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Tel-Aviv and Beirut compared - July 20, 2006



Meanwhile, back in DC . . .

The House, displaying a foreign affairs solidarity lacking on issues like Iraq, voted overwhelmingly Thursday to support Israel in its confrontation with Hezbollah guerrillas.

The resolution, which was passed on a 410-8 vote, also condemns enemies of the Jewish state.

House Republican leader John Boehner cited Israel's "unique relationship" with the United States as a reason for his colleagues to swiftly go on record supporting Israel in the latest flare-up of violence in the Mideast.

Little of the political divisiveness in Congress on other national security issues was evident as lawmakers embraced the Bush administration's position.

So strong was the momentum for the resolution that it was steamrolling efforts by a small group of House members who argued that Congress's pro-Israel stance goes too far.

* * *

"I'm just sick in the stomach, to put it mildly," said Rep. Nick J. Rahall II, D-W.Va., who is of Lebanese descent.
And you should be too.


At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Anonymous Die for the Elite said...

Israel's "unique relationship" with the United States

Like a sea lamprey slowly sucking the life from a salmon.

Thinking more and more about the sloganeering of Israel is a friend of the U.S., I'm reminded that I'll do just about anything for a good friend. However, if I'm in the passenger seat while my friend is driving 120 MPH straight towards a 500 foot cliff, with the pedal still pressed to the floor, it's time to say, "Hey, pull over. I'm getting out." And if the friend won't stop, then I'll take my chances leaping out the door.

At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

yeah, but running with that analogy, what if your friend has all exits sealed?

At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Blogger lesliemai said...

are we too believe that bombing and killing approx 66 child and baby in the last few days are keeping these sun bathers safe. or perhaps we are too belive the criminal zoinist terror on the christian region of beruit is keeping these people safe. perhaps since they bomb the christian regions, we will hear faiy tales of ' christian hezbollah ' for the zoinist who say the other day that the zoinist criminals military is moral and is very fair , how does one explain the inaction of the zoinist terrorists in this caption http://www.uruknet.info/?p=m24789&hd=0&size=1&l=e . perhaps criminal zoinist can operate unpunish today but when you are up before God, the people who cause this destruction will be dealth with accordinaly.

At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Blogger lesliemai said...

perhaps this is what zoinist mothers do to train ther boys to be so bloodthirsty and in human, so when they get older , they can kill babies and elderly in refugee camps without blink an eye. for only if these zoinist terrorist knew what punishment await from God, the repentence would begin now.

At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Anonymous Note how "white" the beach is in Tel Aviv said...

I just can't helping thinking the first picture is of Miami (florida) or California ---- since everyone is SO WHITE, EVEN AFTER/DURING SUN-TANNING ---- WTF???

I guess this is what it Ashkenazi "jew" are mostly composed of Khazarians and Europeans. Look at the photos again ---- just a bunch of "white" folks (PS: No offense to my European brothers and sisters -- I'm sure none is taken, since they are more sick of this "jewish" plague than I am, LOL LOL).

At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Blogger truth-is-free said...

just counting...8 days of "fighting" and 330 people dead in Lebanon

At Friday, July 21, 2006, Blogger nesNYC said...

These congresscritters are treasonous and must be routed out! Despicable cowards, we should deport them all to the Zionist Regime where they rightfully belong.

At Friday, July 21, 2006, Anonymous Join the US Army: Die for Israel said...

Re: nesnyc treasonous congresscritters

While Americans are stocking up on gasoline and radiation pills, don't forget a good supply of tar-and-feathers.

At Friday, July 21, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are most Americans of the same opinion as your house of reps? If so you guys are doomed. Sorry.

At Friday, July 21, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say tar and feather the bastards and be ruthless. That's what it is going to take to change the balance in the USA because, the way we're going, the zionist monsters are going to take us with them to their hell. I refuse to allow that!

In the USA, it's the zionists and corporatists that dominate the Congress. Now tell me, what country doesn't have the same issue?

Can we re-take our country/countries and expel the mooches and disease that has taken over? Yes we can! First let's identify them. Then we starve them. We need to take a siege mentality and fight them.


At Friday, July 21, 2006, Blogger The Sphinx said...

I'm waiting for disaffected youth to come along and say: "Are you stupid?!! Those are Israeli corpses lined up on the beach because the morgues are full!!!"

I'm really, really, really waiting for that line..

At Friday, July 21, 2006, Blogger denk said...

“These congresscritters are treasonous and must be routed out! Despicable cowards” (nesnyc)

these are also god damned hypocrites to boot,
All their “moral outrage” are perpetually focused on the chosen few, especially china. they have been bleating about “genocide” in Tibet for years when the real genocides are perpetrated by their favoured client states all around the world. As more and more people have been to Tibet and discover first hand the real situation there These “humanrights champions” found to their dismay that their genocide claim didn’t sell anymore so these days the rage is on “cultural genocide”, hence according to them every government project in Tibet is a ploy to erase the Tibetan culture, a scheme to HANitise the society. For example , the recently completed Tibetan railway met with chorus of indignation and protest from the ususal suspects like the congress, the msm. as a symbol of cultural genocide, thus the war street journal made it a point to remind the readers that “cultural genocide” is still genocide, therefore no less evil. [sic]
imagine fussing over a railway project but ignoring or worst still, cheerleading the current carnage in Lebanon – these critters really have that limitless capacity to swallow an elephant while choking themselves on a gnat.
I respect man of principle. But I have no time for men who can switch on and off their “compassion” depending on the situation, much like the canned laughter in those sitcom shows.
In a previous post, “lurk” claimed that the situation in Lebanon isn’t unique, then he went on to talk about perceived “cultural genocide” in Tibet, citing drugs and prostitution as evidence. Drugs and prostitution are byproducts of any materialistic societies, which I regret to say is prevalent in current china. if anything, its even worst in the HANs territories like shanghai or shengsheng, are the hans committing cultural genocide on themselves also? Besides, comparing such alleged infractions in Tibet to the hideous bloodletting in Lebanon is really weird, to say the least.




At Friday, July 21, 2006, Anonymous Basic principle of the Sanga said...

Thanks Denk,

I noticed the same thing too. They EXAGGERATED the total number of deaths, "millions" I've been told ---- it's not even close to that. LOL And then the "dalai lama" has the nerves to strike "unholy" packs with Bush, the Neocons, Harper, Zionists, just about any murderous bunch.... Damn hypocrite. His "heart" is filled with Hatred and thoughts of Revenge, for so-called "Cultural genocide" --- but, by aligning with HOLLYWOOD and PORNOGRAPHY?!!! WTF?

Any Buddhist (of which I am one) knows that the BUDDHA expressly commented that the Sanga (i.e. Buddhist monks) are to avoid "politics" and "worldly desires."

Just my observations. And by the way, unlike the Catholic Church, in Buddhism THERE IS NO "SUPREME" "HOLY" RULER, the equivalent of the Pope. Because in Buddhism, the DESIRE to attain POWER, FAME, WEALTH is contrary to the teachings.

