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UAW Chief leads rank and file to slaughter

Instead of conveying a determination to put a stop to the slaughter of working class Americans in the auto industry, the President of the UAW resigned himself and the over 600,000 workers he represents to a position of economic servitude and corporate boot-licking.
Ron Gettelfinger, head of the United Auto Workers, told his rank and file yesterday that the shrinking union faces the toughest challenges in its history and that members must adjust to the economic realities of the beleaguered U.S. auto industry and embrace innovative solutions.

The message, delivered in a wide-ranging speech at the opening of the union's four-day convention in Las Vegas, avoided bashing of General Motors Corp. and Ford Motor Co., which plan to close or downsize two dozen plants and cut 60,000 union jobs in the next few years as they try to regain their financial footing and turn a profit.

Instead, Gettelfinger recognized the plight of the two largest U.S. automakers in an increasingly competitive climate where their market share, with DaimlerChrysler AG included, has dropped 16 points, to 58 percent, over the past decade. The credit ratings for GM and Ford have been reduced to "junk" status.

"Like it or not, these challenges aren't the kind that can be ridden out," said Gettelfinger, who is expected to win a second four-year term as the UAW's president Wednesday. "They demand new and farsighted solutions and we must be an integral part of developing those solutions."
And he'll be the first to start by bending over. What a sell-out and a loser.

“When the UAW built a golf course we knew right then and there that organizing had entered the twenty-first century,” said a greenskeeper [on condition of anonymity].

Ron Gettelfinger was not available for comment but sources close to the corporation’s beloved say Ronnie has been planning this feat since his days as a summer ranch hand. The work gave him saddle sores but long hot days on horse back instilled in him an appreciation for desk jobs.

It was at the Rollover Ranch that Ron met the man who would influence him for the rest of his life, Steve “Bob” Miller, a turnaround specialist with a stunning pirouette and a graceful side saddle style that charmed the shit out of a lot of bulls.

The two men were both studying accounting and working summers on the ranch when they rubbed their match heads together. Sparks flew and the rest is fodder for the long barrel. So it comes as no surprise that years later the two should meet again — this time riding herd on the rank and file.

In a way, rank and file autoworkers are just like our poor soldiers, out in the front-lines laying their lives down for these bastards and getting nothing in return but an early retirement/grave.

It's not going to stop until Americans Just say NO! to corporate wars and economic slavery.


At Tuesday, June 13, 2006, Blogger Citisucks said...

The world is being taken over by corporate terrorists, who don't care if you or I die as long as they can buy an extra rolex. The Democult and Rethugs are working together to make sure they turn us all into a slave race.


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