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It Ain’t Just Bu$h: Part 4 of 100 of Part A: Why they all must go!

So we will go alphabetically by state. I’m not going to waste my time my listing “party” affiliations. Please though if you don’t know their “party” go ahead and try to guess it. I can promise it will be a challenging game. I’m not even going to base this on their voting records, I’m just going to base this on crap posted on their website. If you are student doing research, please I’m begging you help educate your teacher and use this info. By the way these posts are based on the your Senutor's actually websites.
Alaska 2: Ted Stevens
5. Ew-You can't even get past the front page without seeing a picture of the trophy wife w/the old and nasty senutor. Please tell me these people don't actually do it!
4. Oh and to show you how much he cares about wildlife in Alaska, the picture is of old nutjob and the blond trophy at the National Zoo in Washington D.C., showing how much he really appreciates that Alaska wildlife.
3. Oh wait here it is in his bio about his views on Alaska wildlife-his favorite hobby is murdering fish-I disagree I believe this rich white terrorists favorite hobby is murdering non-white people-his second favorite is murdering the fish.
2. He says you can write to him, but you are suppossed to address it too The Horrorable Ted Stevens-Oh wait my bad that is honorable, after all there is a lot of honor in buying a trophy wife.
1. I'd tell you something about his issues (instead of his trophy wife)except I can't seem to find any on the site, only links to what are supposed to tell you about the issues and allow you to search for them (no thanks I'll just vote Green Party if you can't even admit to what you stand for).

Power to the Green Party and Independent Progressives. Get the Democratic-Republican idiots out of office.


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