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Well, I was feelin' sad and feelin' blue,
I didn't know what in the world I was gonna do,
Them [Jews] they wus comin' around,
They wus in the air,
They wus on the ground.
They wouldn't gimme no peace. . .

So I run down most hurriedly
And joined up with the John Birch Society,
I got me a secret membership card
And started off a-walkin' down the road.
Yee-hoo, I'm a real John Bircher now!
Look out you [Jews]!

Now we all agree with Hitlers' views,
Although he killed six million Jews.
It don't matter too much that he was a Fascist,
At least you can't say he was a [Jew]!
That's to say like if you got a cold you take a shot of malaria.

Well, I wus lookin' everywhere for them gol-darned [Jews].
I got up in the mornin' 'n' looked under my bed,
Looked in the sink, behind the door,
Looked in the glove compartment of my car.
Couldn't find 'em . . .

I wus lookin' high an' low for them [Jews] everywhere,
I wus lookin' in the sink an' underneath the chair.
I looked way up my chimney hole,
I even looked deep inside my toilet bowl.
They got away . . .

Well, I wus sittin' home alone an' started to sweat,
Figured they wus in my T.V. set.
Peeked behind the picture frame,
Got a shock from my feet, hittin' right up in the brain.
Them [Jews] caused it!
I know they did . . . them hard-core ones.

Well, I quit my job so I could work alone,
Then I changed my name to Sherlock Holmes.
Followed some clues from my detective bag
And discovered they wus red stripes on the American flag!
That ol' Betty Ross . . .

Well, I investigated all the books in the library,
Ninety percent of 'em gotta be burned away.
I investigated all the people that I knowed,
Ninety-eight percent of them gotta go.
The other two percent are fellow Birchers . . . just like me.

Now Eisenhower, he's a Russian [Jew],
Lincoln, Jefferson and that Roosevelt guy.
To my knowledge there's just one man
That's really a true American: George Lincoln Rockwell.
I know for a fact he hates [Jews] cus he picketed the movie Exodus.

Well, I fin'ly started thinkin' straight
When I run outa things to investigate.
Couldn't imagine doin' anything else,
So now I'm sittin' home investigatin' myself!
Hope I don't find out anything . . . hmm, great God!

Words and Music by Bob Dylan © 1970, 1973 Special Rider Music

[Don't know about everyone else, but I'm tiring of the Jew baiting being posted around here and I thought of this. An old song by Bob Dylan (Robert Zimmerman to those who doubt, and yes, I love him). It kind of says it all as far as I'm concerned. My last word on the matter. The excised word is Red(s) or Commie(s) or Communist(s). I of course ask forgiveness for tampering with the poet's lyrics.]


At Tuesday, January 31, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

I like him too.

I'm not sure that I heard this song before, though.

that's a really cool pic.

At Tuesday, January 31, 2006, Blogger jc said...


u can hear it here

check out the lyrics to "Last Thoughts on Woody Guthrie"


At Tuesday, January 31, 2006, Blogger jc said...

Yeah, in 1993 Dylan recorded an album of old blues and ballads called "World Gone Wrong".

The title song was by Mississippi Shiek"

I can't be good no more
Once like I did before
I can't be good, baby
Honey, cause the world gone wrong

Commenting on that in the liner notes Dylan wrote:

"Strange things are happening like never before, strange things like courage becoming befuddled and nonfundamental, evil charlatans masquerading in pullover vests & tuxedos talking gobbledygook, monstrous pompous superficial pageantry parading down lonely streets on limited access highway."

Finger on the pulse, News that STAYS News.

At Wednesday, February 01, 2006, Blogger Jeff G said...

Bravo jc! Thanks. :)

At Wednesday, February 01, 2006, Anonymous Apollonian said...

Awwww, so little slacker-brains is "tired...," eh? The problem w. u is u don't know anything, and u're just sucking up to the real fascists/murderers, the Jews.

Look comrade, if u want to pretend u're a human being who's got a brain u gotta be able to say something. Ck out the blog, this site, "Truth does not negotiate with Lies." State a thesis.

For example, note I don't say Jews are evil, they're just a disease-of-opportunity taking advantage of the hubris of our age, the "Decline of the West," according to Oswald Spengler.

Like I say, try speaking to an issue of some definiteness, like, for another example, do u swallow the holohoax wherein supposedly 6 million chosenites were murdered? Is this Jew-lie a hate-crime? Is there any proof?--what do u say, slacker-brains? If u don't say anything, then what's the difference between u and a vegetable? Ck Codoh.com, or Ihr.org, or Zundelsite.org, and then tell us what u think. Ck out Ernst Zundel--is he a hero or what?