There are "head" monks, but this is usually a senior monk to keep peace and order. Sanga operate by a system of TRUE DEMOCRACY --- I'll explain:

- Buddhist Monks have mutual respect FOR ALL OTHERS. They will listen and speak with respect, and WITHOUT the intent to 1) deceive, 2) lie, 3) selfish gains, 4) back-stabbing, 5) self-profit, etc. By ensuring the INTENT is good, the ACTIONS will follow.
- CONSENSUS is needed to make a decision. For example, if they discuss a topic, and some of the Buddhist monks disagree -- they EXPLAIN THEIR RATIONALE and a PEACEFUL & REASONABLE DEBATE ensues. The debate is NOT decided by senority, or who is the loudest, or who is the most "rich & powerful" (since such a thing does NOT exist in the Sanga), but by adhering to 2 key principles: 1) kindness, compassion and forgiveness, and 2) intelligence and wisdom.

That is why, for example the issue of:

A) Homosexuality -- Buddhism does NOT see this as "evil" per say. They see it like any other 'worldly desires'.

B) Capital punishment -- Buddhism does NOT seek Revenge, hatred, retribution, etc. Hate & revenge is an evil cycle -- of which the goal of elightenment is to be free from Samsara ("cycle of life and death")

It is a shame, the Dalai Lama does not adhere to Buddha's most basic teachings. But I'll let other buddhists observe for themselves.

At Friday, July 21, 2006, Anonymous Starve for the Elite said...

Got Milk?

At Friday, July 21, 2006, Anonymous Fuck you Zionists --- We are NOT gonna do what you tell us (RATM) said...

Thanks for the link.

Keep it coming! Words are great and all, but PHOTOS & VIDEOS BRINGS THE MESSAGE HOME.

We don't need the $billions of dollars that the Zionist Ashkenazis have at their disposal since they OWN & CONTROL >94% of ALL MEDIA (radio, TV, movies, newspapers --- EXCEPT THE INTERNET) --- they own it either directly or through onee of their "PROXIES" (to make it look all "legit").

We the people of the world, people of conscience, people of various backgrounds and nationalities, people of different tastes and thoughts ---- but one thing units us, and it is this:



At Friday, July 21, 2006, Anonymous thunkwell said...


At Friday, July 21, 2006, Anonymous Oooooooooooo That's gotta hurt! said...

S.Korea Opposes Additional US Sanctions Against N.Korea

South Korean government opposes any additional sanctions by the United States against North Korea, South Korean Unification Minister Lee Jong-seok said in a program of local TV station on Friday.

"Economic dealings with the North (DPRK) in general are not subject to the UN resolution," Lee said in a midnight talk show by local broadcaster MBC.

"The sanction provided by the UN resolution only covers dealings that are related to missiles and weapons of mass destruction," said Lee, who takes charge of the inter-Korean affairs in South Korean government.

Lee's remarks came after reports that the United States and Japan are preparing additional sanctions against Pyongyang.

"Although South Korea follows large parts of US policies, not everything the US does is what other countries do," Lee pointed out.

In an earlier news conference on Thursday, Lee said additional or economic sanctions against North Korea would be an over-interpretation of the resolution.

(Xinhua News Agency July 21, 2006)

At Friday, July 21, 2006, Blogger Lurk said...

Denk: Don't go into the chinese thing. There are 52 minorities there, and there is cultural genocide on some of them. And it's not 'alleged' infractions in Tibet. I'm not saying the Lebanon slaughter is'nt important, I'm saying it's not unique, and that we have a tendency to focus on some conflicts and ignore others. It's the same with the artistic community who perform concerts to free Tibet, but avoid writting even a word about Palestine. Bono, who goes to Africa to touch little dying kids' heads does'nt even mention those impopular middle-east wars. And drugs and forced prostitution are weapons of Empire, never forget that. Whenever an occupying army is trying to break a country's dignity, first things you see appearing are drugs, then prostitutes who are in need of the said substance. There are drugs for the rich, and drugs for the poor too, so it's not always the same. Here in north america we abuse drugs because we are bored and uneducated. There, they take them because they want to escape a reality that we'd have problems imagining.



I'm not saying that everyone takes drugs because of war. But maybe we better be aware of our history when we see a rise in addicts.

At Friday, July 21, 2006, Anonymous Spoken from a "Chinese" person -- don't 'boast' if you don't understand! said...

Lurk said...

Denk: Don't go into the chinese thing. There are 52 minorities there, and there is cultural genocide on some of them.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I'd begg to differ. China HAS BEEN A MULTICULTURAL NATION FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS. One could convincingly argue that it was the very first multi-cultural nation in the world -- since it is also the oldest surviving civilation in the world by far (far older than the Ancient Egyptians by several thousand years).

China does not perform "cultural genocide" as you say. LOL --- LOL --- LOL. I'm a minority in China, and such "shitz" does NOT happen. China encourages and preserves its ethnic diversity --- in fact she is proud of it.

When there is a majority, there tends to be more commerce, more "culture", more television & music, basically more emphasis on that particular majority. Much like it is with "English" as the "universal language" --- particularly when it applies to international business/trade and "culture" (see American Music, Movies, "Values" exported to nations around the world).

People want to learn English (or as they call it in USA, "American"), since that is where the "future is", both economically and internationally.

But what those who claim "cultural genocide" make SEVERAL GRAVE AND FALSE ASSUMPTIONS.

Firstly, 'genocide' implies actively, violent killing off something in mass numbers --- thre is NO active, NO premeditative, NO vilent, NO intentional, NO killing of culture.

Secondly, they (intentionaly?) mis-understand CHINESE CULTURE --- although China in particular, and ASIA in general has BILLIONS OF PEOPLE, and lots of VARIETY AND BEAUTY --- we are united traditionally by the 3 PILLARS OF "ORIENTALISM", namely 1) Buddhism, 2) Taoism, and 3) Confucian. Even after centures of WHITE-WASH in several countries (e.g. Philipines) these Asian Nations still retains the majority of the "value and culture" --- it is this common thread in our cultures, and our SHARED HISTORY (other Asian nations are derived from ANCIENT CHINESE PEOPLE, e.g. Japan's original inhabitants ARE CHINESE, Duh!!!) that the merging and adopting of other Asian cultures does NOT cause a loss our FUNDAMENTAL culture.

There are many other examples, but suffice to say this should be enough to clear up any mis-understanding that you or anyone may have.

At Friday, July 21, 2006, Blogger Lurk said...

Yes, China has a very old history, very peaceful, of understanding and compassion toward the poor. Even right now, the benevolent government is helping the poorest peasants by clamping hard on megacorporations who pollute water near the fields. On the plains of Mongolia, the efficient chinese government is making sure everyone has of fair chance of succeding in the new economy. And it's certainly not hoarding riches like a good old mobster, not corrupted to the core like those pesky western democracies. Come now, every country on earth gets to the same problems, we can at least agree on that.

At Friday, July 21, 2006, Anonymous Oh, my bad --- I must have forgotten my history! said...

Lurk said...

Yes, China has a very old history, very peaceful, of understanding and compassion toward the poor. Even right now, the benevolent government is helping the poorest peasants by clamping hard on megacorporations who pollute water near the fields. On the plains of Mongolia, the efficient chinese government is making sure everyone has of fair chance of succeding in the new economy. And it's certainly not hoarding riches like a good old mobster, not corrupted to the core like those pesky western democracies. Come now, every country on earth gets to the same problems, we can at least agree on that.

