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Holocaust denial - Zionist style

According to reports surfacing in the mainstream media, some people want to question the veracity of the HOLOCAUST that 'israel' is conducting against the Lebanese and Palestinian people. It has become painfully clear that 'holocaust' and 'Semite' are words confined to interpretation by zionists and their representatives. But who wants to listen to people that perpetrate death, destruction, and oppression? Not to mention racism, hate, and perpetual lies.
News agencies stand by Lebanon photos
By DAVID BAUDER, AP, Tue Aug 1, 4:26 PM ET

NEW YORK - Three news agencies on Tuesday rejected challenges to the veracity of photographs of bodies taken in the aftermath of an Israeli airstrike in Lebanon, strongly denying that the images were staged.
The British web site flinging the accusation suggests that these events were staged for effect, a criticism echoed by talk show host Rush Limbaugh when he directed listeners to the blog on Monday.

The article has me dumbfounded. Can anyone else see the blatant double standard that exists? Mel Gibson, who hasn't got a clue as to what he's talking about, is chastized for uttering the incomprehensible, "Jews started all the wars. Are you a Jew?" Yet, Mr. Limbaugh's statements are not only acceptable but but he is allowed to spew his venom publicly. While Mr. Gibson scrambles to save whatever may be salvaged from his career and gratuitously slavers at their feet, Mr. Limbaugh continues his HOLOCAUST DENIAL unabated.

These events are subterfuge for the REAL issue, which is classifying ALL opposition to zionism as 'hate speech' and 'anti-Semitism' so as to prevent people from seeing the truth. Can you imagine the repercussions if this was someone saying the deaths in WWII internment camps were staged? Oh yeah they already do... that's why they have jailed people for questioning it and passed law to prevent people from speaking opposition to their version of history.

Please explain to me why it is that Americans allow such inconsistent standards to exist. How is it that Americans allow another state to determine the definition of what constitutes a 'holocaust' and whether those deaths quantify the act itself? Why is America cowed into fear at offending these people that have countless times revealed their true nature with countless acts of hostility toward us? A state founded on the principle of,"By deception thou shalt make war' SHOULD be a warning indicator, but most of us know that the tumor lies in much deeper tissue.

In a world that is being exposed to such inhumanity and such abberant and necrotic behavior it would seem that perhaps a few would desire an alternative to the road they see that lies before them. That's why I'm glad that a site like this exists. We are the voice of dissent people. My faith precludes me from violence but protest we must in whatever manner we are afforded. They will try to supplant the message with hate and violence but that is NOT the message. They will try to infiltrate and initiate hate but ultimately we must overcome through peaceful resistance. In time it may cost people their lives and their freedom because when people begin to awake they will realize their ability to maintain power has diminished and just like zionist 'israel' their true face shall come shining through and reveal their hearts and the evil that they have commited.

The zionist holocaust movement is meant to dissuade people from investigating the truth and taking a stand and speaking out. There is proof to expose the truth of what actually happened during WWII and it has nothing to do with accepting Hitler or 'neo-nazi' ideas or being 'anti-Semitic'. The people that are dying in Lebanon and Palestine are more Semitic than this group of people that visits a holocaust on these innocent people, and yes I know all about Khazars and Europe. We are hating the godlessness that these people conduct themselves with and their racist policies to everyone not of themselves. If you hate them, they have won; if you fear them, they have won; if you remain silent, they win. But, in the end they will surely NOT win.

Freedom is the message.
Freedom from their desire, freedom from their oppression, freedom from their ways.


At Wednesday, August 02, 2006, Blogger MDH said...

There is the JDL and other groups that can determine what is anti-semitic for the rest of us...The rest of us need a group that protects us from the JDL...it has gone way to far and is jeopardizing us all...Why can Rabbis pen books about Islamofascism or Christofascism and not a word is mentioned that these are inflammtory concepts? Why does our congress all have to repeat the Phrases: We stand with Israel. Israel has a right to exist. Israel has a right to self defence...Israel is a bi-partisan issue. The fact that our congress always votes for anything Israel wants without debate...Isn't it time that we get to question this kind of loyalty of our government to a foreign power? Didn't the Russians, etc have to follow the party line...Do the Cubans get to question der leader? Time to protect those who do not want to be puppets of a foreign power>>>we need freedom of speech...time to get a group that protects us as the JDL does their own group....

