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‘Who will defend US from Israel?’ The Israeli Spy-Ring and 9/11

Jack Abramoff… Let me tell you something. He's a guy, he's an orthodox Jew running what is a corrupt lobby, this in no way reinforces negative stereotypes that people may have had towards, let's say, Jews. –Jon Stewart on Larry King Live
I posted this earlier on my own site. And due to certain visitors to this site, one of whom accuses me of being "anti-" (you supply the necessary adjective) and who for reasons unknown wishes to remain part-time anonymous, and another who wishes to enlist me in a progrom against "undesirables" that ultimately will include myself, I had second thoughts about posting it here. But those reasons are personal.

The fact remains that these things occured. The four consecutive reports were filed by Carl Cameron. AIPAC did demand the reports be removed from their site and are now fighting to have it obliterated entirely from the net. So I decided you should at least be given the opportunity to view it on its own merits, while you still can.

Should it be suppressed? Have a look and tell me what you think.


Here's a link to an article at underground gateway on the Cameron reports, the media blackout and what this means.

Here is an article by Wendy Marwen of Marwen Media on same. She also has DVD copies of the report forsale at her website.

And this chilling 14 December 2001 report by Justin Raimondo, A McCAIN MOMENT:
This story is also a devastating blow to the War Party and its plans for an all-out attack on Iraq. To understand why, we have only to listen to Senator John McCain – the most belligerent and tireless of the warmongers – going up against a skeptical Chris Matthews, who wanted to know if the Senator thought we should conquer Iraq and set up a military occupation. McCain looked pained, and replied: "I don't pretend to prescribe the exact strategy." Scott McConnell captured this McCain Moment well in a column for Antiwar.com:

"Then he fell back to what he believed to be his Maginot Line, the argument that trumps all arguments. My nightmare – I have several nightmares about Saddam Hussein, but one of them is the that SCUD missile which he has. . . that's in the view of most, aimed at Israel. Aimed at Israel."

Well then, said Matthews, why doesn't Israel take them out?

McCain, stunned, hemmed and hawed for a moment, and finally said:

"Because I'm not sure we should ask the Israelis to do – to take care of a threat to the United States of America."

Matthews: "But you just said it was a threat to Israel."

McCain: "Well to world peace, I think."

Matthews: "No you said it was a threat to Israel. Why should the United States deal with a threat to Israel? Why don't we let Israel – we've been giving them $3 billion a year to defend themselves. Why don't we say, ‘Defend yourselves. You've got a clear fight. Go take Saddam out'?"

McCain: "Because I think it's our job. I think we're the world's leader and I. . ."

Matthews: "Our job is to defend Israel?"

Equating our "national interest" with the defense of Israel, McCain's answer was, essentially, yes. But no one said this was a mutual defense pact. Israel wants us to defend them: yet who, pray tell, will defend us from the Israelis?
Imagine that. Chris Matthews, like Carl Cameron, was once a reporter. He once actually had it in him to ask questions, and tough ones. Makes you wonder what happened, doesn't it?

In case you were wondering what gives me the right to speak my mind? I'm an American. I have every right to.

[Further articles by Raimondo]

This was originally posted by JC. But, it's back by popular demand


At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

God bless you for having the balls to speak the truth. One day we'll look back and wonder why the hell we didn't do more about this Isrtaeli menace.....hopefully it won't be too late!

At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for several weeks now.



At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Blogger Lurk said...

This is the problem with nationalism. With countries accepting massive immigration to fuel economic developpment, like the US and Canada, we are going to see more and more dual-nationality related problems. Dual-citizen always will put their country of origin first when faced with a choice. It can be harmless, like in the case of international footbal supporters waving a foreign flag, to the dangerous, when they get elected and need to make complex foreign policy choices. But maybe that's the way the world is meant to be, and fighting again'st it a lost cause, because it would mean becoming racist and losing morality in the fight for sanity.

At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

anon #1 - thanks, but I have no balls...:) And I too hope that it's not too late.

anon #2 - thanks, for the kind words. I'm trying my best and I'm glad that you find it helpful. The question is - will it work to stop a group of people determined to cause much more suffering?

we can only pray and continue to inform others. A solution can never be reached without first understanding the problem - too much control concentrated in the hands of a mad few.

lurk: I get the impression that you are content with injustice as long as it does not harm you.