Fri Jul 21, 08:35:32 AM EDT

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> You ignorance on this issue is EXTREMELY REVEALING. China has ACTIVELY fought to reduce poverty in the country, WITH SUCCESS. They HAVE CLAMPED DOWN on corporations that pollute, with fines and in many cases taken their license away. They have emphasized PROGRAMS to alleviate poverty, lack-of-education for the poor.

True their had several skirmashes in the last 200 years, namely wanting to rule Viet Nam (after the Americans were defeated), re-united with Tibet 'province' by military, and minor border clashes with India & Russia (of which THERE IS NO CLEAR argument who "owned" the land, i.e. Ancient Silk Road b/w two major towns in India and China).

But unlike these "Pesky western democracies" (your words), they DIDN'T SLAUGHTER MILLIONS OF VIETNAMESE just because they were "Evil" Viet Cong, DIDN'T SLAUGHTER MILLIONS OF CAMBODIANS, LAOS, DIDN'T SLAUGHTER MILLIONS OF KOREANS, DID NOT SLAUGHTER HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF LATIN AMERICANS (made to "just disappear"), ENSLAVE AFRICANS, STOLE LAND, KILLED MILLIONS OF NATIVE AMERICANS/CANADIANS (i.e. aboriginals) --------------- START FRIGGIN WORLD WARS (now I know the Zionists were the masterminds, but they were "active willing participants").

SO before you PAINT everyone with the same "brush", keep HISTORY in the back of your mind.

By equating that "every country on earth gets to the same problems, we can at least agree on that." --- is attempting to "white wash" (no pun intended) everyone with the same brush ---- no, I'm terribly sorry LURK, people in the 3rd WORLD DO NOT HAVE THE SAME SAVAGE HISTORY has those Colonialists.

You guys cry and complain about the "mongols" invasion of Europe several hundred years ago, and still do ---- that invasion last for BRIEF periods, Genghis Khan and his descendents were BARELY there (for example, only a few dozen in a large country like France -- they just maintained a "presence", since a few dozen with primitive weapons can't possible 'control' the whole nation, unlike modern times with large resources. And this doesn't factor in the fact that whenever there was a council meeting, the warriors had to travel all the way back to Mongolia, as happened when Genghis died).

........... for comparison, the total number of ALL EUROPEANS WHO WERE KILLED by the Mongolian army in ALL THAT TIME, is on the same order of magnitude of the NUMBER OF HAITIANS (mostly Blacks in Haiti) IN THE RECENT ILLEGAL OVERTHROW of the Democratically elected government -- just because he does play by their corrupt games. That was a few years ago, and no there's endless VIOLENCE AND KILLING

Oh thanks alot America, Britian, Canada, etc.

Thanks for your "spreading democracy" ---- it's only "democracy" if we (I'm from the pesky west, if you're wondering) APPROVE of the Corrupt government

Just ask Argentina's notorius dictator Augusto Pinochet, that the "west" INSTALLED, PROTECTED, SUPPORTED and gave orders to. Likewise to the literally HUNDRES of dictors/rules that you installed in Latin America, and subjected to centuries of brutality, kidnapping at night, death squads, rapes, drug (yes the CIA is very active PUSHER). But the moment your "puppet" doesn't please you, you have them killed (e.g. Diem government in South Viet Nam), put on a jester-trial (Saddam Hueissen).

Or attempt to revolutionaries like Mahatma Gandhi --- or successfully assasinate like Malcolm X, Martin Lurther King, Enersto "Che" Guevera, etc.

Oh, I forgot, the west is the "CIVILIZED" nations, and the rest of the 3rd World are the "SAVAGES" ---- Get off your fuckin' high horse, see the facts for what they are! Not all of us are "white-washed" as you would hope!

At Friday, July 21, 2006, Anonymous why can't we all get along??? said...

Not once, NEVER HAS A COLONIALIST RACIST EVERY APOLOGIZED --- Not France, Not Britain, Not Spain, Not Germany, Not as single one.

Worse off is that THEY CELEBRATE IT AS "elightening the savages" and "helping" them advance with "modern times."

Geeeee thanks!!!

I'll be glad to keep it in mind, and PAY YOU BACK some day!

No I'm only kidding ----- Unlike some Racists, I DO NOT have any intention NOR do I derive any pleasure in seeing other people suffer. I DO NOT want revenge --- but it pisses the hell out of me, when BIGGOTS FLAUNT THEIR "HIGH MORALITY" --- Bullshit!

Shame of your pathetic existence, if you truly believe WE all share the same shameful history as you.

It might surprise some people, but even considering that my family and relatives were BRUTALLY SLAUGHTERED -- I don't hold a grudge. I just get truly annoyed at narrow-minded attitudes --- because if you don't have a good grasp of history, bad stuff happens. Just like what the racists Zionists are doing to everyone else.

I don't want war. I don't like the ruthless killing, the ethnic cleansing ---- but it all starts with having a SOLID UNDERSTANDING OF HISTORY -- as in what really happened....

At Friday, July 21, 2006, Blogger Lurk said...

Good for you then, China is great, west is bad. The clever use of words in caps really convinced me. I mean, why have an argument when faced with such firm convictions, based on what can only be assumed to be some kind of time machine to travel in time and observe what really happened in history. I was'nt there, so I have to read different books. You really shut me up with your passionate "people in the 3rd WORLD DO NOT HAVE THE SAME SAVAGE HISTORY has those Colonialists.". It's really all the zionists fault, is'nt it? Before they came, it was all love and teddy bears I guess, and just people loving people. I'm sorry about your family, but is'nt that doing the same thing that you accuse the israelis of doing, using past atrocities to justify an action in the present?

At Friday, July 21, 2006, Anonymous --- Thanks for you "insightful" comment Lurk --- said...

Lurk quote:

"but is'nt that doing the same thing that you accuse the israelis of doing, using past atrocities to justify an action in the present?"

Who's using past atrocities to justify an action in the present? Apparently YOU ARE. And by the way, your "intelligent" sarcastic justifications (quote: "it's really all the zionists fault, is'nt it? Before they came, it was all love and teddy bears I guess, and just people loving people") isn't convincing at all.

What the Israelis are doing is KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE WHO HAD NOTHING to do with the supposed HOLOHAUX --- Oh, I'm sorry if you believe that bag of crap!

If you observed the Work Camp (oh I'm sorry "deeeeaaaattthhh camp") photos, the "testimonials", the burial sites (oooops, they supposed know where they are, but can't locate them, mmmm????).............

..............please, educate yourself before spreading lies.

......... OOOOOHHHH I've got to be careful, I might get arrested and killed for committing "THOUGH CRIMES" ---- Have there EVER BEEN ANY CREDIBLE EVIDENCE presented that SHOWED and DEMONSTRATED the supposed "death camps".

If your gonna use the photos of the "hair" and "xyclone" --- it points to a lice problem, not the extermination.

How about the bodies in the 'mass grave', with many of them malnourished? --- Gee, I wonder how the Germans could have FED them while the entire country was under seige? --- Berlin was bombed left and right, with hundreds of thousands of causualties.

