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America at a Crossroad

. . . The inconceivable inequality of the working-class has reached an incomprehensible level in these final, but predatory stages of [vulture] capitalism.

In the midst of so much, we starve. I fear for not only my children and my co-workers but, the very existence of the human race.

Economic nationalism is chauvinistic and racist. It has done us great harm in the labor movement. It has isolated us by pitting one worker against another creating great division in the working-class around the world.

To surrender 70 years of struggle in the automotive industry will not stop concessions or the class war. It won’t save jobs or keep factories open, in fact it will only make things worse.

I believe now is the time for change. Now is the right time to change the course of history through international solidarity and global resistance.


If we are to combat the atrocities of the global economy and beat back global capital then we must build now, a global union of revolutionary leadership.


In this march of capitalist power and profit we stand as yet another generation in the spirit of those before us when we stand in solidarity and say, “No Concessions, No Negotiation.”


Workers of the world I beseech you to unite, because now more than ever we have nothing but our chains to lose.

(Applause,Standing Ovation)

Thank you.

(Applause, Extended Standing Ovation)

Excerpt from transcript of speech by IWW member and UAW activist Todd M. Jordan in downtown Chicago at the Solidarity Forum on January 13, 2006.

Todd is right. America and the world is at a crossroad. And for those who think this is a call to communism, a call to socialism, or a call to a one world government. Hell, no!

This a wake up call, America. WAKE up! Look beyond the rhetoric that the media feeds you.

This is NOT free market capitalism we're ruled by. This is VULTURE capitalism, straddling the globe in its death grip.

Americans can either demand their God-given freedom, or succumb to abject slavery under a world where high-finance rules. There is no in between. The winner takes it all.

Americans, I beseech you. Say NO to monopoly money; say NO to private money from thin air; say NO to interest on money lent.

And know that, if you fail to stand up for your rights, labor will soon be worthless in a world where money rules.


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