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“We're going to screw Israel!”

The clip begins with "a rare image" of Hizbullah firing a rocket into Israel. Chew on that one for a little.

Most refugees are resigned to their fate and move along in despair trying to escape southern Lebanon with their lives. But, others are not so timid. One man warns "we're going to screw Israel!"

No doubt Israelis are trying to 'pinpoint' him now. No one is allowed to defy Israel. We must all accept the fate they have in store for us.

This can only get worse.


At Monday, July 24, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Nice Surprise: Maybe Nasrallah should personally autograph a Katyusha, "to Condi, with love", to be delivered as she disembarks from her "surprise" visit to Beirut. How dare this war slut be allowed to defile Lebanese soil?? And with her little pit bull terrier Bolton, barking along right in front of her?? And maybe Nasrallah could sign another one for that little prick as "We're going to SCREW ISRAEL!" Who told that miserable buttfucker it could ride along? Hezbollah should make mince-meat of these two while they have a chance, and feed it to the Israeli dogs, with a spoon.

At Monday, July 24, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Die for the Elite said...

Anyone even entertaining the notion of the "Holohoax," as our historical amnesiac calls it, should visit this site:

The Holocaust History Project

And if our historical amnesiac denies the accounts, photos, and other evidence there, do provide an item-by-item refutation to support your abhorrent allegations (to further embarass yourself before the world).

Mon Jul 24, 07:15:59 PM EDT
todd said...

Historically, history has been penned by the winners of any conflagration.

Churchill after WWII:

"History will be kind to us, because I intend to write it."

That is reality.

Mon Jul 24, 08:08:51 PM EDT

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I'm not looking for EMPTY WORDS spoken by Zionists and those with POLITICAL AGENDAS.

SHOW ME AUTHENTIC PHOTOGRAPHS, Undoctored photographs, Original Photographs, just link to a few photographs that showed the "atrocities".

And NO, the photos of the people in the train, does NOT show systematic extermination ---- it shows just that, people being moved on a train, and tired after a long trip.

And NO, the photos of the "piles of hair and glasses" does NOT show systematic extermination ---- it shows just that, a bunch of glasses were collected from people(?) or shipped in(?) or made to look that way(?). And the pile of hair shows that people had their hair shaved off -- this is consistent with the KNOWN LICE and parasite problem ---- I.e. see the IBM records that showed people died of disease, OLD AGE, and natural causes.

PLEASE TELL ME WHY THE NAZI RECORDS show deaths occuring throughout that time -- which is NOT consistent with the "final hours" extermination "theory".

PLEASE TELL ME WHY THE AERO-PHOTOGRAPHS DO NOT SHOW BILLOWING SMOKE (of which should have been since crematories were working 'overtime'). Please tell US HOW it is possible to "burn" so many, with the limited number of "crematoriums". Please tell us why, that MASS GRAVES CAN NOT BE FOUND! Supposedly, they KNOW THE EXACT LOCATION, yet WHERE ARE THEY?! Why won't they show the world the best evidence ---- and don't tell me they "respect the dead" since they DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT GOYS, Palestinians, Koreans, Vietnamese, Kosovians, "evil" Communists, "evil red" Socialists, Latinos, Negros, Christians, and especially MUSLIMS.

Tell me why they are SO RACIST?!

PLEASE TELL US WHY HITLER himself as well has many of his top commanders, such as the notorious Goebbles was 'JEWISH'? Why would Goebbles have NO QUARRELS WHATSOEVER (in fact it seems he took "pleasure" in his job, but that's just my opinion) in the systematic termination of which he was the 'mastermind' behind it????

This all does NOT make any sense for a FEEBLE, 'STUPID', NAIVE, GULLIBLE, GOY MIND like myself.

And speeking of Mein Kampf, I started thinking......

........ a book is a POWERFUL weapon. IDEOLOGY expressed as WORDS are extremely effective tools. They have had the power to affect social change, to cause riots and uprisings, to cause a change in a person's mental state and their VIEWS OF THE WORLD.

