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And so it seems, whoever bombed the mosques have achieved the goal they were seeking. Iraq is in chaos. There is a curfew in Iraq, children are being kidnapped, and...we are still in Iraq.

In other news, the cost of the Iraq War now reaches $250 billion. Are we paying for this as we go? HELL NO. Instead, we are paying for this with loans from often Middle Eastern nations! These countries, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates especially, are complicit in the war in Iraq. We are also getting billions of dollars in loans from China and Europe. Their money is what is paying for this debacle! And of course...they are not loaning at no interest. Given these are LOANS, our children and grandchildren will be footing this bill for decades to come. Think about it. $250 billion, with 5% interest that collects on itself...we will easily be paying a trillion for this war. Probably more. And what have we accomplished, other than lining the pockets of Halliburton and money lenders?

Well, it's certainly clear death and destruction have been accomplished.

Thanks, Mr. President! (said sarcastically)


At Friday, February 24, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

After all this is what they wanted, and we can consider this our exit stragity and bark on our next adventure in iran. We are going to see turmoil like we never have seen in the next few months as the middle east turns into the pit of hell for sure.

At Friday, February 24, 2006, Blogger Red Tulips said...

I honestly have been walking around in a sick haze over this all week long.

Debating issues of porn kept my mind off the topic for about a day, but really, this topic is inescapable.

It is painfully clear to me that you, anon, are correct. Even neocon friends of mine are excited about the fact that Iran is the exit strategy. I feel their will represents that of our government's.

I just hope it won't come down to war with Iran. We literally cannot afford it (from the cost perspective and loss of our soldiers lives), but more importantly, the Middle East cannot afford it.

It appears some people will not be happy unless the entire Middle East is one big mushroom cloud.

At Friday, February 24, 2006, Blogger tomtom said...

The spin doctors of the Bush regime, have full controll of media with the exception of the net ( for how long). How far can this government go? Where is the limit? How can you accept this mess? Lies, incompetence, stealing , fraud , cover-ups, spending public money like there will be no end. Waging wars....the list is endless.

I get the impression that the way this government looks at the world like there is 95% off them, 3 % water and 2% something else they dont know about. So stop staring in the light, do something!! To me there is only one solution Civil War. This is the only language they undertsand and be honnest they have created this monster so they should see hell.
Ever tried to talk to them? If you are not with us....

TomTom. Fearless Navigator

At Friday, February 24, 2006, Blogger vper1 said...

The spin doctors of the Bush regime, have full controll of media with the exception of the net ( for how long).

The media is an underlying problem right now I agree. You also pose a good question. Although I believe the media does a good job of slandering the net; therefore making people afraid to be given a certain "liberal" label.

At Friday, February 24, 2006, Blogger tomtom said...

The first step is to get control of the media again, no more no less. Violence should be avoided. But if you need to, use it a war with collateral dammage does not exist. Without the millitary the government is helpless so devide them get the soldiers on our side, tehy are like us.
We overslept the wake-up call, maybe it is not to late to get to work.

TomTom, Fearless Navigator

At Saturday, February 25, 2006, Blogger Neil Shakespeare said...

I think that $ 250 billion figure is a bit low, isn't it? With the new "non-budget" costs for next year I read it would be around $ 450 billion. And I figure if the government admits to that much it's probably double that.

At Saturday, February 25, 2006, Anonymous Tiger Eye said...

Capitalism and its gangsters use war to destabilize societies when capitalism reaches critical mass or purposely plan it years ahead.

An example:

During the mid 1970s I listened to a report on our local NPR station that said the population of the US was leveling off. Not even a year later reports on the news and in news papers had articles about the need to increase immigration quoters into the US so that "they would do the jobs that Americans didn't want to do". They meant jobs that didn't pay a living wage but they never say that because it infers explotation and class distinctions.

Since corporations claimed that the "trained" work force was shrinking and that workers couldn't meet production orders, they blamed the workers. What they could have done, as in any humane society, was to upgrade and retool their factories to produce more product and on time. They didn't do it! Why? Since they could justify the increase of immirgrant workers as employees undermine the unions and send a message to working people that their means of earning a decent living wage was on the way to ending.

An American skilled worker now had to compete against cheap skilled labor.

Since the 1970s over 70 million immigrants have been allowed into the US. Now all my ancestors came from Ireland. They were slave wage earners. Things really didn't change until after WWII.

Heavy industry retooled for the war and became the most productive nation in the world. My uncle use to say that it was British gold, Russian blood and American industry that won that war.

Ironicly the Unions began being the bad kid on the block since profit was all that business wanted to know.

The two fold method capitalist use to destablize society is to allow cheap labor into the country and destroy unions. Meantime Keynesian economics and the Fed allowed government to take your taxes on behalf of corporate interest, lowered their taxes while they increased yours. As the Fed (Bankers)swindled the people with interest.

You may be against exploitation but who will establish the laws that will enforce the criminal act by fraud! Your government won't Explotation is the American way. Don't let any soft talker tell you that capitalism is good if only evertone would play fair.
Surplus profit/capital is extreamly tempting.

Welcome to the new third world of America.


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