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Where are Mearsheimer-Walt Deniers Now?

From the day their report was published it was clear that Mearsheimer and Walt were right about AIPAC's power over Congress. Nevertheless, there were those who obstinately denied it. I'd like to rub their noses in the outcome of the latest Bill against Iran. But, it's a pyrrhic victory in which our representatives have proven without doubt that they cannot be trusted to serve our best interest. But, at least we know who's who.

This is Who We CAN Trust:
Representatives who voted NO to Iran Freedom Support Act (PDF)
  • Baldwin, Blumenauer, Boyd, DeFazio, Duncan, Flake, Hostettler, Jones (NC)
  • Kucinich, Leach, McDermott, McGovern, McKinney, Oberstar, Obey, Olver
  • Paul, Rahall, Snyder, Stark, Taylor
This is Who We CAN'T Trust:
[P]ro-Israel lobbyists on Capitol Hill are cajoling members of Congress to support the Iran Freedom Support Act, which would expand the existing American sanctions on companies that invest more than $20 annually in Iran's oil and gas sectors. The bill would tighten sanctions on companies that invest in Iran's energy industry in the hopes of blocking money that could be used to produce nuclear arms.

The bill also provides for assistance to pro-democracy forces within Iran, and funding for independent media broadcasts to the country. The House of Representatives' Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a Florida Republican, and Howard Berman, a California Democrat, are sponsoring the proposed legislation. The sponsors of the Senate version are Rick Santorum, a Pennsylvania Republican, and Evan Bayh, an Indiana Democrat.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, Washington's pro-Israel lobby, has made pushing for sanctions on Iran its number-one priority in recent months.

Looks like AIPAC had their way with 397 highly impressionable representatives who can no longer be trusted.

So, where are Mearsheimer-Walt Deniers now?


At Friday, April 28, 2006, Anonymous Mighty Thor said...

"Mearsheimer-Walt" And Monday Nite Football, Too
(Mighty Thor, 28 Apr 06)

What's purpose behind latest staged "controversy" about "Mearsheimer-Walt"?--diversion, obviously, as usual.

Note "Mearsheimer-Walt" are hardly the first to so expose Jew-AIPAC-type stranglehold; they (Jews) got big money as they're so close to topmost bankers (conspirators), obviously.

"Mearsheimer-Walt" get their funds more directly and securely fm Council on Foreign Relations (CFR--see JBS.org).

Other expositors are and have been Paul Findlay, former Congressman fm Illinois, I think, David Duke formerly of KKK, and the IHR people (Institute of Historical Review).

What "Mearsheimer-Walt" signify is specific blessings of CFR in this latest "antisemitism," obviously necessary now as diversion.

United Nations (UN) dictatorship, run by topmost Jews, uses Israel and Jews of lower-level, working-class types AS DECOYS. Bush II may be thrown to dogs (for bad polls among people) as dupes of Israel, great distraction to UN.

Honest elections and death to the Fed. Thor


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