And by the way, Hitler was a Ashkenazi "jew" ----- and Pulllleeezz don't start calling me or anyone an "anti-semite" ------ because if you know your history, Semites are what Jordanians, Palestinians and Arabs are.

Eastern European 'white' Ashkenazis from Khazaria, and Europeans (the blond hair, red hair-freckled blue eyed "jews") are NOT Semitic.

And besides, really, why are "semitic" people placed on a pedastle above everyone else? Not by the TRUE Semites, but by Ashkenazis and "jew-wanna-be-Europeans"???

At Friday, July 21, 2006, Blogger Lurk said...

If we're going to go into revisionism, why stop at the holocaust? Is there any better proof that the inca civilization existed? We found ruins, old jar and and tombs, but according to your logic, it does'nt mean anything. I really don't think 'semitic' people are placed on a pedestal, it's just because the media is allowed to cover this particular massacre, and the protagonists fit in the arab vs jew mold. And we take sides like at a football match, because that's the way life works. I agree with you, that the 'anti-semite' line has been overused in very weak cases, and has now lost most of it's meaning. But when you venomously try to disprove a historical fact (holocaust), like you've got something to gain in the argument, you deserve that unflattering label.

At Friday, July 21, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lurk, just give it up guy. Your racist biggotry just exposes more with every posting you make. Sheeesh, you make the rest of us look bad!

At Friday, July 21, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lurk, if the holocaust was a historical fact, then NAME ONE, just one CREDIBLE PIECE of evidence that can't be "misinterpreted".

Because until then, you're just a Zionist shill, spitting out lies and deception --- we've all heard that before. Either put up (show evidence) or shut up!


At Friday, July 21, 2006, Anonymous Your digging yourself in a deeper hole Lurk said...

Lurk quote:

"Is there any better proof that the inca civilization existed? We found ruins, old jar and and tombs, but according to your logic, it does'nt mean anything."

GEEE, I guess the pieces of dirt and elements and trees just "miraculously" got together to form these OLD ruins, old jars, and tombs -- and radioactively dated. But radioactive dating is just something someone "made-up", right?!!!

YEEEAHHH Right......

At Friday, July 21, 2006, Blogger Lurk said...

So you accept the scientific method in determining history. Now don't be dishonest, there is ample documentation/witnesses/physical structures to prove the holocaust. I don't think it's a debatable point. What should be debatable, is if it should be used to justify bad behavior, to put political pressure on countries so they turn a blind eye to current atrocities. No politician wants to be painted as a nazi, so they say stupid things like 'Israel has a right to defend itself', and in the long run, it's going to be harmful to most jewish communities in western countries, at least.

At Friday, July 21, 2006, Anonymous Stop playing footsie Lurk said...

LURK if there is "ample documentation/witnesses/physical structures to prove the holocaust", then can you JUST GIVE ONE PIECE, JUST ONE PIECE OF CREDIBLE EVIDENCE --- Credible Scientific or Photographic or Videographic --- something not "personal" like that personal testomonies that has been proven to be false (e.g. like that old lady, when she was even born yet, LOL).

JUST ONCE PIECE OF CREDIBLE EVIDENCE --- Don't sidestep the question Lurk, we're more intelligent than that.

If there's so much "ample documentation/witnesses/physical structures to prove the holocaust", then it shouldn't be so difficult for you to give JUST ONE PIECE OF EVIDENCE IS THERE?!

At Friday, July 21, 2006, Blogger Lurk said...

'sigh'. The IBM record cards? But you probably don't believe that. The mass-graves? But it was just because benevolent Germany did'nt have enough food according to a previous argument. The crematoriums? But you'll probably just say it was quickly built so we would believe 'their' lies. The german government's admission of the Holocaust? No, you'll just say they are manipulated by zionists. So no, I have no real evidence that you would accept to present, so in your reality, the holocaust never happened, and you can continue to pollute intelligent debate with your empty premise. By refuting it, you bring every argument back 60 years, by asking any opponent to prove the holocaust first before we talk about what's happening NOW. And it's kind of pointless and sad, that you label any dissenter as a 'zionist shill', because you don't really know anything about them except for the fact that they accept proven history, and get over with it. I personnaly don't like the idea of establishing a country based on 'biblical' notions, but what's that worth, I'm just an evil shill.

At Friday, July 21, 2006, Anonymous Please tell us why! said...

Now Lurk, one-by-one, tell US (or better SHOW US) what is one each --- and what it means:

1) The IBM record cards? --- This demonstrates that the Germans are very METICULATE RECORD TAKERS. It demonstrates they KEEP ACCURATE RECORDS of those under their watch. The German kept records of their names, their age, when they arrived/left, and in some cases specific causes of death.

The claim was "6 million cremated/gassed" --- now, SHOW ME RECORDS OF 6 MILLION GASSED, since the Germans were meticulous record keepers. SHOW ME HOW THE "OFFICIAL NUMBERS" IN POLAND, KEEPS GETTING REVISED DOWNWARDS, and downwards, and downwards - WITHOUT EVER AFFECTED THE OFFICIAL "6 million figure". TELL ME WHY, as it is claimed that the Nazis gased the VAST MAJORITY of the "jews" in the months/year when they "supposedly received their 'orders' from Hitler for the FINAL solution, that the IBM records showed that they deaths occured SPREAD OUT THROUGHOUT 1939-1945? --- Also SHOW ME HITLER'S ORDERS for the "Final Solution".

What exactly does the IBM record cards show, Lurk?

Where does the IBM records indicate 6 million? Please tell us.

2) The mass-graves?

They claimed to know EXACTLY where the mass graves are ---- BUT THEY HAVE NEVER DEMONSTRATED IT'S Location. If its is 6 millions "jews" gassed, without only limited space in the crematorium (since this was done in the last "hours" (i.e. months) of WWII and there WASN'T physically possible to cremate that fast ---- where are all of these "supposed mass-graves"?

Why haven't they SHOWED US? Don't tell me "they respect the dead", since they don't give a shit about Lebanese or Palestinains or Goyims. HOW are they supposed to burry SO MANY PEOPLE, when the WATER-LEVEL is very high and SWAMPY --- this the Germans know.

These "mass-graves" should be near or easy access from these "work/death camps" --- yet WHERE ARE THEY???

The entrance to the the work-camp from train shows clear view of the "supposed" gas buildings, so all the prisioners should have panicked (as they can easily see others gassed before them, as shown in Photographs) --- WHY ISN'T THERE SIGNS OF THIS FORE-KNOWLEDGE WHEN THIS SHOULD BE EASILY OBSERVABLE.

WHY IS THE "gas chamber" that is out in the woods, AND USED AS THE "Model Example Gas-Chamber" HAVE REMNANTS OF PREVIOUS WALLS and indications that the "supposed gas vents on the ceiling" was RECENTLY PUT IN. WHY DON'T PAST PHOTOGRAPHS (if they still show them, unlikely since this has been brought to light) DON'T SHOW THESE "supposed" Gas-Vents? WHY DO THEY LIE TO YOU AND SAY THIS IS THE GAS Chamber used by the Germans, WHEN THERE IS NOT INDICATION OF CHEMICAL CORROSION from the GAS??? THE OUTLINE OF WALLS in the building CLEARLY SHOWED THAT THIS WAS PREVIOUSLY A MULTI-ROOMED SMALL BUILDING WITH A TOILENT/SINK.