At Wednesday, August 02, 2006, Blogger DigitalSpy said...


worth a read and before you all freak out this article isn't denying the 6,000,000 dead jew claims in WW2. It reminds us that it is the second claim of 6,000,000 dead/dying jews in the twentieth century.

At Wednesday, August 02, 2006, Blogger Stern Gang said...

By the way, was just wondering if folk noticed that there are less comments since the site took out the anonymous function?

Well, it's a matter of discourse, that is, the control of it. Mechanism such as the "Professor Watch," which monitors professors speech are examples how this group tries to manipulate what is being discussed and how ideas are framed. This mantra is rampant throughout the exchange of information and the media.

Since, the very first day, the story emanating from Lebanon has been under a calculated assault by Israel and its friends. First they were pushing the "time gap" between the time the IDF guided missile hit the building and the time of the explosions. The claim was that there was an 8 hour difference. Next, they proclaimed that there were Hizballah rockets withing the building and that was the cause of its collaps therefore, exculpating Israel. Then came the notion that Hizballah routinely, used the surrounding area to launch rockets into Israel. Then hours later on the day of the massacre they doctored some F-16 films to show that this actually, took place. Later on this campaign to alter the perception of the world, Israel spokespeople, urged us to consider that the Lebanese waited untill the cameras were ready to shoot their pictures before they evacuated the building of its victims. They even proposed that rocket launchers were hidden in the building therefore, Isreal had no choice but to destroy it in order to "defend itself."

I'm appalled by the Israeli attempt to rewrite history. They are incapable of taking responsibility for their actions. The Lebanese and anyone else who stands in their way ought to be blamed instead.

Just for the sake of argument, let us agree that the holocaust occurred in the exact manner that the Zionist claim. Now, a people who "actually," suffered such heinous crimes under Nazi Germany turn history on its head and commit worse atrocities. Israel's atrocities are worse than those of Nazi Germany precisely, because they always attempt to whitewash them, while Third Reich, was proud of its crimes.

At Wednesday, August 02, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

"They are incapable of taking responsibility for their actions."

Oh, they're capable, alright - just unwilling.

Do you think I should allow anonymous comments again?

I think it's better this way. People should own up to their comments. I'm especially sick of whiners who want to spew their garbage without revealing their identity - albeit an alias one.

At Wednesday, August 02, 2006, Blogger DigitalSpy said...

qrs: It would be of interest to reenable the comments because quite frankly I am missing the repartee.

BTW: My chicken is very sick that's why I am infrequent at this point. Henny Penguin could be dying and I am a bit depressed about it.

At Wednesday, August 02, 2006, Blogger Erosoplier said...

"Do you think I should allow anonymous comments again?" I vote "not yet" FWIW, though I don't comment often, so maybe my vote shouldn't count for much. To set the truth free, first you have to find it, and you make the job harder for yourself if you are all-the-while listening to the views of deceitful people. Or whatever. Digital Spy has a point too (good luck with your chook DS).

I have a question of my own. I've seen signs around the traps that some people are wary of what they say, and wary of what is said in their presence. Should I, a non-American, refrain from blurting out the truth as I see it re. eg 9/11 events, out of consideration for the safety of others? Are there things that it would be smart to keep quiet about? One group I'm in touch with fear for their safety upon the mere mention of 9/11 skepticism.

At Wednesday, August 02, 2006, Blogger Lurk said...

The whole Mel Gibson story truly reeks in the actual international climate. Who cares about drunken bigotry, while you have women and children cremated by laser-guided missiles? And PR officials trying to justify it all "well, we were aiming for the building standing beside the refugee holdout. It's all an honest mistake.' So? Gibson was drunk. And he did'nt kill anyone. And NO ONE CARES. I saw 'the Passion', I don't care much for christianity, and I did'nt find it showed Jews as being evil. I thought it showed that we did'nt know much about human history in these times beside what we're taught in the bible.
There is a real danger of active anti-semitism resulting from the middle-east conflict, but Mel is'nt really a good poster child for what is coming to North America. Wait for the family members who lost someone dear to go on a synagogue shooting spree, then you can cry wolf.

At Thursday, August 03, 2006, Blogger Asass said...

Ernst Zundel

thought crime

At Thursday, August 03, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interview with Mel Gibson's dad, Hutton Gibson.


