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Democrats and Republicans: Fools and Wimps

An excerpt from If You Are Democrat Or Republican, You Are A Fool Or A Wimp, By Douglas Herman at Rense.com:
The Dems are dumb and dumber. The party of Jimmy Carter could have just as well nominated Jim Carrey in 2004 and that comedian would have performed a helluva lot better than John Kerry did. At least "Truman" Carrey would have shown a whole lot more backbone or, at least, a funny bone. Spineless AND humorless best defines the Dems. Maybe they're keeping mum until later this year, deluded in the belief that all those black boxes somehow got fixed. Sure they did, just like the next election.

By contrast the Republicans are just plain repugnant. Not one among them with the scruples of a wolf. Indeed, wolves resemble early Christian saints compared to Republicans.

Part bully, part wimp, the average Republican adheres to the holy scriptures of the Wall Street Journal. New age crusaders but without the swords, registered Republicans prefer other folks sacrifice for some felonious idea of a holy land. . .
I cherry picked this fresh off WRH for readers who locked horns on this issue in a recent barrage of comments. Enjoy!


At Monday, April 24, 2006, Anonymous Mighty Thor said...

New "Paradigm" For Old "Good Vs. Evil" Charade
(Mighty Thor, 24 Apr 06)

Thanks much qrswave, for ur excellent blog-topic brings up outstanding subject concerning the various charades by which the Judeo-oligarchs (especially the Council on Foreign Relations [CFR--see JBS.org]) divert, distract, and confuse the people. And the main theme of course is "good vs. evil," this typically in form of "good-cop vs. bad-cop."

First and oldest is Democrat-Republican whence Republicans used to symbolize white middle-class Christians, nowadays less white, these then versus the poorer class, minority infused Democrats. Another, parallel theme was and still is the presumed "left vs. right," socialist vs property-owing middle class; this all is now old-hat, and there's a newer theme to keep one's eye on--and yes, it involves Jews, especially Jews as Jews so much constitute the concrete "man-power," if u will, of the corporate and mass "Jews-media."

In general, the new "good-cop vs. bad-cop" charade presentation has to do with the leftist, socialist-communist United Nations (UN) versus "property-respecting" (LOL) and religiously conservative Israel, and this is especially pertinent to the "Judeo-Christians" (JCs) among the gentiles who are encouraged to buy-in to this new and latest charade. For note the Republicans are presently heavily influenced by this JC mentality, reputedly the very base, for foremost example, of Bush II's political support at the "grass-roots" level.

(The vote-rigging issue and dimension then is simply a further and additional safeguard for the CFR oligarchs, and it's totally controlled by them, used for their exclusive purposes, naturally.)

The key to most accurate analysis of this latest flim-flam disinformation operation by Jews and accomplices is in observing the Judaic nature and make-up of the CFR, the real conspiratorial power behind the scenes, especially behind the UN, the CFR conspiracy, best exposited by the Birchers (again, at JBS.org).

Thus Israel is simply a tool for the topmost Judaic masterminds (as of the CFR) to be (potentially) sacrificed at opportune time--as they consider it will well occupy the attention of the mass of gentile population evermore crazed and outraged against the savagery of Israel and lower-level Jews. The lower-level Jews then are substantially encouraged to support Israel against the "communist" UN, these lower-level Jews held up, as presently, by the JCs, as of the present Republicans, as "good Jews" worthy of "Christian" support.

Thus this Israel vs. UN charade is upheld and highly "touted" by the present mass "Jews-media," so heavily controlled, influenced, infested, and manipulated by Jews of both lower and upper levels. "Miss R" is most perfect example of one of these lower-level Jew-types, so brilliantly suited for the appropriate propaganda and babbling designed for furtherance of the large charade(s) meant to divert and confuse the masses.

CONCLUSION: Thus we patriots, heroes, and champions of truth analyze the alternatives offered by the liars, criminals, conspirators, Jews, and oligarchs in their never-ending efforts to deceive the masses of gentiles and goyim. Keep up all ur outstanding blogging work for information and knowledge of the volk. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Thor

At Monday, April 24, 2006, Blogger Citisucks said...

I love it! Great Stuff!


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