C'mon slacker brains, try to be a human being. Apollonian

At Saturday, February 04, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apollonian, my opinion, for what its worth.

When a "group" of people (ethnic or otherwise)...

* lie to your face, day-in day-out, for their own purposes, a deception of many generations

* denounce millions of other folk as "evil" or associated with a perceived "evil cause", knowing full well that the denouncement is malicious lies and rumour

* silence all truthful evidence which would unmask the deception

* take over by means of deception the reins of power, wherever it lies

* plot daily, amongst themselves, to "rule the world" whilst formulating/preaching/activating/supporting doctrines like Communism, Socialism, Protestantism and Republicanism

Then I would call THAT "group" EVIL.

Look around you ...

Day to day, you see your politicians, government officials, work colleagues, managers and others, in all manner of "POWER" positions, falling like pins on a bowling alley.


Because, one or other of your own organizations (any side) took them down. And they were YOUR people that were taken down, not those from this "Evil Group".

From which group was the replacement?

Drip, drip, drip ... slowly but surely ... pulling each other up and bowling YOU the opposition down. Using yourselves to do it.

Then they write the "History Book" from which your children are taught.

Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité

Know a good lawyer anyone?

At Sunday, February 05, 2006, Anonymous Apollonian said...

To anonymous 6:31 PM: Hey thanks good comrade; by golly, but u present a strong case, for sure. The simple truth which u certainly do touch upon is these amazing Judeo-"Sadducean" creatures are actually QUITE INSANE, unquestionably.

The wonder though, however, is the sublime success and practicality of it all--it absolutely does WORK, this infernal insanity, without the slightest doubt. They do indubitably rule, unquestionably--this by means of absolute, most thoroughgoing SUBJECTIVISM--and they certainly do have themselves convinced, don't they? So u got at the top some really cold-blooded types, totally ruthless and practical-minded. Then u got ur stupid Jews on the bottom, not so smart maybe, but absolutely hysterically fanatical--about doing what their mastermind rabbis tell them. Sublime and brilliant insanity--an insanity managed and manipulated by these "technicians" at the topmost. Kinda' frightening, even.

And that's why I say: ONLY most intensive Christianity fortified with utmost reason (hence objectivity, a totally deterministic kind, therefore) can possibly survive much less hope to prevail. Essentially, as I say, we gotta be, again, deterministic about it all, watching the CYCLIC PROCESS history (Spengler), and hope and pray the forest fire burns itself out--the plague-disease working it's grim progress through the herd, steadily eliminating the weaklings. Ya gotta be brave and dedicated with a strong stomach, and look to history--like those brave Christians just before and during Saint Constantine the Great, 4th cent. Rome.

If we patriots are to try to plan, Constantine can well be our inspiration. We must make use of our Saints and their inspiration. Of course it's why those devils so thoroughly and absolutely hate Christianity, u know.

But as I continue to say: note there are limits for this phenomenon of cultural (Spenglerian) "Decline of the West." And that sign is how close the parasite comes evermore to killing the host upon which it has so securely fastened itself, sucking the life-blood.

And note again it is the original HUBRIS (as of Greek Tragical sort, as of Sophocles and Euripedes, especially) which is the fundamental weakness upon which the Judeo-"Sadducean" disease takes advantage, merely a "disease-of-opportunity." SO U SEE; THEY'RE REALLY NOT EVIL, JUST A DISEASE, actually. Spengler did us the greatest work in emphasizing the cyclic nature, and how we suffer this activity in cyclic fashion presaged by noneother than that magnificent Ionian, Anaximander of Miletus (around 500 BC).

That calculation, made by the parasite, of course, is what Al Greenspan always emphasized: "consumer confidence"--how willing the suckers are to continue producing for the parasites, the evermore worthless pieces of paper pretending to a "monetary" substance.

Meantime we must continue to do our blogging duty informing the volk, esp. by means of NEW TESTAMENT (NT) CONSPIRACY THEORY-ANALYTIC-TEMPLATE. These liars of sublimity in all their insanity live a charmed existence upon the gentiles hubris which rages--merely a sociologic-type lesson we gotta learn. U must hand it to the Jews: they've found a way to live off other people's stupidity and hubris, seriously and literally.

Thanks much good comrade, for all ur outstanding and cogent observations. Note however, we Christians have even yet to "begin to fight." Our Judeo-"Sadducean" enemy is, like, totally insane: thus we have at least some information upon which we must build and to convey to our volk. So take good care, and hang in there by all means. Apollonian

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