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US bombs scores of civilians in Afghanistan

Various news organizations are reporting this [morning] on a deadly coalition attack in Afghanistan. "U.S.-led coalition aircraft bombed a rebel stronghold in southern Afghanistan," the Associated Press reports, "killing about 60 suspected Taliban militants and 16 civilians, an Afghan governor said Monday.

The BBC is on the scene as well. "A BBC reporter who visited a local hospital spoke to villagers who had been injured in the attack," the network's story says. "One said Taleban fighters had taken control of his house to launch missile attacks from the roof, and that many of his family members had died in the bombing raid."

The Taliban issues a denial to Reuters: "A spokesman for the Taliban, who are fighting to expel foreign troops and oust the elected government, said none of their fighters had been killed on Monday. All of the casualties were civilians, he said." But the U.S. military tells the wire service that Taliban fighters were confirmed dead after the attack.
Even if a "Taliban" fighter was on the roof trying to defend his village - the US has no business in Afghanistan. If the US leaves - which eventually they will, like the Russians before them - problem solved.

The Taliban were not behind 9/11. 9/11 was an inside job.


At a hospital, wounded residents of Azizi village described how aircraft bombed mud-brick homes where Taliban rebels were hiding, having fled there from a religious school after the airstrikes started. Among the wounded was an 8-month-old infant.

In a statement, the coalition said it had confirmed 20 Taliban killed in the attack on the village in Kandahar province late Sunday and early Monday, while there were "an unconfirmed 60 additional Taliban casualties."

U.S. commander Lt. Gen. Karl W. Eikenberry told The Associated Press that the military was "looking into" civilian casualties.
I'll bet. Like they looked into the Haditha massacre. Give me a break.
The airstrikes brought the death toll of militants, Afghan forces, coalition soldiers and civilians to as many as 285 since Wednesday, according to coalition and Afghan figures.
Good God. The US has turned Afghanistan into a living HELL. These people were CURSED the day oil and gas was found in their land.
"Helicopters bombed the madrassa and some of the Taliban ran from there and into people's homes. Then those homes were bombed," said Haji Ikhlaf, 40. "I saw 35 to 40 dead Taliban and around 50 dead or wounded civilians."

Another villager, Zurmina Bibi, cradled her wounded 8-month-old. She said about 10 people were killed in her home, including three or four children.

"There were dead people everywhere," she said, crying.
Winning hearts and minds.
U.S. military spokesman Col. Tom Collins said, "It's common that the enemy fights in close to civilians as a means to protect its own forces.

"We targeted a Taliban compound and we're certain we hit the right target," he told The Associated Press.
That's why they call him a spokesman, because he knows how to LIE.

Incidentally, the missile has not been invented that can kill an idea. The US has no idea what it's creating by killing so many innocents. The blowback from this will be harsh.


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