I think most of you here will find it very interesting. Seeing how Mel was taught/raised by his father, and has 10 brothers and sisters, not to mention he's studied the NWO for 50 years, maybe, just maybe, Mel was upset at the same things we are. Dead Lebanese children all over the net and TV and the talking heads lying about it.

That would make me want to have a few drinks. Especially because the US and Israel have gone out of their way to bomb and destroy some of the holiest sites in history. Last week Israel blew up the area of Lebanon where Jesus turned water into wine.

Not to mention the Israeli's first aerial bombing? A Christian church.

PLus, two other facts that shouldn't be dismissed. The arresting officer was Jewish. The police (RBI?) spokesman was jewish, and the columnist who was mysteriously leaked the transcripts within 3 hours was also Jewish. Daniel Levin. Look into that and consider that Mel and his family have been receiving death threats for two years straight now from ADL/JDL thugs.

did you know that the FBI in 1999 was deemed the 2nd most active terrorist organization within the US?

At Thursday, August 03, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OH, and I agree. Not anonymous posts. Especially considering the massive cyber army of propagandists.

At Thursday, August 03, 2006, Blogger Eric, Australia said...

When are you fat arsed yanks going to get off your fat KFC/Big Mac arses and take back your "Of the people, by the people, for the people" country????
I believe you are averted to taking crap from anyone?, that being so, why do you take so much from those who blatantly stole 2 elections from right under the noses of the much touted Greatest Democracy On Earth? Not to mention the gradual and systematic depletion of your "Just a bit of goddammed paper" Constitution and Bill of Rights?

You may or may not be aware that Halliburton has a $340m contract from the US Govt to build detention centres in your country? "Internnment facillities", if Y'all dont do something en masse & soon about your current situation, then Y'all screwed ie: Voice any opposition to those who RULE over you (not necessarily the Govt) and it will be you and your families who will be "interned" as seditionists/terrorists, so much for the right of free speech (other than in free speech "zones" that is!).... or rights at all for that matter! Other than the rights of the "chosen few" You seppo's better wake up to what is going down......... soon... or.......................................... :o(

At Thursday, August 03, 2006, Blogger DigitalSpy said...


I think you will find that some of the most thoughtful people here are Seppo's. I don't think here in AU that we actually understand the dynamics of the sociopolitical climate in the US because we don't experience it in our daily lives.
The very fact that those camps are being built speaks volumes about intentions. I should say 'refurbished' not 'built' as the facilities mostly appear to be in existence just in need of a bit of a tidy up.
I am firmly of the belief that when push comes to shove in the US that it will not be a small number actively resisting!
I wonder if the US knows just how many trained killers are returning from the ME disillusioned and angry with their government? How this group will act when the military is unleashed on US citizens is a question that doesn't need to be asked, does it?
18 months ago I hated and loathed all USians and didn't bat an eyelid if another corporate warrior got his head lopped off. Over the last year or so I have been discovering there is a vast pool of USians that are angry and not just couch potatoes.
They are in a position where overt resistance is nigh on useless because no one gets to hear about or it is crushed(legally or illegally).
Their first amendment(which they used to crow to the world about) now only applys in zones designated by their government, if at all.
They are told when overseas it is recommended to remove US flags from luggage because people may take offense.

At Thursday, August 03, 2006, Blogger DigitalSpy said...

Whoops pressed the Enter key

Their lives have changed so dramatically in the last six years they are probably still trying to come to terms with the hell their society is becoming.

Cut them some slack they don;t all suck

At Thursday, August 03, 2006, Blogger D. Cisne said...

I just wanted to say that most U.S. Americans {the cattle} are too busy with there own consumerism and television{cable tv}to actually give a crap. The U.S. mainstream media keeps us in line with misinformation or limited true information...

At Thursday, August 03, 2006, Blogger Rupert Butler said...

Guys - sorry I rarely post - but always have a good read.
On the subject of anonymous posting - for me - definately not. I'm Rupert Butler and stand in front of every one with what I have to say. Everyone should.

At Thursday, August 03, 2006, Blogger Social Democracy Now said...

I think one of the above posters has missed the
point. The fact is that so long as the world refuses to touch the Holocaust, Israel has a permanent 'we are exempt from criticism' status.

Consequently, criticism of Israel that doesn't touch the Holocaust is entirely ineffective. Only when people cease to believe in the mandatory religon of the Holocaust will Israel begin to be treated like any other country.

