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Japan Balks At US Military Cost Estimate

Can you blame them? Who in their right mind would pay $26 billion to shuffle foreign military bases in their own territory?
Surprised by the cost, Japan will ask the United States to explain its estimate that Tokyo will pay some $26 billion for the realignment of the U.S. military here, a top government official said Thursday.

U.S. Deputy Undersecretary of Defense Richard Lawless made the estimate on Tuesday, shocking some Japanese officials.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Shinzo Abe said Japan would seek a clarification from Washington. The Lawless comment came days after the two countries agreed that Japan would pay some $6 billion to help move 8,000 Marines from Okinawa to Guam.

"We need to ask the U.S. side which items are included," Abe said. "This amount is not the result of any agreement, and we have not received any request from the U.S. to shoulder this amount."

Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi said Thursday that he did not know how the Americans arrived at that estimate, and that the government would not impose a tax increase to pay for the realignment.
In sum, 'you've gotta be out of your mind if you think we're going to pay that price!'
The number has drawn considerable attention in Japan, since it would amount to more than 60 percent of the country's entire annual defense budget of $42 billion.

Accordingly, the government has tried to play down the reliability of the figure. On Wednesday, Koizumi suggested the U.S. may be pandering to American public opinion that the U.S. bears too much responsibility for Japan's defense, while Tokyo bears too little.

Defense chief Fukushiro Nukaga said Lawless was probably not speaking with precision.

"I believe Mr. Lawless just presented his rough plans," Nukaga said, adding there was no official total yet. "After the final agreement is reached, we will come up with an estimated total and present it to the public."
Apparently, Mr. Lawless must also be brainless to present such a ridiculous estimate.


At Thursday, April 27, 2006, Blogger borkafatty said...

Classic Bush company at its finest, throw a number out there but don't back it up with out any hard data to justify it.

Kinda sounds like the Iraqi war data costs. But then again give us 26 billion, and then we will borrow back form you 126 billion..what a joke!

At Thursday, April 27, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

Isn't it amazing? Their accountants ought to be flogged in the center square. Maybe that'll teach them not to makeup numbers.

At Thursday, April 27, 2006, Blogger Akber said...

Japan is occupied territory.
Germany is occupied territory.
So is most of Europe and the Middle East, Central Asia.
Occupied by the winners of WWII - US, Russia and China.

What's the difference? No non-occupied country allows bases and foreign military on its soil.

Why don't we wake up? Or the people of the concerned country wake up? And think in absolutist terms?

$ is more important than self-respect, I guess.

At Thursday, April 27, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

Thanks, Akber, for reminding us of the more important underlying issue at hand.

It seems the more things change with time, the more they remain the same.

Humanity has been dictated by power and control since time immemorial.


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