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Israelis play god

If Israel could stop the rain from falling from the sky above Palestine, it would. And it's doing everything in its power to make sure that Palestinians do not get from others what Israelis are intent on depriving them of.
"The United States proved that it would not support democracy after it cut its aid to the Palestinian government after Hamas won the elections. We will certainly help the Palestinians."[Iran]

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"The incoming Palestinian leadership has to decide if it wants to be part of the legitimate international community or if it wants, through its own actions, to align itself with international pariahs."
Look who's calling who a pariah; since its inception, Israel has taken (and continues to take) billions of dollars in subsidies from US tax-payers.
Asked if Israel would try to block the Iranian money, [Israelis] replied that as the money would be going to a "terrorist" leadership, "we would be entitled to use all legal means to prevent that money from reaching its destination."
If there was any question that Israelis and their US supporters have an unparalleled lust for power and control over others, these actions unequivocally lay them to rest.
[I]t's one thing to be willing to work with a repentant government, and an entirely different thing to treat one that is still bent on your destruction as if they were nice guys.
These people truly believe their military might makes them right. They want an entire nation to "repent" for demanding the right to MUTUAL recognition.

But neither Israelis nor their US supporters are God, and their efforts to assume His control over others lives have already met with stiff resistance.
"The Egyptians," [who give little money, but whose actions] "carry significant weight with the Palestinians and are watched by the rest of the Arab world," [said they] believed funds to the Palestinian government should continue for an indefinite period.

[Even Jimmy] Carter told CNN's Situation Room that Hamas is a 'disciplined' group, and that Israel and the United States 'should be positive about the changes that will come.'
As usual, however, Israelis pull out the Hitler hand to coerce people into assuming an uncompromising position with Palestinians, though the two cannot be compared, by any stretch of the imagination.
This blindness is the same kind that existed when Hitler was rising to power, and though he was defeated, Israel and the world has lived with the consequences of that blindness to this day. It's way past time for eyes to be opened.
The author is right; it IS way past time for eyes to be opened.


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unfortunately, our democracy is a sham. the only votes that count are the ones backed by corrupt debased dollars.


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