At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Blogger Lurk said...

qrswave: What would you have people do? You show the consequences of inaction, the bloody status quo, on your blog every day, but what actions are to be taken to solve the problem? I've been living abroad, in very different countries, and I've seen things and lived things that left a bad aftertaste in my mouth. I bought chocolate ice cream to a kid in Morocco that was begging, because I did'nt want to give him money he would have to give his handler I could see in the background. I've pushed away chinese children who were only obeying their useless master who was sitting under a tree while they toiled all night. I've seen the indiference of humanity up-close, lived it, had a few bad encounters and made stupid mistakes in assuming everywhere is the same. I don't hate the world, I don't judge it either, because to judge, one must place himself above the others, and I really don't feel qualified to do the latter. And I don't say I'm right, but I believe that through dialogue we can come to observe our own flaws, and try to correct them, before we take on the rest of the world. Just bettering yourself is already a step to bettering the world.

At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...


Is that why you post anonymously?

Or is that just because you're a coward?

At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Anonymous A. Magnus said...

The moron with the caps lock problem is indicative of what looks like a broadly based Pentagon psyops program; I've seen many similar posts on Yahoo bulletin boards, and ALL of them push a pro-big government/empire building point of view. The point of the poor diction and logic used in posts of that nature is the same used by Goebbels: to direct the propaganda at the dimmest bulbs in the bunch.

At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Anonymous Historical quote from Hitler --- sounds eerily family to today? said...


"The Führer felt obliged to strike back only after Polish troops had crossed the German border at several places. The German fight is a defensive fight. We fight because we were forced to fight by the insults and demands against us, because of the brutal suppression of ethnic Germans in Poland, and because of the open announcements that they would do everything in their power to strangle National Socialist Germany through military or economic means." -- Die Wehrmacht (1939, Nr. 19, p. 2, available online)

Sound like anything you've heard lately?

At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Anonymous http://www.startribune.com/722/story/562903.html said...

Don't let the ASHKENAZI ZIONISTS CENSOR YOU. Fight against censorship.

Israeli Censor Wielding Great Power

JERUSALEM (AP) - Here's some news you may never hear about Israel's war against Hezbollah: a missile falls into the sea, a strategic military installation is hit, a Cabinet minister plans to visit the front lines.

By BENJAMIN HARVEY, Associated Press Writer

Israel resumes airstrikes, hints at invasion

U.S. evacuees from Lebanon arrive in Baltimore

Philippine military chief orders investigation of 175 soldiers in foiled coup

South Korean president says North's missile tests could spark arms race

JERUSALEM (AP) - Here's some news you may never hear about Israel's war against Hezbollah: a missile falls into the sea, a strategic military installation is hit, a Cabinet minister plans to visit the front lines.

All these topics are subject to review by Israel's chief military censor, who has - in her own words - "extraordinary power.'' She can silence a broadcaster, block information and put journalists in jail.

"I can, for example, publish an order that no material can be published. I can close a newspaper or shut down a station. I can do almost anything,'' Col. Sima Vaknin said Wednesday.

Israel believes that as a small country in a near constant state of conflict, having a say over what information gets out to the world is vital to its security. Critics say the policy is a slippery slope not fit for a democracy.

The range of issues subject to censorship in the latest conflict with Lebanese guerrillas are all related to the goal of preventing Hezbollah from using the media to help it better aim rockets at Israel.

The Associated Press has agreed, like other organizations, to abide by the rules of the censor, which is a condition for receiving permission to operate as a media organization in Israel.

Reporters are expected to censor themselves and not report any of the forbidden material. This story was not submitted to a censor. When in doubt, they can submit a story to the censor who will hand it back, possibly with deletions. The AP will note in a story if any deletions have been made. If a reporter violates the rules, he or she suffers the consequences.

The rules include no real-time reports giving the exact locations of guerrilla missile hits; no reports of missile hits - or misses - on strategic targets; and no reports telling when citizens are allowed to leave their bunkers for supplies.

Journalists are also not allowed to give details about senior Israeli officials going to the north, where Hezbollah's rockets are falling, until the officials have left the area. They also cannot report places where there aren't enough shelters or where public defense is weak.

So far in this conflict, about one rocket in 100 fired by Hezbollah has killed an Israeli. The rest usually explode in empty fields, tear concrete from abandoned streets or plunk into the Mediterranean. Fired blind, Hezbollah's thousands of mostly short-range, inaccurate munitions simply pose a random peril to Israeli citizens.

For obvious reasons, Israel would like to keep it that way. But live media feedback, the censor says, changes everything.

If a news outlet reports immediately that a missile splashed into the sea, for example, any guerrilla with an Internet connection knows to aim left. Report that an oil refinery in Haifa went up in flames, and Hezbollah will surely celebrate and reload. Report that a senior official is headed north, and rockets will be raining down in no time.

