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Ukrainian parliament FIRES Ukrainian government

You're fired! No, you're FIRED!!! NO! YOU'RE FIRED, YOU CREEP!!!

Wow! That's neat! Can we do that here?

Apparently, the Ukrainian parliament considered the gas 'deal' the government struck with Russia last week as anything BUT favorable.
Ukraine agreed to pay US$95 per 1,000 cubic meters of gas to a Gazprom-controlled company that will become the sole provider of not only Russian but also of cheap Turkmen and Kazakh gas to Ukraine.

Under the agreement, Gazprom will sell gas to the Rosukrenergo trading company, a Russian-Swiss business entity that will become the sole gas provider to Ukraine, for US$230 per 1,000 cubic meters - the price Russia had demanded from Ukraine. Ukraine then will purchase the gas from Rosukrenergo for US$95.
Uh, am I missing something? Gazprom is going to sell gas to Rosukrooks at $230, and they'll sell it to Ukraine for only $95?!! This is a typo, right?

Or, maybe Yulia Tymoshenko, Yushenko's former ally was right when she told parliament that “[t]he agreement on gas supplies can be considered beneficial only by those suffering a hangover after the New Year holiday.”

What in the hell is going on, here?!!
[Tymoshenko] said the gas agreement between Russia and Ukraine should be declared void and that Ukraine should strike gas supply deals with Turkmenistan without intermediaries.
Oh,I see!!! It's a power struggle among BROKERS. They're trying to cut out the middle man! Stay tuned. This is going to get ugly.


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