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According to Jewish Law, ‘Enemy has NO Innocents’

A recent article from Ynet News reads:
Yesha Rabbinical Council: During time of war, enemy has no innocents

The Yesha Rabbinical Council announced in response to an IDF attack in Kfar Qanna that "according to Jewish law, during a time of battle and war, there is no such term as 'innocents' of the enemy."

All of the discussions on Christian morality are weakening the spirit of the army and the nation and are costing us in the blood of our soldiers and civilians," the statement said. (Efrat Weiss)

(07.30.06, 17:37)
Well, that's news to me. I must have missed the switch from the hundreds of years of defining and refining human rights, civil rights, and international law to this regressive, Neanderthal interpretation of the Torah. Do we discard international law and human rights to soothe the world's oldest persecution complex?

Let's examine this doctrine more closely. To be fair, such a legal declaration must apply equally to everyone, Arabs and Muslims included. After all, to say only Jews are entitled to such privileges would be inherently racist; practically a working definition of Jewish Supremacist. The U.S. population overwhelmingly rejects white supremacists and Hitler's "master race" ideology; certainly the good Rabbis were speaking for the rights of all humans. Who would ever accuse a rabbi of being a hypocrite?

So, applying this Jewish Law fairly to all parties in battle and war, there are no "innocents" in Israel, and holding Arabs and Muslims to standards of "Christian morality" is weakening their right to defend themselves. Indeed, as there are no innocents in battle and war, should Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, al Qaeda, Russia, or even China nuke Israel off the map, according to the Rabbis' own interpretation it would be completely justified under Jewish Law. But that's just the tip of the iceberg: there were no "innocents" killed by suicide bombers in Tel Aviv and Israel: these were all enemy agents that were killed in battle. In fact, according to this interpretation of Jewish Law, Hitler was completely justified in the systematic killing millions of his enemy, as it happened during war time.

Is killing civilians en masse in conventional war is any less heinous than sending them to the gas chambers? Was Never Again! a battle cry for human rights, or just the rights of some humans? As far as I can tell, Never Again! is a fucking joke.


At Wednesday, August 02, 2006, Blogger nes718 said...

Yesha Rabbinical Council: During time of war, enemy has no innocents

They just nullified the Holyco$t :D

At Wednesday, August 02, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As far as I can tell, Never Again! is a fucking joke.

Yeah - an they seem to be having the last laugh, for now.

Don't these Zionists get it yet, that every anti-Zionist is scrutinizing their doctrines and writings which verifies their hypocrisy and racism.

At Wednesday, August 02, 2006, Blogger The Sphinx said...

If you watched "Der Untergang" (a film showing the last few days of Hitler's life in the bunker), Hitler said the EXACT SAME STUFF..

Good ol' Nazis.. Taught the Zionists a lot of stuff

At Wednesday, August 02, 2006, Blogger DeathBladeX said...

great blog you have here. mind doing a link-up wif me. will be waiting for your reply

At Wednesday, August 02, 2006, Blogger mugwort said...

"Hitler was completely justified in the systematic killing millions of his enemy"

Nevertheless, being German and a Christian, he didn't do so (if you mean deliberately killing millions of civilians).

Some people say it doesn't matter one way or the other now that the Isaelis have exposed themselves so thoroughly through theiur behavior in Lebanon—but it does matter.

Here are two of the many reasons it matters, having to do with basic fairness:

1. The Germans still languish under the yoke of an occupation government whose most basic premise is that the German people should constantly feel guilty for something their grandparents DIDN'T do, and moreover,send billions of marks of their hard-earned money to another country as "reparations" for something that never happened.

2. 10,000 Germans are in jail in their own country for affirming the historical truth. Like alleged "terrorists" alleged thought criminals may be illegally kidnapped, and in the courts of Europe are given "trials" with predetermined results, that do not allow the defense of truth.

Do you understand? Truth is no defense in "Holocaust denial" trials. That means, clearly,that the purpose of these trials is to keep the truth from coming out.

Both sides can't be right, and knowing no more of the question than the fact that Holocaust promoters get billions of dollars a year and lots of power by enforcing their version, while "holocaust" dissenters get fines, jail terms, loss of jobs,pulling of educational degrees, professional honors and their own hard-earned pensions, and even physical attacks, it's clear to whose advantage it is to lie in the matter.

At Wednesday, August 02, 2006, Blogger mugwort said...

"If you watched "Der Untergang" (a film showing the last few days of Hitler's life in the bunker), Hitler said the EXACT SAME STUFF.."


You get your history from movies?

Well, I guess on this topic movies are as accurate as most mainstream history you'll read.

But how about trying Real History? There's a lot of info on the web if you look for it.