Books, Films, Radio, Television, PROPRAGANDA have been used effectly countless times. Just look how easy it was to cause nearly the whole USA to "believe Iraq had 1) WMD, 2) mastermind behind 9/11, and 3) supported Osama bin Laden. ------ We know this is now false. 1) NO Weapons-of-Mass-Destruction (Nookular boobs) have been found, NOR traces of any. 2) 9/11 HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IRAQ, quite the contrary. 3) Osama bin Laden has Saddam Huessein's arch-nemesis. OBL was a dedicated muslim and had GREAT DISTASTE for the corrupt and secular Arab governments, in particular Saddam's Iraq -- in fact, he has attempted to kill Saddam.

All of the 3 "reasons" were given leading up to the war against the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. Slowly but surely, the mainstream media (which is 'conveniently' controlled by Zionist Jews) which previously PUMPED SUCH NONSENSE is slowly denying it. Now it's 1) "spreading democracy" and 2) "spreading freedom" and 3) "fight evil and terrorism" (which is a Joke, since Israel and its puppets USA, UK, Australia, and unfortunately soon-to-be Canada due to Zionist Stephen Harper).

.......... All of this ties conspicuously with the topic of propraganda and books.

For those familiar with history, you would know that "Democracy" and "Communism/Socialism" WERE BOTH "INVENTED"/"CONCEIVED" by the SAME POWERFUL GROUP --- The international Bankers (also known as Ashkenazi (most notably the "Lord(s) Rothschild family"), with their "branches" the (Free)Masonaries, Illuminati, Neo-Cons, Centre-for-Foreign-Relations (CFR), and now the notorious Zionists -- they change their names often to deceive and hide their identities).

In fact, the VERY AUTHOR of 'socialism', i.e. KARL MARX was ORDERED TO WRITE THAT BOOK by the above Ashkenazi ("International Bankers" if you will) group. Not only that, but his name did NOT appear as the author of the book until SEVERAL DECADES LATER, when the 'concepts' of communism/socialism were firmly planted in people's mind.

Now why would THEY DO THAT? Why would they create TWO OPPOSING AND CONFLICTING POWERS?! (Rhetorical question).

They quickly took grasp of World Power, most notably in Europe since European Colonialism pretty much took control of nealy all of the world. During that time England had a VAST EMPIRE that spanned the great oceans.

The Zionists quickly took control of the Bank of England (BOE), and then Berlin, Paris, etc --- which each of the Rothschild Brothers/Father in control of each central bank.

During this time, America (i.e. USA) was a young nation. For you Americans, you have probably heard MANY DAMNING QUOTES from your past presidents, concerning this "parasite" or "plague" or "disease" that was "sucking the lifeblood" of the nation. Several times the battle went back and forth. Abraham Lincoln, and other presidents who "STOOD UP" to the Ashkenazi "International Bankers" were assassinated. Abraham Lincoln, was not tolerant of blacks, he abolished slavery because the societal pressure demanded "more equal" treatment for ALL HUMAN-BEINGS (something the Israelis need to (re)learn).

But one thing he did fight for strongly was to change to a NO-INTEREST, NON-FIAT, DOMESTIC, PUBLIC MONETARY SYSTEM.

Some of you might ask: SO what? What's so "bad" with the financial system we have now? Isn't America the richest nation on the planet because of it?

And this is where you would be DEADLY WRONG. This system of a FIAT CENTRAL BANK, owned and controlled NOT by the people of the USA but by "International Bankers" (of which the Rosthchild, partly through the Rockerfeller and "3rd party proxies").

So this "PONZI SCHEME" involves lending out "paper money" (or even cheaper 1's and 0's digital currency) that has neglible costs to print, with the demand that it be repaid with interest. All of this backed ONLY back "their word". What happends is that interest is always expected, yet the supply is limited. To "alleviate" (i.e time-shift the Ultimate Economic Collapse) the PRINT MORE MONEY -- this is the DIRECT CAUSE OF INFLATION.

This means FORCED-FORECLSOLURES, BANKRUPTCIES, etc --- in other words, A LOT OF DEVASTED FAMILIES. But the Zionists doen't give a shit! Never did, never will! Qrswave explained this a long time back. ;) Simply put, this means that TRILLIONS (not Billions) of DOLLARS YEARLY ARE SIPHONED OUT OF THE USA and into "private pockets". In layman's term, this means that the common folk is held a "slave" (conveneint isn't it?!).