Tell we why Lurk.

Better yet, SHOW ME THE GAS CHAMBERS, Please!!!

3) The crematoriums?

As mentioned above, the claim was that the vast bulk of the killings happened in the "last hours of war", and as such, the CREMATORIUMS SHOULD BE BURNING OVER-TIME, to burn MILLIONS OF PEOPLE --- Show ME A AERIAL PHOTOGRAPH (and they exist) TAKEN BY RECONNAISANCE PLANES THAT SHOW THE SMOKE ARISING FROM THESE CREMATORIUMS ---- Tell me why THESE PHOTOS WHICH ARE TAKEN THROUGHOUT THE WAR (1939-1945) DO NOT HAVE INDICATIONS OF SMOKE.

That's odd, since there were limited crematoriums, BUT MILLIONS OF PEOPLE --- these SHOULD HAVE BEEN SPEWING SMOKE, the horrible smell of MILLIONS OF "supposed" dead bodies --- BUT WHERE ARE THE PHOTOS????

Or could it be that the Germans were BURNING DISEASED RIDDEN BODIES to prevent/contain contaimination -- of which is documented in the IBM records (see above) --- which seems the more reasonable conclusion.

Tell me Lurk. Better yet show us --- we are eager to learn the "truth".

4) The german government's admission of the Holocaust?

Tell me WHY THEY DENIED ADMISSION AND ONLY "supposedly" (again, IF WE ARE TO BELIEVE WHAT THE ALLIES SAY -- since these "admissions" were done UNDER EXTREME TORTURE).

TELL ME WHY IT IS THAT PEOPLE ARE WILLING TO ADMIT TO ANYTHING, IF THEY ARE UNDER EXTREME TORTURE? Even the threat of torture can cause people to lose their composure.



Please tell us why.

At Friday, July 21, 2006, Anonymous while you're at it ----- please tell us one more thing said...

Also tell us why Hitler himself was an Ahskenazi "jew" and so were so MANY of his top leutenants? IN particular Goebbles?

Tell us why, Goebbles, an Ashkenazi "jew" would have NO QUALMS about extinguishing "his people"????? This just doesn't make any sense ---- please tell us, since our 'simple-minded goyim minds' aren't able to comprehend such twisted, complex, and complicated matters!

At Friday, July 21, 2006, Blogger Lurk said...

Because I'm not a holocaust nit-picker, no one in my family was affected by it, and it has a fairly minimal impact on my life. I don't care for it, I think it is a good example of what happens to populations when they let themselves be submerged by racist propaganda, and a good warning to anyone who's government is thinking of building 'detention camps'. But other than that, I truly don't care about it. Whether it's true or not will really not change my outlook on life. So there. And I really don't see why you bring this up in a debate about israeli aggression of Lebanon. What, assuming it's all a lie, no jews were killed during WW2, what do we do now? We kill them all to prove a point? I truthfully don't get where you're going with your logic. Ok I'm convinced, the holocaust was a fraud, history books have lied to me, the veil is removed from my eyes. What now?

At Friday, July 21, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please Lurk, no more beating-around-the-bush.

The reason why this is so important is because is used for so many unpleasant things:

1) calling someone "anti-semitic" to get your way -- even when your European/Khazarian

2) Invading a helpless nation, because the "biblical mumbo-jumbo" said you're the "chosen ones"

3) Indiscriminately killing Palesitians, Lebanese, Syrians, Egyptions, Jordanians, etc --- and using the "supposed holocaust" to make yourself look like the "victim" -- and this does not mention the "shadow governments".

These are only the tip of the iceberg. They use this as a 'blank check' to get WMD, to black-mail other countries, to commit attrocities and crimes against humanity. Those of us who know better, we know that the best way to stop/control this madness is to attack the source ----- and this source is the lies and deception, just like "Mission Accomplished" was....

At Friday, July 21, 2006, Blogger Lurk said...

I agree, stop beating around the bush, and offer CONCRETE ACTION. Just trying to prove the holocaust never happened, if you truly are fighting again'st shadow governments and media machinations is kind of pointless, don't you think? So what do we do now? You say they use this lie to justify everyone of their evil plans, but they're not doing such a good job with it, because I've not seen any news report talking about the holocaust and how they're victims. I've seen them using pictures of dead israelis to prove the point, but that's got nothing to do with any ww2 event. And the anti-semitic line only works if you care about it, so that's not it either. So, what now?

At Friday, July 21, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations anonymous on your valiant demonstration of knowledge, skill, and tact.

It was a pleasure and a great learning experience to witness such an in-depth debate - full of concepts, ideas and facts (except in Lurk's case, speaking-out-of-one's-ass).

Astonishing feat indeed.

At Friday, July 21, 2006, Blogger Lurk said...

Anonymous congratulating anonymous, a perfect metaphore for what's in truth happening. This is why I hate arguing with these kinds of Bots, who do more harm to any kind of movement to progress out of the current paradigm.
You claim to have rock solid facts, you profess conviction that there are evil man manipulating the world from the shadows ect ect. But what do you do to fight it? Post on a blog? Come now, if I had a strong belief that my life and my loved ones future put at risk because of something I was a 100% sure, I would'nt just post it on a forum, I would TAKE ACTION. The fact that you're always bringing this kind of debate back to pointless arguments about nazi germany tells me that you're nothing more than a friggin BOT programmed to keep people busy with myths and fantasies about a handful of people controlling the world, and that you're part of the problem. Today's woes can be found at the doorstep of the current ruling elites, not in old ruins in Polland. You can bring any facts to prove anything, but it takes real conviction to act on it.

At Friday, July 21, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the afternoon, the scene changed in the streets of southern Lebanon, which was the target of 32 Israeli raids that mainly targeted areas near the area where the two soldiers were captured in Aita al Chaab, close to the border with Israel.
Posted Jul 21, 2006 09:16 AM PST
Category: LEBANON

TRANSLATION OF SECOND PARAGRAPH: "Here facts: Hezbollah requires since long years the release of prisoners held by Israel, such as Samir el Kantar, imprisoned since 1978, Nassim Nisr and Yahia Skaff which is imprisoned since 1982. In many occasion, it let know that the weather would not fail to be captive in its turn Israeli soldiers - if Ci-that-Ci had been suddenly introduced in Lebanon, and to use them like monnaire of exchange. In a deliberated way, Tsahal sent a commando in the Lebanese back-country to Aïta Al Chaab. It was attacked by Hezbollah, making two prisoners. Israel A then pretends to be attacked and attacked Lebanon. Hezbollah, which prepared to face an Israeli aggression that each one knew imminent since the Syrian withdrawal, drew from the intermediate-range missiles on Israel. "
Posted Jul 21, 2006 09:16 AM PST
Category: LEBANON

This story, in French, confirms what the Asia Times reported. Israel sent their soldiers across the border into Aïta Al Chaab. It was there, on the Lebanese side of the border, where Hezbollah took them prisoner.