At Thursday, August 03, 2006, Blogger Eric, Australia said...

G'day "Digispy" so your an orrstraylan mate? I wont cut them any slack mate simply because we in OZ, whether we like it or not are inextricably joined to the US in anything the US says or does thanks to Little Johnny "lap dog" Howard, and, no doubt the Oz Jewry, judging by "our" support of Israels "holocaust" against Lebanon & Palestine, (who, other than a verifiably insane lunatic could support those atrocities?)

Now, in the past we have had a good relationship with our US cousins (ANZUS Treaty) some really good things were done and some really good initiatives were supported and weve always put our hand up to give them a hand kicking someones arse who deserved it.
Since BushCo was forced on the American people with the help of brother Jeb when they stole the election from Gore and the more recent theft from Kerry with the assistance of Diebold vote scamming machines (Israeli company) everthing has turned to shit and shit has a habit of sticking.

The US is regarded by the world (including even the UK of late) as a Super P......ariah! and a hypocrite of unrivalled (except by possibly Israel)standing?
The US used to be able to claim the moral high ground on many issues, but, especially since Dubya came on the scene and with the likes of Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rice, Veto Bolton, Perle, Kristol, Feith, and all the other Zionists & neoconners, along with their cheerleading propaganda machine mainstream media, nothing any of them say has any credibility whatsoever, I mean if it isnt dispicable hypocricy then it is so transparently BS that a 5yo could see through it?

On the other side of the coin Australia has a good reputation in so many areas, and is the first to lend a hand to anybody who is in need, I dont want to see our great country and outstanding people get dragged through the shit just because we are caught up in what is being done to to a once great and proud nation partly because of the empathy of its 260m mostly heavily armed people.

That is why Digit, I wont cut them some slack , I figure if the Yanks can live up to their own rep then they will tip these homicidal, sociopathic, scum 'o' the earth criminals out on their arses by hook or by crook and chuck them bastards in their own detention centres while they await trial for grand treason, genocide, mass murder, and crimes against humanity.... for a start! or dump them in the middle of Bagdhad immediately after the last of the troops are brought home, kind of like "rendition" :o)

So I will say again, show some true American spirit "land of the brave" and regain your "land of the free" lynch the bastards before their jackboots crush you like the bugs they look apon you as, and before some of their shit sticks on us, I dont want to be hiding or removing the OZ flag for fear of offending someone, or worse!


At Thursday, August 03, 2006, Blogger Razzle Grandrath said...

The motto at the top of your page reads, "In God we trust." There are several things wrong with that, which someone should point out to you. First, the phrase, as it is commonly used, is understood to refer to the "God" of the Ancient Hebrews. That same "God" is also the diety which the Christian believers worship. The implication is that this entity created everything that exists. Do you really believe that such a creator can be adequately or correctly described in a book? Or that his ultimate nature can be? And why would the Ancient Hebrews be better at describing him, than you or I might be? Or is it more likely that such tales can more accurately be said to represent the mentality of the people who wrote that book? I believe it is clear. I believe that the "God" of the Bible is a gross misrepresentation of the universal creative spirit. Secondly, why would you trust a "God" that has specifically chosen, as his favorites, an ethnic group of people among whom you are not naturally a member? It seems idiotic to me. My creator is not that Ancient Hebrew "God" but the real one, which, in being beyond any form of human description, is more in my interest to admire and respect. But I admire him and respect him, in part because he does not require to be worshipped, unlike the Ancient Hebrew "God," which, actually, is nothing more than an inadequately described, very abusive sort of concept of a creator, not worthy of worship. You should actually read the Bible. Then maybe you will realize what you have done, in mistakenly accepting such a malformed concept as your own creator.

At Thursday, August 03, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

"a "God" that has specifically chosen . . . "

Who? self-described chosenites? Give me a break. There is only ONE GOD - no matter what qualities people (however deluded they are) ascribe to Him.

People can't change the Truth. They can either accept or deny it, but deny it at their own peril.

At Thursday, August 03, 2006, Blogger Razzle Grandrath said...

You should read the Bible. It says there are many gods. But I didn't say there was more than one. So your point is off the mark.

At Thursday, August 03, 2006, Blogger D. Cisne said...

