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Venezuela Ticked Off by US War Games

[Venezuelan reacted] angrily to U.S. military exercises in the Caribbean.

The two-month "Partnership of the Americas" exercises are being sponsored by the U.S. Army's Southern Command and include more than 6,500 sailors from the USS George Washington Carrier Strike Group practicing naval maneuvers. . . .

[Venezuelan VP] Jose Vicente Rangel said that the exercises "are not going to intimidate us. If they want to intimidate us, they are going to fail, because they are not going to intimidate us. The time for intimidation in the world has passed. We're going to see how close the ships get."

When asked about the forces from other Caribbean states taking part in the exercises, Rangel said their vessels were "canoes" compared to the U.S. carrier group.
I thought that was funny, though stunts like these aren't winning US any 'Brownie' points with South Americans or others around the world.

Moreover, considering this latest development, these exercises could be a warm up for WWIII on all fronts.


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