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US-born Israeli soldier found dead

It's funny - you never hear of Israeli citizens emigrating to enlist in the US military. But, that's another story.
An Israeli soldier who recently emigrated from the United States was found dead in a West Bank mosque Tuesday, where he apparently committed suicide after shooting at the walls of the empty building with his M-16 assault rifle.

The army identified the soldier as Israel Reyman, 28, and said he immigrated to Israel about two months ago.

A spokeswoman said the fact that his weapon was found beside him indicated he may have killed himself, but "all options are being examined."

She would not give any other details, including his hometown, saying the incident was under investigation.

Residents of the northern West Bank village of Akabeh said they heard several shots from the mosque early Tuesday, and soldiers found the man's body inside shortly afterward. One witness said the shots damaged the mosque's pulpit, and Israeli forces imposed a curfew on the site while they carried out repairs.

Israeli TV reports said Reyman had complained of personal problems during training and had no known links with any Israeli political group, apparently ruling out a nationalist motive for the mosque shooting.
Was it suicide? Or, was he just enraged and stupid - unwittingly killing himself by ricocheting bullets, when he only meant to vandalize?


At Wednesday, June 07, 2006, Anonymous Dan said...

The only thing clear to me is that he wanted to leave the US to join a army active in killing people living in an occupied country.
That fact alone points at a serious mental problem.
War always atracts the mentally unfit and causes the weakminded to derail.
Most probably he was acting out and vandalizing the Mosque and was killed by his own bullets.

Either way: it serves him right and now he rests in mental peace.

At Wednesday, June 07, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Relatedly, you should post the picture of the Israeli soldier inside Abu Ghraib displaying his Star of David tattoo. Now if we can only get the Neo-cons to emigrate.... we would no Wars with the Middle East, no tapping of our phones, no false-flag Mossad operations, no censoring of books likwe 'America Deceived' by E.A. Blayre III, no Ernst Zundel sitting in prison and no caged protestors.
Anyway, the last link before Google Books emirgates from the First Amendment:

At Wednesday, June 07, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The militant land grabber was probably on his way to kill some Palestinians.

At Thursday, June 08, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is the West Bank village of Akabeh an Israeli settlement or a Palestinian village? If it is an Israeli settlement, should it not be called a "settlement", rather than organically glorifying it as a "village"? Like it's an indigeneous proxy?

At Thursday, June 08, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the whole of Israel should be called a 'settler shelter'. For over half a century now European, American, Russian Jews wake up one day and declare they have inalienable rights to land in the middle east. So, we have Israeli Prime Ministers from the U.S., from Ireland, from Poland, all of them claiming together with the other occupiers that their grandpas had all migrated from Jerusalem, a short 4000 years back!


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