Bible, Koran, Torah These have nothing to do with God. Men dectating what is the best way for You to live...
Give me a brake "God" does not choose people, people choose "God"!!!

At Thursday, August 03, 2006, Blogger Razzle Grandrath said...

I don't see that this has anything to do with my post.

At Friday, August 04, 2006, Blogger Eric, Australia said...

D.Cisne says "God does not choose people, people choose god" This is almost correct. If you read the bible it clearly states the we are ALL Gods children so to be correct "God does not choose any one group of people we are all his peoples, it is up to the people to choose God"
God infact regards us all as equals "all peoples are equal in the eyes of the Lord"

What God says is definitely not open to interpretation, any time, what is said is to the letter and is to be interpereted TO THE LETTER ie;
Thou shalt not kill
Thou shalt not covet thy neighbours land
Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour
Thou shalt not steal anything that is thy neighbours.

What part of those Commandments does Israel not understand?

As for The "chosen people" scam seemingly going against 99.999% of everything else that is written in the bible you dont have to be real clever to figure out this was not the word of God but was added "post script" by a mere mortal in an attempt to bestow benefit apon a certain group of people.

I am a firm believer in Karmic retribution, and also of a wise statement "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" Why have, for over 2000yrs Jews been chased out of every place they have gathered, eventually?, not the usual response to a nice people one would think?

From my experience,recent events and from the history books, a common, possibly genetic trait of the Jews is that they are compulsive liars and decievers.
ie: Mossad motto "By Deception Thou Shalt Make War" which basically infers that "we" cannot be trusted, or, if you trust us at our word you are a fool? *Remember* I didnt come up with that motto!

Bring on the "anti-semetic" barbs, the truth, and well known facts always illicit that response, it is the response of someone crippled by the truth, it is by all accounts apparently wearing extremely thin, and, is about past it's "use by" date, as is the use of the "Chosen People" con & the "Holocaust Card".
You see, a hell of a lot of people are becoming aware of the history of the authentic semetic peoples, I am certainly not anti-semetic but Pro-Semetic.

At Friday, August 04, 2006, Blogger ksdrover said...

I am aware of Mel's dad's belief although by brief mention in the media only. Perhaps his dad has an idea of what did in fact happen in WWI&II. Perhaps he even has insight to how the 'Federal Reserve' and central banks are also being used. He may even have retraced history and found even more instances of pre-zionist positioning in societies. But you don't spout off in drunken ramblings in the middle of a traffic stop. Come on. If you're going to be a 'tool' be an effective 'tool'.

I believe HE does an excellent job of revealing Himself, problem is people tend to try to drown out the 'voice' or like qrs is saying attribute their ways to Him. You have 'free will' but in the hands of the untrained it is a dangerous weapon.

Digital spy,

Oh the holocaust was real. How many is 'a' question that remains unsolved but they DID die. Hold on a second and keep reading before you count me out. In Nazi Germany IBM was employed to 'create' a way to gather and process information pertaining to the 'Jews' to be intered, that is what the 'number' that was seared into their forearm was all about. What information resided at the other end of that number is what needs to be examined. The information was heritage, 'religious' affiliation, and whether or not they were accepting or opposing zionism.

In excess of 80% of European Jewry was OPPOSED to ZIONISM and the creation of the Palestinian state of 'israel'. That is where the 'halutzim' came in. The halutzim were the younger generation that was leaning towards zionism and abandoning the ways of their fathers. The halutzim were preferable for the 'exodus' because they were the 'willing' workers which were to do the blue collar work to establish Palestinian 'israel'. The older generations were adamant about assimilation and zionists hated them worse than the Nazis. They were the ones that would prevent the creation of the zionist state....unless something was done about them. The number, whatever it was, was of the assimilationists that made up 80% of European Jewry.

At this point you should be familiar with the teachings of Theodor Herzl, Max Nordau, Ze'ev Jabotinsky, and the work of Sam Cohen. I would suggest The Transfer Agreement by Edwin Black and Der Judenstaat to better understand some of the nuances of the pre-positioning of the holocaust that would later take place. Herzl's theory in the creation of the zionist state was based on a 3 tiered plan; first the 'society of the Jews' which was the workers or halutzim and the 'principle' wealth that they held, second it was the 'Jewish company' which would oversee the transfer of the wealth and its investiture, lastly it was the 'aliyah' of the wealthy to preserve the 'elite'.

