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israel sues Swedish paper for ‘body harvest’ report

Israel is seeking $7.5 million as compensation for the Swedish paper’s report in which the reporter claimed that the israeli army harvested organs of Palestinian youths after gunning them down.

Donald BOSTRÖM, working with the Swedish paper Aftonbladet, said that he interviewed family of young Palestinians killed by the army, and also took pictures of the bodies that were wide cut open at israeli forensic centers.
israel said that this report isanti-Semitic and aims at demonizing the country.

The israeli lawsuit against the paper was filed by lawyer, Guy Ohpir, who filed the lawsuit in a Manhattan Court asking for $7.5 million.

He said that the paper’s article is anti-Semitic, racist, and blood-libel, and that this article is considered incitement against the jews and israeli soldiers.

The lawyer added that the lawsuit was filed in New York as the paper is distributed there, and because BOSTRÖM made a connection to the recent scandal of organ trade carried out by New York Rabbis, Jewish figures, and officials.

israel army radio said that the Swedish paper is casting racist accusations against soldiers in an attempt to demonize them and their country, and to portray the israeli army as an evil entity. imemc.org

$7,500,000 for lost sales? a box of cash will make it aww better.

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"The soldier called his name, 'Bilal, Bilal'. He turned around, and a shot was fired at him. Soldiers got him, dragged him on the ground, 'til here, then up the steps, then here, a soldier got his pistol out and shot him again," says Bilal's brother who witnessed the incident.

They then dragged his body to a military ambulance, then to a helicopter which took him to israel. A week later, his body was returned at night, buried hastily with concrete mixture poured over his grave.

"His body was cut open, from the chin here to below the navel. His abdomen cavity was lower, and all stiched up, and not a single tooth in his mouth. They ordered us to pour cement mix on top of his grave."

Donald Boström was there, and managed to get a few pictures of the body. He had already been tipped off by United Nations groups about the murders and organ thefts by the israeli-war-crime-machine, and was investigating.


At Friday, August 28, 2009, Blogger qrswave said...

wow - these people never cease to amaze me.

and yes, clearly, a lot of cash goes a long way to
"compensate" them for their "injuries"

At Friday, August 28, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i wonder how they came up with the magic 7.5 million number as being the just amount of compensation for reporting on Palestinian claims?

Many jewish sources have reported on such crimes, why haven't they been sued? borat libel cohen syndrome? a standing ovation and 6olden 6lobe for 6oo!!

At Friday, August 28, 2009, Blogger Greg Bacon said...

A dispute between Israel and Sweden was filed in a Manhattan court?

Kinda odd, until you consider all the 'Tribe' members sitting on the court benches in Manhattan.

At Friday, August 28, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Classic k*** action suit, without any regard to the claims by bereaved Palestinian families, the bastard demons want to git that money.


At Friday, August 28, 2009, Blogger Northerntruthseeker said...

Now let me get this straight... Suing for 7.5 million dollars? Wow... So this boils down to money again! These people are turning this whole incident into their money again! So much for the human side of this whole affair!

Time for the world to wake up about these demons from hell!


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