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Deconstructing Zionists' objection over U.N. War Crimes report (Israel's destruction of Gaza)

Preface: the article below has been sourced from the Internet. It has been modified to emphasize 'the plague of Zionism' for WUFYS audience for educational and entertainment purposes in countering 'whiny' Zionist propaganda.

Original Jerusalem Post article here.


Written by "Horacio"

[Zionist] Jewspeak translation

PM appeals to world leaders to reject Goldstone findings

Translation: PM lets all puppets know that they had better reject Goldstone findings OR ELSE.

A day after the release of the scathing Goldstone Commission report that accused Israel of war crimes, Jerusalem on Wednesday revealed its defensive strategy: convince the world's democracies the report handcuffs them in their fight against terrorism, and keep discussion of the document confined to the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Translation: Focusing on horrific acts by the [Zionists] on basically unarmed Palestinians makes it harder for the [Zionists] to continue committing horrific acts on the Palestinians and others who dare to resist the [Zionist] iron fist.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who on Wednesday termed the report a "prize for terrorists" that makes it more difficult for democratic countries to combat them, will be speaking in the coming days to a list of prime ministers of countries represented on the Human Rights Council, lobbying them to oppose any resolution adopting the findings of the report.

Translation: Publishing this report validates the truthful claims of Israel's victims that Israel is committing ghastly war crimes, and the HRC must be coerced into the cessation of publishing these damaging reports that would hinder Israeli gross acts of mass murder. Bibi will personally speak to all leaders of puppet countries and tell them to oppose it.

Netanyahu said the commission, headed by South African Constitutional Court Judge Richard Goldstone, was a "kangaroo court" whose conclusions were drawn up before the hearings even started.

Translation: The [Zionists] view any court other than one of their own that is fully staffed with [Zionists] to be totally void of any de jure authority. [Talmudic Jews] do not have to obey gentile laws, but gentiles must obey all [Zionist] laws.

The Human Rights Council, which mandated Goldstone to "investigate all violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law by the occupying power, Israel, against the Palestinian people," will review the findings on September 29.

Translation: The HRC may be inclined to capitulate to Israel's demands if certain conditions are met. But don't count on it.

Simona Halperin, director of the Foreign Ministry's International Organizations and Human Rights department, said while it was almost certain - because of its composition - that the council would adopt a critical resolution, "we need to ensure that the democracies that care about the rule of law will not support the one-sided resolution."

Translation: The HRC is concerned that certain "democracies" are under the thumb of the [Zionist Jew] and will bend over on command and ignore the rule of law in favor of the [Zionists]. This of course, is unacceptable to the chosen, who need to make sure that their puppets do not support any critical resolutions that do anything other than praise the [Zionist Jew] and bemoan their official status as "victims".

In other words, Israel's diplomatic efforts are now centered on ensuring that any critical resolution that comes out of the Human Rights Council, and which perhaps forwards the report for discussion to the UN Security Council, will be approved by countries like Cuba, Nicaragua, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, and not by countries like South Korea, Canada, Brazil, France and Italy.

Translation: Israel prefers that any resolution as a result of this report will receive approval only by countries that are known to dislike Israel, where such critical hostile resolutions are more easily dismissed by member nations that are totally under the thumb of the [Zionist Jews] as 'illegitimate'.

Without support of the world's Western democracies, the logic goes, such a resolution would lack moral authority.

Translation: Without support of nations under total [Zionist] control, any resolution can easily be ignored, as usual.

"The goal is to keep this from going outside of Geneva, to make sure the poisonous fruit born in sin in Geneva, stays in Geneva," Halperin said.

Translation: The goal is to silence any valid criticism of Israel and Israel's horrific crimes against humanity. The nerve of these goyim to criticize us. We are chosen by God.

Previewing arguments Israeli officials will use in fighting against the report, Halperin said, "All democracies fighting terrorism, whether in Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere else in the world, should be worried that this report throws out the narrative of democracies fighting terrorists, and embraces the idea that terrorists are freedom fighters entitled to act the way they do. The world which cares about the rule of law and protection of human life should be outraged at this message."

Translation: Israeli officials are in desperate fear of this report because it would blow the lid off the Big Lie that Israel and it's cowed satellite nations like the United States are fighting "terrorism" when in truth they are enforcing [Zionist] domination and murdering scores of innocent souls in order to do so. The [Zionist] nations (US) that hypocritically pretend to care about the rule of law and human life should feign outrage at this message, in order to please the [Zionist Jews] and bury this very serious report.

Another senior government official said that while until now the Foreign Ministry's focus regarding the Goldstone Report was to argue about Israel's right to defend itself, and to deflect accusations of war crimes, since the document was issued the message has been recalibrated and is now portraying the report itself as part of a greater problem facing the West: defending itself against terrorists.