If you believe(or not) that the holocaust was merely about Hitler's (read zionist) desire to purge Germany of its assimilated Jewish population then you aren't paying attention because the zionist plan worked more wonderfully than anything that Hitler could have ever concieved. Don't believe me? Sit back and watch.

Zionist desire was not limited to the erradication of the assimlilated Orthodox Jewry that opposed the zionist's realization of a state. They also wanted to destroy the German middle class which had done nothing but accept them into their society and divide the nation. What happened AFTER WWII? Germany was devastated and made to take responsibilty of the war and repay unreasonable 'war reparations' AGAIN, it was also divided into democratic and socialist zones. Zionists would have said something along the lines of 'mission accomplished'.

Taking that information into account please apply it to modern events and American society and you will begin to see somewhat of a parallel if not exact.

2:39 Don't let it bother you.

At Friday, August 04, 2006, Blogger zerowoman said...

Benjamin Franklin called for our founding fathers to EXCLUDE the Jews for all times. He pleaded that they be excluded because they strangle every nation they touch. Isn't it strange that as a world we are just now figuring this out? It is amazing what is left out of the schools about our history, isn't it? Simply Google Jews+Benjamin Franklin and you will find that they have been known to many for a long time.

The Jews that occupy the land of Israel are simply not acting like God's Chosen people. God makes love not war. He does not say kill when you feel it is right. He does not say oppress and occupy strangers' land for 35 years in the name of love but show war and violence and hate. Like Ghandi said: There is no road to peace; peace is the road.

There has recently been some new information regarding the origins of the Jews. This same root race of Jews today are actually decendants of Atlantean days. Sound crazy? That is because the truth is strange. Google Jews+Atlantis and you might see why the all seeing eye is on our dollar bill and why USA supports this declared state for the Jews. It is nothing more than an age old plan to strangle and dominate the world by self righteous and egotisical people.

If The Protocols of the Elders of Zion were in fact a fraud like Zionist claim, than it would not be being followed to the letter throughout history up to this day!

Does anyone really think this is all about oil? It is actually about a huge portal in the middle east that feeds a luciferic agenda. One that feeds on fear, violence, war, and all the like. Folks it is just like the Disney Pixar movie Monsters Inc., the dark forces feed off our negativity and our hate and our fear. Without it, the darkness would lose it's strength.

This war is about the culmination of events leading to the cleansing of the earth. This earth is travailing at this time. Our own negative thoughts have created this reality. We are all responsible for this.

Israel has duped the world. They are not God's chosen; more like Lucifer's chosen.

Certainly I am not speaking of all Jews; just the bloodthirtsy ones ruling Israel. In God all are one; He takes no account for personalities. There is no Jew, Gentile or Greek in God, there is only ONE Body, made up of every nation tongue and tribe.

At Friday, August 04, 2006, Blogger Eric, Australia said...

" If we cant trust Braveheart, who can we trust?"


At Sunday, August 06, 2006, Blogger Jeannettee Spaghetti said...

I came across this article on a discussion board, where Israel supporters were referring to the Qana massacre as "staged" and "fake." They were also expressing frustration with the "one-sided" Western media, which, in their view, does not adequately portray a case for Israelis.


This is the kind of thing that leaves me completely dumbfounded and keeps me awake at night. Do these folks reside in a parallel universe of some sort? Can anyone help me understand why it's ok to deny the
"holocaust" and genocide of non-Jews? As the grandaughter of an Armenian immigrant whose grandparents were murdered at the hands of the Turks, I am really have difficulty processing these blatantly evil contradictions.

At Tuesday, March 13, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the reasons I don't care for Holocaust Revisionists / deniers and I'm not gonna speak for everyone else just myself. Not cause their facts are wrong, their methods are wrong or cause they make such grand fools of themselves. The fact is what leads them to deny the Holocaust is antisemitic and the agenda they wish to serve with their denial is neo-nazism. Either they dislike Jews or they want to apologise for the nazis. It is also very likely they are using the Holocaust as a means to cover up their guilt.

Why do Revisionists care about the Holocaust? They use the Holocaust, Jews, Zionism, Israel, etc. as a promotional tool for fame and fortune.

At Tuesday, March 13, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How To Be A Revisionist Scholar
By Michael Philips. First-Published: January 3, 1996 (alt.revisionism)

Hey lurkers! After browsing through alt.revisionism posts for awhile, you may already have figured out how to become a Holocaust revisionist. It's easy.