Middle East Features

Hezbollah back in the spotlight after capturing soldiers
By Weedah Hamzah Jul 12, 2006, 22:17 GMT




The Al Tahrir Bridge is seen destroyed after Israeli warplanes targeted it, in Jdeydet Marjaoun, south Lebanon, Wednesday, 12 July 2006. Hezbollah captured two Israeli soldiers in a cross-border raid Wednesday, triggering an Israeli assault with warplanes, tanks and gunboats striking southern Lebanon as Israeli troops crossed the frontier to hunt for the captives. EPA/RABIH DAHER
The Al Tahrir Bridge is seen destroyed after Israeli warplanes targeted it, in Jdeydet Marjaoun, south Lebanon, Wednesday, 12 July 2006. Hezbollah captured two Israeli soldiers in a cross-border raid Wednesday, triggering an Israeli assault with warplanes, tanks and gunboats striking southern Lebanon as Israeli troops crossed the frontier to hunt for the captives. EPA/RABIH DAHER
Tyre, Southern Lebanon - Lebanon's pro-Syrian Shiite movement is back in the spotlight after capturing two Israeli soldiers on Wednesday, plunging the country into a crisis that could lead to new violence in the region.

According to analysts here, Hezbollah followed in the footsteps of the Palestinian movement Hamas, whose militants last month captured an Israeli soldier sparking a massive Israeli offensive into the Gaza Strip.

Despite the fear of a wide-scale Israeli assault operation similar to Gaza's offensive, the capturing of the two soldiers have prompted many Lebanese, especially followers of the Shiite movement, to celebrate with gunfire. The kidnapping was described by Hezbollah chief Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah as the 'honest promise to all Lebanese prisoners.'

In the afternoon, the scene changed in the streets of southern Lebanon, which was the target of 32 Israeli raids that mainly targeted areas near the area where the two soldiers were captured in Aita al Chaab, close to the border with Israel.

'We support Hezbollah's drive to release the prisoners, but we are afraid of an assault that will make us live the dark days of bombing our bridges and infrastructure,' Mahmoud Saeed, a fisherman told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa.

'We are used to the Israeli tactics ... they will use destruction means, to scare us but we are here to confront them,' Ahmed Yacoub, a vegetable vendor said.

Two Lebanese civilians were killed and 11 others were wounded in the Israeli raids that targeted areas in southern Lebanon throughout the day, while the Israeli military said that eight of its soldiers had died.

The fear of the possible assault did not stop youths loyal to Hezbollah from roaming the streets of the southern port cities of Sidon and Tyre, waving Hezbollah flags and distributing candies to celebrate the seizure of the two Israeli soldiers.

'The two Israeli prisoners will only return home through indirect negotiations and an exchange of prisoners,' Hezbollah chief Nasrallah told a press conference.

'This is the only available way to release Lebanese prisoners held in Israel,' said Nasrallah while insisting the 'Israelis always first say they do not wish to negotiate, but eventually they accept.'

In January 2004, Israel and Hezbollah carried out a swap through German mediation that saw hundreds of Arab detainees released, along with the bodies of three soldiers, and the freeing of an Israeli businessman.

According to Nasrallah the capturing of the soldiers was also aimed at 'drawing the attention of the world and highlight the ordeal of Arab detainees in Israeli jails.'

'Hezbollah will now secure the release of all Arab prisoners from the Israeli jails,' said Palestinian student, Ahmed Alya.

'Israel will be forced to implement a ceasefire to secure the release of its soldiers,' Fatima Badreddine told dpa in Tyre.

Mosques in Tyre continued to announce throughout the evening Wednesday the news of the capturing of the two soldiers.

The capturing of the two soldiers has brought Hezbollah back into the spotlight of Lebanese politics, though the Shiite movement has been part of the political mainstream for some years. It currently has 14 MPs in parliament.

Hezbollah is still regarded in the West as the chief suspect in the bombing of foreign targets and kidnapping foreigners during the Lebanese Civil war in the 1980s.

The movement, which is called the Party of God, was formed by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards after the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982. It is lauded in Lebanon for its role in forcing Israel in 2000 to end its 22-year occupation of the south of the country.

© 2006 dpa - Deutsche Presse-Agentur


Les agences de presse occidentales victimes consentantes de la censure militaire israélienne

À la demande du colonel Sima Vaknin-Gil, chef de la censure militaire israélienne, la presse occidentale a accepté de relayer une version tronquée des événements survenus ces derniers jours au Proche-Orient

Voici les faits : le Hezbollah exige depuis de longues années la libération de prisonniers détenus par Israël, tel que Samir el Kantar, emprisonné depuis 1978, Nassim Nisr et Yahia Skaff qui est incarcéré depuis 1982. Dans de nombreuses occasion, il a fait savoir qu’il ne manquerait pas de faire prisonnier à son tour des soldats israéliens -si ci-ceux-ci venaient à s’introduire au Liban-, et de les utiliser comme monnaire d’échange. De manière délibérée, Tsahal a envoyé un commando dans l’arrière-pays libanais à Aïta al Chaab. Il a été attaqué par le Hezbollah, faisant deux prisonniers. Israël a alors feint d’être agressé et a attaqué le Liban. Le Hezbollah, qui se préparait à faire face à une agression israélienne que chacun savait imminente depuis le retrait syrien, a tiré des missiles de moyenne portée sur Israël.

En droit international, Tshal a violé la souveraineté territoriale du Liban (mais il est coutumier du fait par voie maritie et aérienne). Tandis que le Hezbollah s’est fait justice lui-même en lieu et place d’un État libanais qui n’a jamais été complétement rétabli depuis la guerre civile et l’occupation israélienne.

Sur injonction de la censure militaire israélienne, les agences de presse et médias ayant des journalistes accrédités en Israël ont renoncé à informer leurs lecteurs du lieu où les soldats israéliens ont été faits prisoniers. Ils n’ont pas pour autant menti, mais se sont abstenus.
La plupart des journalistes emploient le terme « enlèvement » pour désigner la capture des soldats israéliens. Ils assurent vouloir ainsi souligner que le Hezbollah n’est pas une armée régulière. Cependant les officiels israéliens emploient aussi le mot « enlèvement », mais pour signifier le droit qu’ils s’arrogent de pénétrer sur le territoire libanais. En évitant soigneusement la clarification, les médias occidentaux valident un discours de propagande.

Emportés par cette logique, nos confrères ont également accepté de ne pas rendre compte des attaques du Hamas et du Hezbollah contre des cibles militaires israéliennes. Il s’ensuit que le public occidental n’est informé que des dommages collatéraux en Israël et des victimes civiles, alors qu’il suit les destructions stratégiques au Liban. Tout cela donne l’impression que « les Arabes » sont à la fois cruels (ils tuent des civils) et incapables (ils ne parviennent pas à toucher de cibles militaires), et que le sort de la guerre est connu d’avance.

Nous refusons pour notre part de nous aligner sur les porte-parole de Tsahal. En conséquence, la censure militaire israélienne a rejetté l’accréditation de notre envoyée spéciale au Proche-Orient, Silvia Cattori, et lui a interdit de se déplacer dans le pays et de rencontrer divers témoins des événements. Le Réseau Voltaire continuera cependant son travail grâce aux nombreux contacts dont il dispose sur place.