And this is why PAST US PRESIDENTS TRIED (and a few times SUCCESSFULLY) to take control of the monetary system away from the Ashkenazi (or as they referred to it as the "plage", "disease" etc). But unforunately this does not last long --- the president who made the change is quickly assassinated (Lincoln, Kennedy, several others), and the CENTRAL BANKS control (and TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS YEARLY) goes back to the Zionists.

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ quote: "THOSE THAT CONTROL THE MONETARY SYSTEM, CONTROL THE NATION" $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

But "Fiat Currency" is really just "funny money" --- it's "value" is supported/determined by military and political power. GOLD HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE STANDARD for the last several thousand years. Oil has INTRINSIC VALUE as well. That is why we see countries such as Russia, China, Venezuela, Brazil, India, Japan, etc stock up on Gold --- because "fiat (i.e. un-backed paper) money" is DESIGNED TO CRASH --- the question is only WHEN.

The Rothschild family (FYI, previous 'family name' was Bauer, before it was changed to Rothschild which means "RED SIGN" in German) and their fellow Ashkenazis brothers --- aka the "CHOSEN ONES" --- also wanted to take control of the "Great White Empire of the East" , aka Czar Russia. But the Czar of the Russian Empire (prelude to the Soviet Union, i.e. USSR) refused to play ball. Subsequently, the Ashkenazi Zionists used the displeasement and uneasiness of the general populace, and further nutured the "SEED" of Communism that they planted. They formed and orchestrated the Nortorious BOLSHELVIK Revolution, i.e. a revolution of "reds" (comms) and "white" (czar royalty) and WIPED OUT THE CZAR'S FAMILY ---- the famous history of Annestasia (sorry spelling is bad).

Of course, they had their "man" become the ABSOLUTE DICTATOR --- a Mister Joseph STALIN, a known Ashkenazi "jew" whose origin is SW Russia, also commonly known as Khazaria.

........................ Now these Ashkenazis have NO love for the common sub-human, and they don't have much love for the "jew" either, of which they go around masquerading as.

That is because the Ashkeanzi "jew" (which is the vast MAJORITY) are NOT SEMITIC, but rather WHITE EUROPEAN and KHAZARIAN ORIGIN. It doesn't take much to see how OBVIOUS this is. Notice how nearly all of the "jews" are white ---- I mean, red-heads, blonds, light brown hair, British, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Blue eyes, Green eyes, you get the picture ------ They don't resemble ARABS much do they?!!!

They look more like your typical European than your typical Arab/Semite. Case in point ---- Joshua (John) Bolton, Donald Rumsfield, Henry Kissinger, Madelaine Albright, etc ----------- THESE GUYS ARE ALL VERY WHITE, AREN'T THEY?!!! They seem either British, or SW Russia ----- BINGO!!!

There are some (now only a very small minority) of "jews" who can 'claim some arab/semitic bloodline', but not much at that.
These are historically known as the Shephardic 'jews', dark brown hair & eyes, etc... (mixed European blood as well).

Not surprisingly, the photos of the "jews" you see in the WWII Internment/work camps were mostly Shephardic 'jew'. NOTICE HOW THERE ARE NO RICH & POWERFUL JEWS in the internment/work camps! Coicident? NO! The Rosthschild (Ashkenazi "jew") family will NEVER be in caught is such "degrading" predicament. Those of you who are 'jewish' can see this DISCRIMINATION "amoung jews". But I'll leave that for you to see/think.

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% We are all here for a common goal (or should be).

And that is NOT to seek 1) revenge against what the "jews" or 2) re-write history that never happened.

NO, WE ARE HERE TO TELL THE TRUTH ----- Only by exposing the truth, and looking at things FACTUALLY are we able to change history.

The Ashkanzis orchestrated WWI & WWII. And now that their "empire" is SERIOUSLY BEING THREATED FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER -- and this is not modest threat, they are WILLING TO TAKE THE WHOLE WORLD DOWN. The Zionists don't have the intention of 'going down' with the rest of us, they ONLY WANT TO DESTROY THE REST OF THE WORLD and CAUSE IMMEASURABLE SUFFERING to everyone BUT themselves.

Sof if you or anybody can provide ANY GENUINE, AUTHETIC (non-doctored), OBJECTIVE, VERIFIABLE EVIDENCE that the "Holocaust" of 6 million systematically exterminated EVERY TOOK PLACE ----- Please provide it.

