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Byrd to Bush: “The Senate can send you home. You Better Believe That.”

He may be 88, but he sure knows how to stick it to him.
Despite more than two centuries of pressure to change and "modernize" the Senate, as an institution, it remains remarkably similar to the body created at the Constitutional Convention in 1787. It retains all of its original powers, including providing advice and consent -- yes. You said it. You better read that again in the Constitution.

It retains all of its original powers, including providing advice and consent to Presidents on nominations and on treaties, serving as a court of impeachment--you better believe it, Mr. President. The Senate can send you home. You better believe that.

If the House impeaches you, the Senate will try you. The Senate, don't forget it, serves as a court of impeachment and has an equal say with the House on legislation.

--Senator Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV), August 24, 2006
OUCH! That's gotta sting.

But, no one deserves it more than Bush - except Cheney.


At Saturday, April 29, 2006, Anonymous Mighty Thor said...

Grass-Roots Must Speak, Rule
(Mighty Thor, 29 Apr 06)

Byrd is of course right,legally, even platitudinously; Bush II doesn't know or care ("It's just a gosh-darned 'piece of paper'"), and will follow instructions of Council on Foreign Relations (CFR--see JBS.org), enforced and enacted by Jews and Israeli agents as necessary and expedient. Byrd may want to check his back.

Further, things are better when organized fm below at "grass-roots." And this grass-roots must then aim at the lynch-pin and jugular: the Federal Reserve Bank counterfeiting scam which "finances" everything with its filthy, bloodstained (and lately depleted-uranium irradiated) loot.

CONCLUSION: Like I've said: we should, for one thing, revert to method of electing US Senators by state legislature, simple to do and conceive, removing at a stroke a large part of conspirators immediately, most effectively. CFR would gasp, surely. Antisemitism and rationalism go well together. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Thor


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