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34 countries play hide-n-seek WMDs

In lieu of discovering WMDs in the hands of so-called rogue nations, the US and their 'coalition of the willing' are busy practicing how to plant them first - and then find them.
In a drill, Turkish commandos rappelled from military helicopters onto a merchant ship that mock intelligence said was carrying weapons of mass destruction. U.S. commandos raced to join them from a nearby warship.

The exercise Friday, with 34 countries participating, was a practice session to prepare for intercepting weapons materials before they reach a country like Iran, Turkey's neighbor.

Officials say cooperation-building exercises like this are crucial to keeping Iran or other countries from receiving shipments of materials that they could use to help build a nuclear weapon.
You've got to be kidding. Playing commando on the high seas isn't going to stop anyone determined to get their hands on materials for nuclear weapons.

The better strategy would be not to provoke anyone, and stay focused on DEFENSE.
The drills began when a merchant ship left the Turkish port of Antalya without permission. Urgent intelligence reports then said the ship was carrying "smuggled materials." It was assumed they were weapons materials on their way to a hostile country.
Though it could have just as easily been a cargo of pirated DVD's from China.
Warships from the United States, Turkey, France and Portugal raced into the open seas and surrounded the civilian ship about 25 miles into the Mediterranean. Turkish helicopters taking off from the TCG Gaziantep warship engaged and chased off a civilian helicopter that was apparently trying to unload cargo from the civilian merchant vessel.

French and U.S. maritime patrol planes were also dispatched to monitor the area.

Once the merchant ship was secured and boarded by Turkish commandos from the air and American commandos from the sea via a motorboat, chemical teams boarded and began to search the ship. They eventually found a container said to be carrying chemicals for weapons, which was decontaminated when the ship was returned to port.

Officials from Turkey's atomic energy association, bomb destruction teams, police and customs agents also participated in the exercise, which included additional scenarios of searching vehicles carrying suspected weapons materials to an airport and a land customs gate.
This reminds me of a scene in Monster Inc. where the CDA (Child Detection Agency) descends on the scream factory in search of child-related items in order to "decontaminate" them.
Observers were hosted above a Turkish naval frigate - the TCG Barbaros - for the exercise, which is said to be the largest so far of the Proliferation Security Initiative, or PSI, a program started in 2003 by President Bush.
I wonder who these "observers" are.
Though officials have repeatedly said the exercise is not aimed at any specific country, all eyes are on Iran, which is not likely to see the hosting of the nonproliferation exercise as a friendly move by its Muslim neighbor.

Countries bordering Iran, including Persian Gulf countries and Turkey, have come under increasing pressure recently to cooperate with the U.S. and pressure the Islamic Republic to give up what the U.S. says is a secret nuclear weapons program.

Analysts say the exercise will not only help increase preparedness for stopping illegal shipments that Iran could use in a weapons program, but . . . will send the message that most of the world is united against Iran possessing those weapons.

"Iran already has most of what it needs for a nuclear weapon, but it continues to try to procure foreign components that would allow it to reach that capability faster and better," said Mark Fitzpatrick, a senior fellow at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London.
More proof that nothing good comes out of London.
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has credited PSI with several successes already in intercepting shipments of missile and nuclear technology headed to Iran, but she did not elaborate on details.
Like the fact that these so-called successes only happen in her dreams.
PSI, however, is only one crucial part of a massive effort needed to prevent proliferation, said Charles Ferguson, fellow for science and technology at the U.S.-based Council on Foreign Relations.
Everywhere you turn, these creeps crawl out of the woodwork.
"My view is that PSI fills the gaps," Ferguson said. "The borders are porous in so many different areas, that's why we can't rely exclusively on PSI ... We also need to rely on more traditional tools such as export control, IAEA inspections and diplomacy."
The US could do without many costly high-tech gadgets if it just employed some good old common sense - like 'stop being a bully' and 'mind your own business'.
Ferguson said nonproliferation efforts concentrated too long on state-to-state transfers of technology and materials - until Abdul Qadeer Khan, the founder of Pakistan's nuclear weapons program, admitted in 2004 to passing nuclear technology to other countries, showing that the dangerous game also involved individuals or small groups and was getting more complex.

Pakistan shares a long border with Iran.
Expect Pakistan to be dragged into the fire any time now.
Officials from 34 countries observed or participated in Friday's exercise either from a naval ship or by computer, as militaries cooperated to track, board, search and disable suspect vessels.
Has all the trappings of a 'one world military' - just what's needed for a 'one world government'.
There have been more than a dozen previous PSI exercises held in other countries, though Turkey says this one was the largest yet.

When South Korea agreed to participate in an earlier PSI exercise, North Korea, also believed to have a clandestine nuclear weapons program, called it a "war crime" and threatened all-out nuclear war.
Ghee, that's good to know. Anyone wanna play hide-n-seek? I'll hide.


At Sunday, May 28, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

“The US could do without many costly high-tech gadgets if it just employed some good old common sense - like 'stop being a bully' and 'mind your own business'

the us military juggernaut trumps the eu countries combined, just imagine. Absolute power corupts, the yanks are drunk with power, commonsense fly out the windows long ago.

a few years back, an us warship tailgate a chinese freighter “suspect of carrying contrband materials” on the high sea, the yanks forced the chinese to dock at a saudi port. Marines swarmed all over the ship looking for “contrband chemicals” for half a day to no avail. The yanks eventually let go their quarry with a stern warning “we would do the same whenever we have reason to suspect anybody is smuggling contraband materials”.

On another occasion, a singaporean container ship was sailing on the high sea. Then out of the blue, menacing black clad commandos types slithered down from helicoptors hovering above, the next thing they knew, the crews found themsevles staring into the bussines ends of assault rifles, they were ordered to lye face down on the deck while the intruders ransacked the cargoes looking for “contraband materials”. After hours of harrasment the yanks finally left with this warning, “the us navy is conducting anti terrarists sweep in this region, don’t let us catch u smuggling any banned materials on board.”

When the soviet union was suckered
into invading afghan, the msm had a field day gloating on russian expanism, “the only safe border for ivan is one where the red army sit on both side of it.” But uncle sham is not one to be outdone for long, these days, the only safe world for the yanks is one where every country has a us military base , every sea lane is patrolled by the us navy
and every air space is guarded by the usaf.
"They know we own their country. We own their air space We dictate the way they live and talk. And that's what's great about America right now. It's a good thing especially when there's a lot of oil out there we need."





At Sunday, May 28, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oops that was my post

At Sunday, May 28, 2006, Anonymous romunov said...

See this one on how the US deters "rogue" countries.

Whatreallyhappened.com reads:
"Actually, the real issue is that the "test" of 700 tonnes of explosives is designed to sell the idea that the US has a conventional bomb of .7 kiloton power, but in truth, there is no bomber on Earth that can lift more than 35 tons, so this "test" is a mask for the use of tactical nuclear weapons in future wars."


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