’s bullshit. Crying anti-Semite has worn out and people are seeing through their deception. Israel kills little kids and uses collective punishment on people who are reacting to an occupation which is against international law to begin with.

More over Israel has shown itself to be weak, regardless of all their toys, the military strength of the Zionist is marginal and their own people are protesting in Tel Aviv by the thousands. Nobody likes the Zionists including the Jews. It will be a great pleasure to watch Israel’s Zionists fall apart and the multitude of court cases in the US take down the Zionist Neocons in the US’s government and restore some sanity to our world away from religious fanatics or at least those who hijack religion with hatred and use then as business fronts instead of being the false hope yet comforting fairytales they are supposed to be. Israel’s days are numbered, they either end the occupation and withdraw ALL the settlements and end their aggression or they are going to get annihilated in the future.

Ry Anti-neocons.com

At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Blogger Unknown said...

Ryan, welcome to this blog. Went to order your book, but it says:

A new copy is not available from Barnes & Noble.com at this time.

At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Blogger jayzerz said...

Israel as a "state" is a failure. She cannot find peace with her neighbours, because she doesn't want peace, ignoring every concession made to her, and for this she will constantly be under attack. The last few weeks have proved that.

Where Israel is now, is where she has brought herself.

If, as perhaps there might have been after WW2, an arguement to establish a "state" that was to be regarded as a homeland for judaism, that could have been accomplished through negotiation.

The "state" of Israel as we know it today was born through a terror campaign aimed at siezing land, by whatever means necessary, and has never been fully accepted because of this.

We have to deal with the current situation; one in which many people have already died, and is one of the longest running conflicts of the last 60 years.

60 years of conflict is too long - we are no longer in the dark ages - and active steps have to be taken to stop this situation from getting out of hand. This requires that Israel stands down and takes a long hard look at itself. There is no moral justification for what they are doing whatsoever.

It is time to end the charade. Now.

At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow..i actually watched the whole thing even though its long..however, it is very clear and very truthful...and much of the information comes from Jewish people themselves..there is still hope...however, this is israel's true mindset for going into war, not only with the palestinians (they are trying to kill as many as they can why the world is distracted with lebanon) but soon, they will try to engage the US into war with Iran..it is coming everyone. But I believe do not worry about the people who believe in God (they will defend themselves however) they need to worry about North Korea, who starves their own people. Everything we witness now, its always a setup of something else to come..now I know. Free Palestine and free the journalists (or at least they should free themselves)


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