At Friday, July 21, 2006, Blogger denk said...

Qrswave, please bear with me a while, I will just post a short note to lurk, if he wants to continue to talk about this “chinese thing”, I will go over to his site so that I wont disrupt this discussion.

“basic principle of the sanga” & “spoken from a Chinese person”, “oh my bad, I must have forgotten my history” well said, I couldn’t have put it better myself…

Lurk, if I were you looking for a parallel to the current shock and awe in Lebanon , I would never dream of the alleged social decadence in Tibet, or the whole of china for that matter. even if you insist in Tibet it’s a “cultural genocide” its nowhere comparable to the current blood path in Lebanon where civilians and civilian facilities are deliberately obliterated. The first parallel that comes to mind would be the nato attack on kosovo.
this from the horse mouth…
“If you wake up in the morning and you have no power to your house and no gas to your stove and the bridge you take to work is down and will be lying in the Danube for the next 20 years, I think you begin to ask, 'Hey, Slobo, what's this all about? How much more of this do we have to withstand?’’
that’s what Israel is trying in Lebanon, to break the people’s will.
Another example that readily comes to mind would be the attack on iraq, or do I have to show you links too, its readily available in the internet?

you, as a ‘north American”, chose to ignore these crimes but dragged in china instead, you are the one who started this Chinese thingy, not me.

Your sacarstic caricature about china, “Yes, China has a very old history, very peaceful, of understanding and compassion toward the poor. Even right now, the benevolent government is helping the poorest peasants by clamping hard on megacorporations who pollute water near the fields. On the plains of Mongolia…..” is totally uncalled for, I have never pretended that china is the heaven on earth.

I have made my point. If you want to go on about how china sucks its fine but I will go over to your site, so that we don’t detract from the current discussion here.


At Saturday, July 22, 2006, Anonymous Blowback said...

At Fri Jul 21, 01:14:06 PM EDT, Anonymous said...
(I'll return to this point)

IDF Spokeswoman Miri Regev (The IDF Spokesman's office)

Censoring the censor

By Asaf Carmel

Lately it seems the Israel Defense Forces spokeswoman is sometimes assuming the role of chief censor. The spokeswoman, Brigadier General Miri Regev, has been interviewed by all of the television channels and has spoken out against what she considers overly explosive coverage of the rocket landing sites. The TV newspeople do not understand her consternation.

"After all, a representative of the [IDF] censor is always sitting in the studio," said a senior source at Channel 10, "and he approves the broadcast of what Regev opposes." {Big cousin?}

Not that Chief Military Censor Colonel Sima Vaknin-Gil needs any help from the IDF spokeswoman. At the beginning of this week Vaknin-Gil distributed guidelines to the media concerning the war coverage. Among other things, she ordered no real-time broadcast of the exact locations of the Katyusha landings or visits of senior officials to the North.

Vaknin-Gil says that she was merely reminding the media about rules that have existed for years. {Guess you do need such draconian laws that have existed for years if you maintain a fascist state with skeletons in the fields}--blowback

"The censor always maintains a balance between national security and the public's right to know," says the censor. "We work according to the High Court of Justice Schnitzer's ruling (in a petition from 18 years ago, concerning the publication of an article on then Mossad Chief Nahum Admoni - A.C.). The High Court ruled that details could be publicized as long as there was no clear and imminent danger to national security. Of course, during a war "clear and imminent" assumes a different meaning." {we hear and obey!}

Vaknin-Gil is aware of the criticism from the military ranks.

"If I were on a military operation right now," she says, "I would tell the military censor a thing or two. The IDF does not want any live broadcasts, but even the chief of staff knows that the current censorship is all that can be provided, using its own criteria."

In the past few days the Second Broadcasting Authority, the military censor and the IDF spokeswoman have received hundreds of complaints from Israelis who are shocked and outraged by the excess coverage, which they claim helps Hizballah, which is following broadcasts from Israel. {What of, the dead Lebanese babies?}

Public hysteria

"I cannot allow myself to let the public's hysteria affect the decisions based on the balance with which I have been entrusted," says Vaknin-Gil. "Still, the censorship takes into account the public's feelings, as I view national endurance as a major component of security. We have therefore made the rules more stringent, with the consent of the media and in keeping with the circumstances." {In layman terms, we blow it out of our derrieres?}

Vaknin-Gil adds that she also does not like the direct broadcasts, but "there is a difference between my views and my ability to prevent the broadcasts," she explains. "It is also not realistic for 2006."

Even so, she admits that she, too, is addicted to the news broadcasts.

"I just spent four hours in a meeting and was incommunicado," says Vaknin-Gil. "The moment I returned to my office I turned on the TV."

The IDF spokeswoman, for her part, does not think she is being more strict than the censorship.

"My personal responsibility as a citizen and as the military spokeswoman is to stick to the rules," says Regev. "The censor's office has no connection with the media as I do, and I brief the censors just as I do any other military body. It is unacceptable that during a war, when I go somewhere with the chief of staff this is announced on a live broadcast, and immediately afterward a Katyusha falls there. This is a matter of mortal danger."

{Folk, it's almost surreal, [is this Zion or a perverse inversion as Nazi?] they follow them, have a military filter in the studios and kick you out of the country if you transgress the objective/directive--arrests, beatings and killings in some cases}--blowback

Regev contends that she is only asking the media to display minimal responsibility.

"If Second Authority sources tell me they have been contacted by hundreds of citizens," says Regev, "if everyone is asking us to 'do something about the newspapers,' and the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Security Committee tells us, 'if you can't do anything, we will,' then something has to be done.

"To spell it out for you, Hizballah wants real-time information so that it can assess its aim. Is this the job of the media, during wartime, when we know that national strength is the most important thing?"

Still, Regev is afraid someone will get the impression she wants to halt the flow of information.

"I do not think that the live broadcasts are excessive," she says. "The viewers, particularly those sitting in the bomb shelters, need to receive information in real time. I am in favor of live broadcasts, in favor of information. This is how it should be, and this is how it will continue. All I am asking is that when a Katyusha falls, don't say exactly where it fell."

Full article:

See also: http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2006/07/345510.html

Israeli Military Censor
International Middle East Media Center, Palestinian Territories - Jul 20, 2006
... everything we do in Israel is subject to the approval for the military censor. ... We cannot report missile hits on IDF bases and/or strategic facilities. ...

Full article:

IDF Permits Releasing Names of Fallen Soldiers
Arutz Sheva, Israel - 20 hours ago
(IsraelNN.com) The IDF censor a short time ago permitted ... He will be laid to rest today, Friday, at 12:30pm in the military section of the Ra’anana cemetery

Full article here:

Another article on the story here:

Free speech “marked for death”
MehrNews.com, Iran - 3 hours ago
... was Al Manar's Hebrew broadcasts and images of IDF casualties during ... Arab wars via the US-Israel military/media complex ... known of the station) to censor Al Manar ...

