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US Economic Recovery Act 2006

LaRouche has released a crucial proposal for federal government action to save the auto industry. I recommend that everyone interested in reading sane economic alternatives to the current insane liquidation of the US auto industry.
LaRouche's proposal, the U.S. Economic Recovery Act of 2006 (PDF), would place presently shut down auto and auto parts supply plants and those plants threatened with shutdown under federal receivership.

The plants would then receive credit for retooling and production of needed components for infrastructure projects, especially rail, water and power projects. The machine-tool capacity in these plants is an irreplaceable resource to rebuild the U.S. as a modern industrial nation.

The pamphlet includes LaRouche's outline for emergency legislation, "Emergency Legislation, Now!." The 24-page pamphlet also has full documentation, prepared by LaRouche's associates, of the plants which would be covered by the legislation and how many jobs and square feet of production space are involved in each plant.

Also, there is a discussion memorandum, "Rebuild U.S. Military around a Corps of Engineers Function," which provides an overview of the positive role of a revitalized military in building infrastructure projects and training and employing youth in construction work.
Instead of fighting wars of aggression, our nation's military can fight the war against poverty and reserve military power strictly for DEFENSE.

Please, read the proposal. It's well worth it.


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