For those of you considering such a move, be assured that it requires no preparation or scholarly research. Simply follow the guidelines below, as the revisionists on this newsgroup have done, and you'll quickly be on the road to deluding yourself that someone out there takes you seriously, and that you are valiantly fighting the evil forces of some undefined, implausible conspiracy.

1. Creamed Mush with Fog Sauce -- Never provide evidence for your assertions. In fact, respond to demands for evidence the way Dracula responds to crucifixes. Do anything you can to avoid it. Throw insults. Change the subject. Obfuscate. Laugh derisively. Claim you already gave the evidence or that someone else did. But never provide any evidence yourself (unless you provide an incomplete or incomprehensible citation along with it).

2. Heads-I-Win-Tails-You-Lose -- Demand that all evidence for the Holocaust be proved genuine (dodging any discussion of what that proof would consist of), and also demand that all your unsubstantiated assertions be proved false. That way, you never bear any burden of proof. (originally posted by Mike Stein)

3. Hello, I'm a Cremation Expert -- Claim that the 52 Auschwitz furnaces could not have had the capacity to burn 4,756 corpses per day because modern commercial crematoriums don't have such a capacity. When its pointed out to you that there's no comparison between ordinary commercial crematoriums and those built in the camps, for a variety of reasons -- e.g. coffins were not used, one can cremate more than one corpse in a single retort, etc. -- ignore this and repeat the claim.

4. And I'm a Chemist too! -- Express a series of doubts and claims about the properties of Zyklon-B, the gas used to kill people in Auschwitz gas chambers. For example, claim that Zyklon-B is not an ideal agent for mass gassing, and therefore the Nazis shouldn't have used it and thus they *didn't* use it. Even better, claim that they *couldn't* have used it because the gas lingering in the chamber after the murders would have killed anyone trying to enter the chambers to remove the corpses. When someone explains to you (countless times) that some of the gas chambers had powerful ventilation systems to remove the gas and in other cases people entering wore gas masks, argue that despite the ventilation there would still somehow be enough residual gas in the chambers to kill people.

Keep waving a DuPont brochure around in an attempt to ward off those who know more about chemistry than you do. Also claim that ventilating the gas would cause problems to individuals downwind. When someone explains to you that the gas is lighter than air, just quietly go away for awhile or change the subject or complain about a mean word they may have used.

5. Sticks and Stones -- If you're being wiped out with evidence and reasoning you cannot refute, you can always take refuge in complaining about the language being used by your adversaries. For example, if they say, "I've already explained that it takes less gas to kill people than lice, and therefore there are fewer cyanide residues remaining on the gas chamber walls than on the delousing chamber walls, you moron," you can respond by complaining about their use of the word "moron." You can actually evade quite a bit of serious discussion by spending a lot of time condescendingly lecturing the newsgroup about their use of trashy language. But this approach doesn't work very well in building credibility. You may view yourself as an arbiter of social discourse but you'll actually come off like a den-mother scurrying around excoriating the little Cub Scouts to behave themselves.

6. Oh Sorry, I Ate the Last One -- Claim that Jews and other prisoners were not intentionally starved, that they were victims of food shortages just like everybody else. When it is pointed out that neither the camp guards nor people living in the vicinity of the camps starved to death, just claim that this does not prove there was an intentional starvation policy, and that if there is no piece of paper with a written order to starve people, then no starvation occurred.

7. The "What's It Mean?" Spiral of Infinity -- Try to keep your opponents off balance by constantly shifting or questioning the definitions of words. For example, if your opponent states that historians generally agree that 1 million Jews were killed in gas chambers at Auschwitz during the Holocaust, you can ask, what do you mean by "historian" or what do you mean by "Jew" or what do you mean by "agree?" Alternatively, when confronted with the evidence that Himmler called for the "ausrotten" of the Jews, argue that ausrotten doesn't really mean extermination. When proof of that definition is provided by German dictionaries and German speakers on the newsgroup, just ignore it.

8. Now You See It, Now You Don't -- Argue that the gas chambers never existed because they are not still standing. Of course, by this logic, the Mayflower, Carthage, Jimmy Hoffa, and large portions of the Great Wall never existed. When this is pointed out to you, ignore it.