Full article here:

Majority of Israelis Spending Night Under Threat of Attack
Arutz Sheva, Israel - Jul 16, 2006
... The chief military censor also said that reports regarding visits of Israeli Government and IDF officials to northern Israel will not be approved until such ------------------------

Full article here:

IDF censor issues guidelines for media
Jerusalem Post, Israel - Jul 16, 2006
... their coverage of the rocket attacks in northern Israel, the IDF Censor released a ... location or status of bomb shelters, or the visits of military and political ...

Full article here:

Editor's Notes: Changing the rules of the game
Jerusalem Post, Israel - Jul 14, 2006
... of eight others had been cleared for publication by the military censor, I spoke to ... AT FIRST glance, Almog is a typical IDF high-flier - squat, sharp, straight ...

Full article here:

War and Peace in the Mideast
Tikkun, CA - Jul 17, 2006
... Arab leadership persuaded the British military to side ... kidnapped”) by the IDF, incarcerated without ... And Israel could unilaterally censor anti-Palestinian ...

Full article here:

When the cannonballs fly
Ynetnews, Israel - Jul 17, 2006
... roads, our reporters positioned near the military outposts – their ... events because not even the IDF had the ... because of the limitations imposed by the censor.

Israel "offensive" forces habitually, harass, detain, shoot and even kill reporters in its attempts to obfuscate, obstruct and obliterate the truth about the Zion<->Nazi policies it carries out against the people it occupies, oppresses and ostracizes.

See: Al-Jazeera reporters detained in northern Israel
CPJ Press Freedom Online, NY - Jul 17, 2006 http://www.cpj.org/news/2006/mideast/israel17july06na.html

See also; Al-Jazeera TV says Israel obstructing its reporters
Reuters AlertNet, UK - Jul 17, 2006 http://www.alertnet.org/thenews/newsdesk/L17189837.htm

Al-Jazeera bureau chief arrested after reporting about cross-border clashes with Lebanon http://www.ifex.org/en/content/view/full/75740/

Confer: http://www.nysun.com/article/36214

Israeli army fires on Al-Jazeera crew in West Bank
Reporters without borders, France - Jul 19, 2006

Confer: http://www.ifex.org/en/content/view/full/75792/

The Daily Summit - US and Israel murdering journalists, claims BBC
...Gowing also discusses a "huge growth" in attacks on the media by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), quoting the International Press Institute which believes ...

"According to security sources": What remains of the Israeli media
Yediot Aharonot, 24 May 2005

Hopefully, these reports will suffice to serve as a cursory frontal view of the quality and quantity of information being released and "exposed" by the media in the current conflict.

Also review this summary of Israeli false flag operations for a vista to a view might even turn upon a preview

Israel and Mossad

(By Way Of Deception ... Do War)

Israeli Defense FARCE! murders British Journalist Miller

Mrs. Miller says she is convinced her husband was "deliberately targeted" by the Israeli military. James Miller and a film crew were filming a documentary on the effects of conflict on children growing up in the Gaza Strip when he was hit by bullets fired by Israeli soldiers.

"He was leaving a building holding a white flag. He was shining a light on the flag and shouting to the soldiers to let him pass. He walked towards them expecting them to behave properly but they didn't."

Despite Mr. Miller and his colleague shouting "we are British journalists" and having TV written on their helmets, the Israeli soldiers opened fire. Mr. Miller was shot in the throat and died almost immediately.

You can find 79 articles on the persecution of journalists in Israel here:

This gets me to my original intent when I first clicked comment, way back when but it's been fun. I was trying to understand the French article on the original capture of the 2 Israeli soldiers weighing the questionable media practices of Israel. That is, the Israeli massacre in Lebanon.

Consequently, I started to remember stories from various sources about press restrictions and military censorship and wanted to treat some of these reports and offer them to you as a treat.

If the French article is correct the entire foundation of the Israeli aggression falls apart. The story apparently, says that the soldiers were captured inside Lebanon during a cross-border raid by Israeli Defense FARCE. Even with my limited French this seems clear, especially because I've been reading sparse accounts of such an occurrence from different sources 11 days ago.

I will attempt to translate the article into English as best as I can, and if anyone else is fluent please post a translation. here goes:

The agents (reporters/staff) of the (Western) presse occidentales have become consensual victims of Israeli military censors

I asked colonel Sima Vaknin-Gil, director of Israeli military censorship, to accept that I relay a version of the events of the day before.

Here are the facts presented: Hizballah has for many long years been calling for the release of prisoners detained by Israel, such as Samir el Kantar, imprisoned since 1978, Nassim Nisr and Yahia Skaff which were imprisoned since 1982. On many occasions, Hizballah has let it be known that it would not miss an opportunity to in turn capture Israeli soldiers if they crossed into Lebanese territory who would then be used as bargaining tools to get those captives back. In a deliberate manner, IDF sent commandos in an operation against Hizballah, penetrating the Lebanese border at Aïta Al Chaab. The IDF special forces were then attacked by Hizballah, taking two prisoners. After the capture of the IDF soldiers, Israel pretended that Israeli borders were transgressed and its territory violated and attacked by Hizballah and not the other way around. Israel then attacked Lebanon again to cover up the initial border incursion into Lebanon that led to the capture of the two soldiers. Hizballah, has begun preparations to face such an Israeli aggression that it knew was imminent since the Syrian withdrawal less than a year ago. Hizballah operatives then fired intermediate-range missiles on the northern Israeli border.

According to International law, Israel violated the sovereignty of Lebanon (but Israel (routinely)customarily violates Lebanese waters and airspace)

Hizballah has been a source of social services and justice in the state of Lebanon which has never completely recovered from the civil war and Israeli occupation from 1982-2000.

Our journalist employed the term ("kidnapped") snatched for the capture of the IDF soldiers and we also emphasized that the Hizballah are not a regular army. The Israeli censors also employed the term snatched (kidnapped) but because we mentioned that the IDF soldiers were captured inside the Lebanese borders, they declared our press a discourse of propaganda.

Impart of this sordid logic we are to confer with Israeli directrives and can't count the attacks of Hamas and Hizballah against Israeli military targets. And also casualties and deaths are not to be classified as collateral damage in Lebanon but civilian victims in Israel. Additionally, the bombings in Lebanon are to be described as a situation of strategic destruction. All this is done to get the impression that the Arabs are cruel with cold hearts because they kill civilians. This engineered limitation on reporting also tends to show that the Arabs are incapable and too weak to defile IDF military installations and targets because it is forbidden to report attacks on the IDF.

Therefore, we refused to print the specific wording ordered by Israel and align ourselves with the fixed Israeli version of the events. Consequently, the Israeli military censor revoked the accreditation of our special envoy over the version of the story. Silvia Cattori, was told to leave the country and not to recount diverse versions of the events. We are able to continue our reporting in the area and do our work thanks to our many contacts.

SHOCKING HUH? I guess not in the sense that one expects black opts, psyopts from a society that thrives on lies and a culture, which has risen on ruse. I've read the Asian_times online piece our "French" poster mentions (Lebanese maybe?) as well, and have wondered why H. Nasrallah never made it a point to demystify (clarify) this part of the events during his interviews on Al Manar and Al Jazeera TV / Radio.

What do you folk think; is this is a crucial part of the Israeli propaganda or is the reported version a result of unwitting sympathizers? (smirk)


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