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Who will survive a global nuclear holocaust?

I'm sure most of you know the Oak Ridge Boys.

Yee-Haaawl!!! Just kidding, I'm just not a big fan of country. But were you aware of where the Oak Ridge Boys got their name. I'm sure most of you are aware of word association and the forming of ideas so let's look at this:

The Oak Ridge Boys got their name from the town of Oak Ridge, Tennesee, but did you know the history of Oak Ridge? Bet you don't.

A World War II Secret City
Oak Ridge, Tennessee, a city born of war in 1942, existed for seven years as a truly "Secret City." Oak Ridge, Tennessee was not shown on any maps, did not allow any visitors other than by special approval, had guards posted at the entrances to the city and required all residents to wear badges at all times when outside their homes.

Oak Ridge, Tennessee was born as a direct result of the letter written by Albert Einstein to then President Roosevelt in 1939 citing the urgent need to develop the capability to sustain a chain reaction of uranium. From this letter came the plan for our nation to create an atomic weapon that would be more powerful than any weapon in the history of the world.

The Manhattan Project, created to develop this amazing new atomic weapon, spent 60 cents of every dollar in Oak Ridge! The "Secret City" grew to a population of 75,000, was the fifth largest city in Tennessee and was not even on the map.

Read it for yourself. I just found out about it a few months ago while my family and I were on vacation but now this information is strangely linked to what else is going on. It was an innocuous news item that most people just passed over without much thought.

How modern-day menance shut the Cold War's secret mountain
By Catherine Philip The Times, August 01, 2006

Norad now obsolete as threat shifts from nuclear bombs to terrorism

ITS dark and sinister world, buried deep in a mountain in the Colorado desert, was once the stuff of nightmares for a generation raised on the terrors of mutually assured destruction during the Cold War.

And it might end there, but it doesn't.
'Secret' government site not so secret after all
By Carl Weiser Gannett News Service, 06/25/2002

WAYNESBORO, Pa. — Blasted into a mountain near here, the military's nuclear-proof command bunker known as Site R was once so secret the federal government denied its very existence.

Well, in 1942, Oak Ridge was 'created' as a secret city in case of nuclear disaster and $.60 of EVERY dollar in taxes was earmarked to pay for Oak Ridge. As the government began to fully realize the implications of nuclear weapons technology they came to the conclusion that something much bigger and stronger was neccessary to survive a nuclear attack.

So begins the saga of the creation of Cheyenne Mountain. In the mid-60's, the US government abandoned its Oak Ridge facility in exchange for the then state-of-the-art nuclear holocaust preservation system. If you do the research, you could find its capabilities and costs to the taxpayer.

Enter the 21st century. 'Site R' in the Blue Ridge Mountains is much more accessible and more capable of protecting the people in DC, due to its proximity. But the thing that I want to draw your attention to is that they have only abandoned the obsolete model once an 'up-to-date' model has been produced.

But let us also scrutinize the truth behind this info byte. What is it that is being preserved, when everything and everyone else is sacrificed and left to their own devices after all diplomacy and arbitration for peace has ceased to exist? Is it our morality? Is it our foundational freedom and ethics? Is it our knowledge and ability to restore and regenerate our 'civilization'?

Or will it preserve the very worst of human nature - corruption, greed, perversity? What have we, as a people, 'donated' our tax dollars to? Is this really the world that should survive the nuclear holocaust that these very people stand poised to inflict - not just on Iran - but on us all?

Are these the people who we would like to survive a nuclear attack in order to rebuild America? Well, they are who these compounds were designed to preserve - Not you and I. Not our sense of dignity or honor, or our sense of community. Not good will, not compassion, not peace.

After watching V is for Vendetta I was struck by an underlying message that the average viewer may be unaware of. I won't give away the ending. EV befriends a person from the station she works at after escaping from V and he reveals 'his secret' since she revealed hers, and the discovery of a scroll she reads while being imprisoned.

These two events in the movie expose a subsurface truth. Even after violent revolution and its ability to thrust off the yoke of oppression there still exists the key components for the next oppression, the next generation of the same corruption.

Are we really aware of what is going on? Do we really know what or who we live and die for?


At Wednesday, August 02, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

ksd, outstanding post!

You might have noticed some editing (I hope you don't mind!)

I would have contacted you, but I don't have access to yahoo where I am.


At Thursday, August 03, 2006, Blogger Major said...

Great post. Made me think of the Hichhikers guide (sending the Ad Executives and telephone sanitizers to another planet) except in reverse. It's truth that if the world goes to sh*t, the last ones you want to survive to sustain the species are the ones who sent it there.

At Monday, August 07, 2006, Blogger Entisee7 said...

Wholly Congruent with my heart!


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