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Iran Revolutionary Guard General: "[It will take Iran] 11 days to wipe Israel out of existence."

Caution, memritv.org (front Zionist propaganda outlet).

Following are excerpts of statements by Iranian military commanders, from a TV report which aired on LBC TV on May 3, 2009.

Over voice: Nothing can prevent Iranian missiles from targeting the heart of Israel, if Iran is subjected to a military strike by Israel. This was the response of the Iranian military commanders to the Israeli statements about a possible military strike against Iran, because of its insistence on obtaining nuclear energy. Yet an [Israeli] attack seems improbable to the Iranians, because Tel Aviv does not have the ability to go through a war with Tehran.

Iranian Chief-of-Staff General Hassan Firouzabadi: We are fully prepared to confront any attack that would threaten the interests of Iran. We have sufficient means and the necessary force to defend our territory.

General Ataollah Salehi, general commander of the Iranian army: The truth is that Israel does not have the courage to attack us. If we are subjected to any attack by Israel, I do not think we will need more than 11 days to wipe Israel out of existence.

Over voice: Tehran denies that its military preparations are aimed at attacking any neighboring country. Iran justifies its military preparedness as a means to defend Iran and the region, which may alleviate the fears and concerns of countries in the region.

General Yahya Rahim Safavi, Khamenei’s chief advisor on military affairs: Our military capabilities are not meant to threaten the neighboring countries, but only to defend Iran. Iran strives for peace, security, and stability with the countries in the region.

General Reza Pourdastan, commander of the Iranian army ground forces: The neighboring countries can rest assured that by no means will we attack any country.

Over voice: But fears about Iran’s missiles remain, especially among Western countries, concerned that Iran might arm its missiles with nuclear warheads, since the superpowers doubt that Iran’s nuclear program is peaceful. This is categorically denied by Tehran, which says that according to the shari’a and the law, it is forbidden to obtain a nuclear bomb.


My commentary.

Assuming the translation is factual and accurate despite the source's reputation, I consider Iran's courage to defend its rights of the indigenous citizenry, interests and land of the entire nation against illegal and contemptible Imperial-Zionist attack exemplary.

United States has the same right to defend its people, land and interests only within the boundaries of the natural law of a just war theory. But United States Government is beyond corruption, so it will enslave or abandon the citizenry to dire and annihilative consequences begun by North America-Zionist alliance.

When Iran is provoked by Israel's goading by physical breach of Iranian sovereignty, Israel is destined to kabosh. The illegitimate and savage Zionist regime gets what's coming to the shitty little country.

United States would be well-advised to negotiate without undue threats of force and put the chain on crazed Zionists to kick back into the cage. United States must choose the path wisely; if Israel choose to attack Iran and U.S. backs Israel, then a total war will be on that will send the civilization to the world of hurt.

United States government must quarantine Zionist plague in Washington. Or it is doomed when it tries to battle the allies Islamic Republic of Iran and Syrian Arab Republic and their big brother Russian Federation, with the possible destructive economic consequence transpired by People's Republic of China if China's oil-gas interest in Central Asia is more important than catering to trade in terms of priority.

United States stands to lose if it backs Israel and Imperial-Zionist NATO against Iran-Syria-SCO [Shanghai Cooperation Organization] triumvirate.


At Wednesday, May 20, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

spooky stuff, i wonder how many days it would take for nuclear fallout to destroy life as we know it on Earth? and i'm not talking about if the Iranians got the technology.

interesting that it might be against shari'a law to do so, score 1 for them.

here's the file for you.

At Wednesday, May 20, 2009, Blogger Nepos Libertas said...

Thanks, GR.

I should have mentioned that Israel possess an arsenal of military-grade nuclear warheads, exact number secret. Arsenal could range between 150 (according to Jimmy Carter) and 500.

Mentally unhinged Zionists have made threat, implied and open, to "destroy" the world with nukes starting with European cities if State of Israel's existence is mortally threatened. This is not only supreme founding Zionist master David Ben Gurion's doctrine, it is the accepted doctrine of total destruction to take the civilized world down with Israel in the downward spiral. "Samson Option."

Zionists are ultimately selfish beings in the extreme. Fundamental Zionism (living adherents include Bibi, Avigdor Lieberman, etc) is composed of true and extremely dangerous group of misanthropes with blood-thirsty temper.

Zionism is the anti-thesis of life, and they have secret arsenal of nukes to prove their demonic prowess to decide the fate of humankind. They are convinning, paranoid and stupefyingly hateful. They must be obliterated come time for exemplary justice.


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