9. Kafka Was Here -- Argue that the gas chambers never existed because there are no photos or drawings of them. When you are presented with photos and drawings, state that they could not possibly be actual photos/drawings of gas chambers because the gas chambers never existed because there are no photos/drawings of them because they never existed because...

10. Fun With Math -- Charge the anti-revisionists with playing numbers games while engaging in them yourself. For example, argue that the "holohoaxers" have changed the estimated number of Jews killed at Auschwitz from 4 million to 1 million. When it's pointed out to you that the 4 million figure was supplied by the Soviets and refers to the total number of victims, not just Jews, and has always been considered ridiculously inflated by non-Soviet historians who have never varied from the 1 million figure for Jews, just repeat that the holohaoxers have changed the number of Jews killed at Auschwitz from 4 million to 1 million and that the Holocaust is therefore a hoax. The point of this tactic, of course, is to try to make ALL the death figures questionable. If 4 million is unreliable, then 1 million is likewise unreliable, and you just keep revising the numbers downward until you reach zero, and then - poof! - no Holocaust!

11. The Great Leap -- This tactic goes like this: If one piece of testimony about the Holocaust seems unreliable, then ALL testimony about the Holocaust is unreliable. If one Holocaust witness may have recanted something on the stand, then all other Holocaust witnesses are liars. If some camp prisoners did not starve to death, then NONE of them starved to death. etc. But be careful. This is a double-edged sword -- someone may use the well-documented lies of other revisionists to conclude that YOU are a liar as well.

12. But I'm Not Anti-Semitic -- Try to find examples of misdeeds by an individual Jewish person, then imply that this makes all Jews look bad. When you are asked why you think one Jew represents all Jews but that one Christian doesn't represent all Christians, ignore the question.

13. Grab Bag of Idiocy -- Here are a few quick claims you can easily make, although be forewarned that they will immediately make you look like an imbecile:

a) Claim that "the Jews" declared war on Hitler (whatever that means), and that anything he did to them was an act of self-defense;
b) With absolutely zero supporting evidence, claim that the corpses in the Auschwitz furnaces would have exploded, damaging the furnaces and thereby bringing the corpse cremation figures into question;
c) Argue that because the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC has a small model of a gas chamber and not a full-scale model, this somehow proves that gas chambers did not exist during WWII;
d) Argue that the existence of a brothel in Auschwitz means there could not have been gas chambers there.

14. If you don't want to look like a total buffoon, there's always the pseudo-academic, above-the-fray approach. With a huge dose of arrogance and superiority, explain that you are neither a revisionist nor any other "label", merely someone with a healthy skepticism about everything, including Holocaust history (ALL of it), and that you are conducting your own research to determine for yourself whether certain Holocaust incidents actually took place. Pretend to be totally impartial (despite the avalanche of Holocaust evidence you would encounter the minute you actually began any legitimate research), but in your posts only question the Holocaust historians' statements, not revisionists' statements.

15. Alternatively claim that:

a) the Jews in the camps died as a result of allied bombing;
b) the Jews weren't killed in the camps but were sent to Russia; and
c) the Jews never even went to the camps because the railroad capacity was insufficient. When someone points out that these are mutually exclusive, and that it would be a neat trick for allied bombs in 1944 to result in the deaths of Jews in 1942, ignore it.

16. As for the motive behind the Holocaust "hoax", claim that the Holocaust was invented near the end of WWII by people who foresaw the establishment of the state of Israel, and also foresaw that Israel would face years of conflict with its neighbors, and also foresaw the consequent need for U.S. military and financial aid to Israel, and also foresaw possible public opposition to such aid, and so they invented a huge hoax with thousands of phony witnesses and documents so that those who might oppose the aid to Israel would feel sorry for Jews and wouldn't oppose the aid. When someone points out to you that this is sheer idiocy and that acts of genocide do not automatically turn on the aid spigot to the victims, ignore them.

17. Although all of your arguments will be consistently blown to smithereens, just wait a few days or weeks and then re-post them.

18. Remember that the revisionist community is peopled mainly by racists, white-supremacists, Israel-bashers, and Nazis. This means that everyone except these kinds of people will dismiss you. But don't let that stop you. Don't let your Fellini-esque, internally inconsistent, un-researched, hypocritical distortions and lies prevent you from continuing to post. After all, you're fighting for the truth (as you'd like it to be).


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