Or so goes the logic of censorship.

But in an era when mobile phones have cameras and the terrorists' weapons include laptops and video crews, even the chief censor acknowledges that a complete blockade of news is in many cases not possible.

"Not in 2006,'' she says.

Restrictions on the media are not unique to Israel. The United States military makes journalists embedded with troops in Iraq sign a document agreeing not to report specifics of troop movements and attacks in real time, for reasons similar to Israel's.

Critics say the censorship system is worse than ineffective - it's undemocratic, often counterproductive and a violation of freedom of speech.

"People are entitled to get as much information as they can about what's happening in a conflict,'' says Rohan Jahasekera, associate editor of the London-based magazine, the Index of Censorship.

Israel's censorship rules are not unusual, he adds, but "it's unusual in that they're enforced.''

Jahasekera also disputed arguments that reporting missile landings helped Hezbollah, since the rockets the Islamic militants use are "spectacularly inaccurate.''

Bob Steele, Nelson Scholar for Journalism Values at the Poynter Institute, a media studies organization, says editors should bear the responsibility for decisions to publish or not.

"These are decisions that the news organizations and journalists should make with the input of government and military officials,'' he said. "They should not be decisions that are made by default.''

"We should always push back on censorship,'' Steele adds, even if it's a losing fight.

At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Anonymous Nazz Rallah said...

From the Front-to qrswave: These turdfrog croakings are not worth any response from you whatsoever. So please don't amplify them by remarking about them, as your time is precious and you have important work to do. These Cameron reports have been available on-Web, off and on, ever since they were made, but Turd Sherbet-for Brains Americans have had more important Britney Spears Preggie-Rushes to take care of first. It's a small miracle indeed these are still available at all,and ALL who would feign to call themselves AMERICANS should immediately download and save. And for some frosting on this turd cake, ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED reading is Wayne Madsens'Israeli Art Students Report, the DEA Israeli Students Report, The German Intelligence Brief, and the American Free Press "Israeli Spy Report", downloadable as PDF. Get it, Americans. It is now TOO LATE BABYvkoptkos, already. See What's Happening, DUH? You have been HADDDD!!!BIG TIME!!!

At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Blogger crusader bunnypants said...

Fuck Israel. I look forward to seeing the Democrats and Republicans in the broke ass terrorist US Government, "brought to justice"! Fluff up the feather pillows and heat up the tar, because Democracy is coming to the USA!

At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Anonymous K.Amaro said...

"we must use terror,assination,intimidation,land confiscation and the cutting of all social services to rid Galilee of it's arab population".
David Ben Gurion,1937 Oxford.
"Isreal will create in the course of the next 10 to 20 years conditions which would attract natural and voluntary migration of the refugees from the Gaza strip and the west bank to Jordan".Rabin 1979 memoris leaked to the N.Y. times"Isreal may have the right to put others on trial but no one has the right to put the Jewish people and the state of Isreal on trial".
Ariel Sharon,quoted in the B.B.C 2001.----Yup,sounds like a real Democracy to me yet this is what the US supports???

At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

** shaloom.

At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Blogger duarte1 said...

Hello all: even though this has nothing to do with this specific news what i will say has some truth: well the thing is that according to some Fredrich Nietzsche's work, there are 2 nations that *MIGHT* rule the world in the future, those are: Russia (Because of their will-power) and Israel, because of their strong will to accumulate $$, save (Zionists are the best bankers)

Another thing is that i wanna say is that most jews are capitaliss, well the thing is that i saw a jew in an airport once in Ft. Lauderdale and they feel like if their parents are ruling the world. They feel that under Dubya they have a daddy to protect them, cuz this jew with little hat and stuff had some air of superiority

At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If it really matters or mattered then all you cry baby tools would plant your asses on the white house lawn and not move. OR you could all stay home and not take part in the economy starting AUGUST 1st 2006. The FRENCH have the balls to stop the economy for a labour law. You goyim, gentile yanks are so lazy you do nothing but complain. Hey there is no HERO comming to save you. It is time to act. Walk the walk, it is your duty to throw off corrupt governments and start fresh.

At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Blogger Lurk said...


Technically, the american people have spoken, because it was their elected representatives choice to support Israel unconditionally. Lucky for you, I believe you have an election coming up, so you still have a civilized way to manifest your discontent if you choose it.

At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Anonymous Die for the Elite said...

It is time to act.

The rage is simmering.

Interview: Daniel Ellsburg states he's seen enough evidence to warrant an investigation of top US government officials for their complicity in the 9-11 attacks. Warns of possibility of a false-flag incident in the near future to justify war on Iran and martial law in ther US.

