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No checks, No balances, No jobs: NO SENSE

The Federal Reserve Board’s Columbus check-processing office, the agency’s only operation in central Ohio, closes today, the victim of a consolidation program that resulted from changes in the banking industry.

The shutdown eliminates 50 jobs at the local center, 965 Kingsmill Parkway . . . The office employed 65 two years ago, when it was processing 28 percent more checks.

* * *

Nationally, the Fed has been reducing the number of check- processing locations; there were 45 in 2003 and are expected to be 21 by the end of 2007.

* * *

The Fed’s Columbus operation is not the only local victim of changing check use.

AirNet Systems Inc., which transports checks from one bank to another, has been hit hard. The company’s traditional business also suffered from Check 21, a federal law that allows banks to transfer canceled checks electronically.

At this rate, most of our economy will be remote controlled by the end of next year.

Who needs workers? Who needs checks? Who needs dollar bills? Our economy is fueled by CREDIT and CONSUMERS, right? Who the fuck came up with this master plan?

It's time to wake up, people. This 'plan' only makes SENSE to those holding the remote control.


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