Not only the "holocaust" and German responsibility for a war that took 60 million lives, but also the whole construct of the Nazi "police state" and Hitler as the embodiment of evil are all part of the Big Lie.

YOu know, the lie that's deliberately made so big that even if you throw three quarters of it out you've still got a big lie. The only thing to do with lies like that is to throw them out and start out on the basis of believing nothing you cannot confirm for yourself as fact.

Think the "Big Lie" was something Hitler used? No, Hitler only described it. And the masters of the Big Lie,he said were the Jews.

(By "the Jews" he meant, of course, the disproportionatley large Jewish criminal element.

Many Jews by blood were recognized by Hitler as honest, honorable and loyal Germans. Large numbers of these served in the German military and had all the rights of German citizenship. And many others lived peacefully in their own houses in Berlin and elsewhere all through the war.)

At Wednesday, August 02, 2006, Blogger rebel jedi said...

Has any war ever had rules that were never broken? Were all the crimes known about/found out after?

Crimes are no longer too easy to get away with now, and the power of information is slipping rapidly out of the hands of the powers that have been.

At Wednesday, August 02, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

This is OUTRAGEOUS beyond belief!!!

hey, I'm working from a different location (AOL) and for some reason I cant send emails.

Whoever's reading this, please send this url by email to wrh@whatreallyhappened.com (I think that's the right address, but please check to confirm)


Hopefully, he'll link it. This thread MUST get out to EVERYONE! Please, the more people that send it, the more likely he is to link it.

Thanks. Peace.

At Wednesday, August 02, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

BTW, forgive me DftE, I added to the title so readers can get the gist at a glance.

Thanks for an extraordinary catch!

At Wednesday, August 02, 2006, Blogger Die for the Elite said...

Definitely an improvement on the title.

At Wednesday, August 02, 2006, Blogger todd wright said...

Yeah. Powerful stuff.

Bin Laden couldn't have said it any more clearly.

BTW, since I can neither read, nor understand spoken Arabic, unfortunately, I have to defer to the media for OBL's words.

That in itself is kinda scary.

On to something else.

I bet you won't see this report from Qana on the evening news.

Qana had been a shelter because no rockets were being fired from there, survivors said. "When Hezbollah fires their rockets, everyone runs away because they know an Israeli bombardment will come soon," Abdel said. "That is why everyone stayed in the shelter and nearby homes, because we all thought we'd be all right since there were no Hezbollah fighters in Qana."

Lebanese Red Cross workers in the nearby coastal city of Tyre told IPS that there was no basis for Israeli claims that Hezbollah had launched rockets from Qana.

"We found no evidence of Hezbollah fighters in Qana," Kassem Shaulan, a 28-year-old medic and training manager for the Red Cross in Tyre told IPS at their headquarters. "When we rescue people or recover bodies from villages, we usually see rocket launchers or Hezbollah fighters if they are there, but in Qana I can say that the village was 100 percent clear of either of those."

Lots more at above link.

At Wednesday, August 02, 2006, Blogger todd wright said...

Another one..

This concerns equipping Israel with ever-more effective killing methods, and offers detail towards the end of the piece about the over-all arms-to-Israel situation, and establishing an "International Criminal Tribunal for Israel (ICTI) as a "subsidiary organ" under U.N.. Charter Article 22."

More legal stuff as well.

But Washington has also decided to accelerate the supply of lethal weapons to Israel -- ''perhaps intended to kill the very Lebanese the United States is planning to feed and shelter,'' says one Arab diplomat at the United Nations.

''It is U.S. hypocrisy at its worst,'' he told IPS, speaking on condition of anonymity, because his country receives millions of dollars in U.S. economic aid.

''The right hand obviously does not know what its left hand is up to. Or does it?'' he asked.

Irene Khan, secretary-general of the London-based Amnesty International (AI), is equally harsh in her reaction. ''It is ridiculous to talk about providing humanitarian aid on the one hand, and to provide arms on the other,'' she says.

In the face of such human suffering in Lebanon and Israel, Khan says, ''It is imperative that all governments stop the supply of arms and weapons to both sides immediately.''

Asked if there is a contradiction between the two, U.S. President George W. Bush told reporters last week: ''No. I don't see a contradiction in us honouring commitments made prior to Hezbollah attacks into Israeli territory.''

Bush also made an obvious slip when he said: ''I am concerned about loss of innocent life, and we will do everything we can to help move equipment... I mean, food and medicines, to help the people who have been displaced and the people who suffer.''


Much more at link to US hypocrisy

At Wednesday, August 02, 2006, Blogger rebel jedi said...

to every story there are two sides...


At Friday, August 04, 2006, Blogger Michael Berg said...

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At Sunday, November 16, 2008, Blogger Unknown said...

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