At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Blogger nesNYC said...


You're dead wrong! The Zionist state is simply setting itself up for destruction. That will happen in due time but unfortunately, they will take the majority of Arabs along with them. This has all been foretold.

As for the US, look at what nationality is turning from the majority into a minority. That would be the white race that poses a threat to the oligarchs. Not only in the US but in Europe as well. Who's behind the "liberal" immigration policies? Why the same Zionists that are bringing you the current "War on terror."

So you see, you have the same enemy as the "darkies" you seem to hate. In fact, that enemy has pinned the third world down your throat so you can suffocate on them. That's what you "think" you're fighting for and just being a dupe in the process.

At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Blogger nesNYC said...

Here's the complete video on the Israeli spying case:


It's a bit more than an hour long. A must see!

At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Make sure to read Bollyn's stuff on the topic at:

Israelis Hold Keys To NSA/US Military Computer Networks

Olmert's ties to 9/11

At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Anonymous Sergeant Pepper said...

Die for Elite: Thanx for staying on thread with Dan Ellsberg post. When I saw the photograph, I almost lost it. Does this great patriot have to stick his own neck on the block a second time already for us pitiful sheeple to smell a wolf? If it wasn't for this man, these vampires would have sucked us all completely dry already. High time for Americans to find out who the real leadership material is. If any of you kids are old enough to remember those Pentagon Papers coming out, it didn't take long for Humpty Dumpty after that. God Save America and God Save Daniel Ellsberg!

At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you...this is ridiculous...i have noticed the news has CHANGED, it seems that they are all blaming ONE target...what happened to objectiveness..and 9/11 is absolutely questionable..how could those buildings have "collapsed"...THIS IS ISRAEL'S PLANNED WAR ON IRAN!!!
Israel is setting up the pieces so that the US can go into war with Iran..every Israeli on TV that is talking about the war on Hezbollah (and Lebanon) they ALWAYS mention IRAN...they are fearing their nuclear capabilities...since Israel wants to be the only one with nuclear power (AND ITS NOT EVEN OFFICIAL)...we will go into a war with IRAN soon, thanks to Israel...they are using the US in their quest to be a Super-Duper Power.

At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Anonymous STINKY RAFI EITAN said...

False Flag Alert #13-from Dept. of Homeland Insecurity, F.I.B.( False Information Bureau )etc., FIB Director Herr Robert Mueller has seen fit to stick his sick prevaricating mug back on camera, in a brand new comeback attempt since blowing 9-11. Seems the time is ripe once again to set the stage for another "domestic diversion" (a la 911)of a real or assumed terror threat in the form of ( choose boogieman below, multiple choice); a. Al Kiter b. Hummus c. Mookta Ha Deeni d. assorted detergents e. Hezz Bo Lah / Figure it out yet? E-GADS! You're right. HEZZ BO LAH has been caught, not only red-handed, but GREEN-handed, extorting money in all the usual suspect American cities, for the nefarious purpose of financing terrorist foodbanks and hospitals! Plans were discovered in which an ASPCA facility was targeted for destruction by a 200 megaton fart bomb! Let's go to RED ALERT!! FIGHT da TEWWAR!! HEZZ BO LAH must be IMPLICATED! (P.S. Wonder why it took Muleface 1 whole lousy week to find Hezz Bo in U.S., when it only took one lousy afternoon to come up with 19 Saudi Jackoffers? BECAUSE IT 'LL BE FIFTY MORE FARKIN'YEARS TILL HE EVER FINDS THOSE FRICKIN ART STUDENTS!!

At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

OMG, stinky, you are a riot!

you ought to do standup comedy.

At Thursday, July 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At Friday, July 21, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

McCain took an oath to uphold the constitution. Article 1, section 8, part 12, (this is the law people), states that the federal government is authorized to raise an army, but that it must be for a specific purpose and limited to 2 years, and since he's violating that oath...


Along with the rest of 'em, Article 1,section 1, states that direct taxes are to apportioned amoungst the states, this makes the income tax unconstitutional, anyone filing and paying income taxes is also committing an act of treason against the constitution.
If anyone is going to start screeching about the 16th amendment, it is not a legit part of the constitution, was never legally ratified, see "the Law that never was" ! Since a couple of percent general excise tax replaces all the revenue the IRS takes in, the only reason there IS an income tax, is to provide a legalistic avenue for the well-monied to escape paying taxes, you know...deductions and trust funds, tax exempt foundations...

At Friday, July 21, 2006, Anonymous Plea for Help from Canada said...


