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THOUSANDS rally in London against terror and extremism

In a positive sign, thousands of Muslims rallied in Central London yesterday against terror and extremism. Go look at the heartwarming pictures of the event here.

Of course, this received basically no press, beyond a mention on Andrew Sullivan and of course that mention above in Pickled Politics.

Then again, mentioning Muslims protesting against violence certainly would betray the MSM's party line of "Clash of Civilizations." After all, Fox News recently had the following headline:


At Monday, February 27, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

These remarks by the journalist you linked are interesting: "There was a lot of “Down with Bin Laden” “No to Terrorism” chanting going on …although it was primarily concerning terrorism in Iraq, there were no references towards the London bombings really. Loads of anti Wahabi sentiment. Peaceful…but still…slightly ‘odd’ and I cant explain it."

I think these pictures of protesters and their posters are even more interesting:



At Monday, February 27, 2006, Blogger makdom said...

Everybody in their right sense of mind are against terrorism. Muslims or non muslims. Reporters are very biased. They look for every opportunity to pin terrorism to Islam. This is their 'logic' to go against Islam.

At Tuesday, February 28, 2006, Anonymous Mighty Thor said...

Demonstrations: Mere Outward Sign
(Mighty Thor, 28 Feb 06)

Orwell's "Perpetual war for perp. peace." Orwell then provides the fill-in details for Spengler's "Declin of the West." Fed counterfeiting scam fuels and powers the "perp. warfare...." One must think to best evaluate this cycle of history with previous times. God's will will prevail as we scientists observe happened all other times too; hence inductive logic is verified.

Note demonstrations as topic subject of original post is understandable emotional outlet for the people. Good government doesn't care about such public expression; bad, fascist, Judeo-"Sadducean" conspiratorial cabals hate all dissent. Bush II is down to 34 % approval among the goyim, but he's no more desperate than all the other conspirators who keep each other psyched up and out.

CONCLUSION: Critical is the support of conspiratorial masterminds by the elders and the "Judeo-Christians." As we strip these people and "clientele" away fm conspirators they must lose and become evermore desperate. We must keep blogging and informing. Demonstrations are mere outward manifestation. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Thor


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