Translation: Up until recently Israel has claimed a savage right to defend itself by unprovoked attacks upon it's neighbors, but now a new lie is substituted of "terrorism", which has only been a problem for Israel, as a result of their unprovoked attacks upon it's neighbors, and gives their neighbors justifiable reasons to hate Israel and want to kill every single [Zionist Jew] on the planet, and those who do the bidding of this Satanic nation of demons.

The Goldstone Report, in this light, becomes not only an Israeli problem, but an international one.

Translation: This report of the ugly truth is an international problem, since the [Zionist Jews] have managed to coerce many nations into murdering people for the [Zionist Jews].

"We are trying to create awareness in the public that this report threatens every democratic country," the official said. "Those who are happy with the report are those trying to blow us up."

Translation: We are doing everything in our power to squelch this report because if we don't, our murder victims will have official validation to their complaints of crimes against humanity, and demand justice. The indignity of being brought up on charges of war crimes before a gentile court would be another holocaust.

In an effort to get this message across, the Foreign Ministry on Wednesday launched a "Gaza Facts" Web site (www.mfa.gov.il/GazaFacts), which links to an in-depth, 160-page document on all aspects of Operation Cast Lead, from an Israeli perspective.

Translation: In a desperate attempt to enforce the Big Lie, Israel has launched a web page containing a highly sanitized kosher version of Operation Cast Lead, which will portray Israel as an innocent little victim that didn't do anything at all to deserve such hatred and criticism for it. This site will offer a variety of ridiculous "reasons" for Israel's continuous acts of murder and inhuman barbarity.

Links to Gaza Facts will be advertised on major Web sites in those countries considered friendly to Israel that are represented on the Human Rights Council, and whose vote on any resolution will be critical. For instance, anyone going on to The New York Times Web site in Slovenia will see a link to this site. The site will also be advertised extensively in the US.

Translation: Links to Gaza Kosher Facts will be advertised on all major [Zionist] controlled websites and other [Zionist Jew] owned and operated media outlets like the [New] York Times, and be exclusively advertised in the most [Zionist Jew] dominated country on earth, the [Zionist] Jewnited States.

Israel, meanwhile, is also mounting an aggressive diplomatic campaign at the United Nations, with Israeli officials planning to meet on Wednesday with US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice, as well as with other US administration officials and members of Congress.

Translation: Israel is now engaged in aggressive arm twisting, blackmail, extortion, and various threats in order to beat down anyone who might be brave enough to side with the truth about Israel.

Gabriela Shalev, Israel's permanent representative to the UN, said "concentrated diplomatic efforts" would target members of the Security Council, which could send the matter to the International Criminal Court at The Hague unless the referral is vetoed by an Israeli ally.

Translation: Successful coercion and control of key members (like the US) on the Security Council will ensure that this report never sees the light of day, because if it did, Israel would surely be convicted dozens of times over for heinous war crimes against humanity.

"We trust our friends, the United States, for full support," Shalev said.

Translation: We know that the criminal politicians in the US won't dare side against us, or we will expose every one of them. Others on the payroll are of no concern presently.

She said Israel hoped the US would also exert its influence in the Human Rights Council, which it rejoined earlier this year after a hiatus.

Translation: Israel is confident that the US will help them bury this very damaging report, and bribe, twist arms, and threaten everyone in the HRC in order to do so.

"We do hope this is an opportunity to show the US is standing with us regarding human rights and not singling out Israel," Shalev said.

Translation: We do believe the US will do what ever we tell them to do.

Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon, who is currently in the US, said the Goldstone Report "is a dangerous attempt to harm the principle of self-defense by democratic states and provides legitimacy to terrorism."

Translation: We cannot allow this report to be published because if it is, everyone will know that we have been lying since day one, and that self-defense and the bogus "war on terrorism" has been nothing but a gigantic ruse in order to dupe the masses into helping us commit mass murder on an unprecedented scale.

Ayalon, who met with Jewish community leaders in New York and called on them to join together and act with full force against the report, said in a speech to the heads of the American Jewish Committee that this document "should be treated like the [eventually rescinded] UN General Assembly Resolution 3379 equating Zionism with racism. We must mobilize and act with all force against the report in order to remove it."

Translation: [Zionist] Jews must band together like they always do and exert every possible form of coercion and manipulation, no matter how dirty, to prevent this very revealing report from ever being published, or we are doomed.

American and European officials have so far declined to offer specifics on how they will handle the report.

Translation: American and European puppets have not checked in with their masters in Israel for instructions on what to say and how to act.

"Justice Goldstone's report regarding alleged violations of international humanitarian law and abuses during the Gaza conflict was just released yesterday. The issues it addresses are complex and the findings will take time to digest," one US official said Wednesday. "We will review it carefully."

Translation: We are caught between a rock and a hard place, and we must check with our masters in Israel on what to say because we aren't good liars like they are. We'll get back to you after we have received instructions from Israel.


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