This will be a historical event, as you would be the first to do so. We have always be brainwashed that such a thing happened, with TV, movies, books, school --- the very same thing UNDER THE CONTROL of the Zionists --- yet NOT A SINGLE CREDIBLE PIECE OF EVIDENCE HAS EVER BEEN PRESENTED.

This is important, since people can be "made" to believe just about anything. I don't need to tell anyone that -- you just need to look at all the Fundamentals, Wackos, etc to know. "Memories" can be "implanted" by way of BRAIN-WASHING.

This we have seen with DIS-AFFECTED YOUTH (also known as Miss R). Miss R, from my personal opinion is not a "bad person", yet she is very "protective" of Israel. It doesn't matter HOW MUCH Palestinian blood, or Lebanese corpses of childred with their brains blown out, or grandma and grandpas with their limbs torn from their body, or of men ripped to shred with shrapnel or burned to a crisp.

It doesn't matter that Iraq is been polluted with Depleted Uranium (DU), and this is not going anywhere -- NOT FOR ANOTHER SEVERAL HUNDRED THOUSAND YEARS. And NO YOU CAN NOT JUST SIMPLY "clean up" the Depleted Uranium. It is a fine dust, littered everywhere.

No matter how much we convince Miss R, or people like her that what Israel is doing is WRONG --- She would not even accept that both sides are wrong. To her, ONLY THE "other" people are wrong.

To her and people like her, Israel can DO no wrong. Jews can do no wrong. That the Israelites are the "chosen ones" and this land previous known as Palestine, to them it has ALWAYS BEEN & WILL BE FOR ETERNITY, the "land given to Moses by 'God' to his chosen people".

It doesn't matter how ridiculous or apparently racist such a concept of a 'race' of people chosen by God is.


To them, they are in the 'right' and everyone else is in the 'wrong'.

To them, they are superior in everyway (intellectually, culturally, morally, socially, economically, genetically), and they have MORE RIGHTS than the rest of us.

A 'sin' or 'crime' committed AGAINST one of their own is FAR WORSE than the same committed against the rest of us. Under their laws, through their eyes, the rest of us are sub-human. Not as important.

To them, it's either they against the whole world, or the whole world against them.

It is this PERSECUTION COMPLEX that they are INGRAINED WITH, that they are EXPOSED SINCE BIRTH TO, that they and the rest of us are MADE TO BELIEVE THROUGH THE CONSTANT BARRAGE OF INDOCTRINATION, BRAIN-WASHING, AND PROPRAGANDA. The centre of this source of feelings and belief is the HOLOHOAX.

++++++++++++++++++ An invention of the mind. +++++++++++++++++++++

++++++++++++++++++ An invention of those with 'godly' Political, Military, & Economical Ambitions. +++++++++++++++++++++

++++++++++++++++++ An invention of those we all call the "plague", "parasite", "cancer" and "evil" of society. +++++++++++++++++++++


At Monday, July 24, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...


This speaks so strongly the truth. Yesterday we treated the Vietnamese as LESS THAN ANIMALS. We killed them by the MILLIONS, RAPED THEM BY THE MILLIONS, and MADE JEWELRY FROM THEIR EARS, and used their Heads as Ornaments.

Today, the Zionists are embarking on a new wave of Genocide. Folks, this is only the beginning. WWIII is no joke, and it's not a distant possibility the rate we are going at.

Tomorrow the Zionists and their "supporters" will reap the seeds they sow yester, today, and tomorrow (the current tendency).

This is a powerful message, it teaches us that how we treat our fellow man, and how we respect this planet will ultimately determine our future. Our future is not some distant possibility, but something that creeps up on us when we least expect it to.


Our lives and the future of our children depends on this tremendously.

At Monday, July 24, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, i hope he fucking burned alive screaming.


At Tuesday, July 25, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Turn back from the dark side, 11:41.

At Tuesday, August 08, 2006, Blogger ponderlife said...

The Saudis post another profit.
Even though the vast majority of the 9/11 hi-jackers were Saudis, Osama is from a very prominent Saudi family. Saudis were the only ones released from Gitmo. With Bush Sr in business with the Saudis and The Saudis reaping unbelievably vast fortunes from their monopoly of oil, they still get to call the shots in the region. This is not a religious war, it's a very cunning business deal the boy king [Baby Bush] might not even be able to get his head around.
But then again what can he?


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