EVERYONE, we should have a dedicated section on TRAITORS. I'll start off:

Hello everyone, I'm a Canadian, and I am horribly ashamed of "my" Prime Minister, the Racist Zionist STEPHEN HARPER.

I'm also ashamed of "our" Foreign Minister, the Racist Zionist-Collaborator, Peter MacKay.

Please, PLEASE if anyone has any interesting facts and dirt on these two BASTARDS, please post it here --- preferrably with links to photos, audio or video if you have them!

This is a plea of help. Please help me expose these two BASTARD FRAUDS so that we in Canada can expose the RIGGED ELECTION WE HAD ---- almost everyone was SURPRISED Stephen Harper "won".

Please help me kick some ZIONIST BUTTS!!!

At Friday, July 21, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate to burst your bubble about Canada, but I have relatives there as well as the U.K. and Australia. Harper Blair and Howard won because they promised an economic policy that would favor the rich, whoops I meant middle class ;-)

A total load of bollocks but my relatives fell for it and considered what they felt was their own economic interests (which weren't) before their countries Zionist foreign policy.

Kind of reminds you of why the average redneck voted (if they did indeed -- we will never know -- voter fraud rocks) for Our Crowned Prince.

At Friday, July 21, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I hate to burst your bubble about Canada, but I have relatives there as well as the U.K. and Australia. Harper Blair and Howard won because they promised an economic policy that would favor the rich, whoops I meant middle class ;-)

A total load of bollocks but my relatives fell for it and considered what they felt was their own economic interests (which weren't) before their countries Zionist foreign policy.

................. That might be true. ;(

Well any suggestions on rectifying the matter???

At Friday, July 21, 2006, Blogger duarte1 said...


You know a lot of people out there who don't even have a time to read a book or get into the internet because capitalism itself enslaves and kills workers so much that they don' have *energy* and *time* to get knowledge about how the world is working, don' realize that the world is changing and that even though the world has a lot of knowledge available to everybody most people still live like in the 19 Century or in the 20 Century mentally and educationally, in other words: most people are too dumb, and this is bad for the world anti-capitalist movement who would like to change this fascist capitalist oligarchic system toward a participative democratic egalitarian socialism instead of this monarchic capitalism that we have today where most nations at least in the capitalist world are 10% good and 90% beating the bullets (instead of a 100% economic stable nation)

And this Israel fascism is part of that: The world needs masters, great heroes, tragic heroes to stop this fascism and to spark the anti-capitalist movement, read this where Nietzsche talks about the importance of heroes:
3. The Noble Man

941 (Summer-Fall 1883)

The meaning of our gardens and palaces (and to this extent also the meaning of all desire for riches) is to remove disorder and vulgarity from sight and to build a home for nobility of soul.

The majority, to be sure, believe they will acquire higher natures when, those beautiful, peaceful objects have operated upon them: hence the rush to go to Italy and on travels, etc.; all reading and visits to theaters. They want to have themselves formed--that is the meaning of their cultural activity! But the strong, the mighty want to form and no longer to have anything foreign about them!

Thus men also plunge into wild nature, not to find themselves but to lose and forget themselves in it. "To be outside oneself" as the desire of all the weak and the self-discontented.

942 (1885)

There is only nobility of birth, only nobility of blood. (I am not speaking here of the little word "von" or of the Almanach de Gotha [Genealogy reference book of the royal families of Europe.]: parenthesis for asses.) When one speaks of "aristocrats of the spirit," reasons are usually not lacking for concealing something; as is well known, it is a favorite term among ambitious Jews. For spirit alone does not make noble; rather, there must be something to ennoble the spirit.-- What then is required? Blood.

949 (Nov. 1887-March 1888)

That one stakes one's life, one's health, one's honor, is the consequence of high spirits and an overflowing, prodigal will: not from love of man but because every great danger challenges our curiosity about the degree of our strength and our courage.

4. The Masters of the Earth

958 (1884)

I write for a species of man that does not yet exist: for the "masters of the earth."

Religions, as consolations and relaxations, dangerous: man believes he has a right to take his ease.

In Plato's Theages it is written: "Each one of us would like to be master over all men, if possible, and best of all God." This attitude must exist again.

Englishmen, Americans, and Russians--—

960 (1885-1886)

From now on there will be more favorable preconditions for more comprehensive forms of dominion, whose like has never yet existed. And even this is not the most important thing; the possibility has been established for the production of international racial unions whose task will be to rear a master race, the future "masters of the earth";--a new, tremendous aristocracy, based on the severest self-legislation, in which the will of philosophical men of power and artist-tyrants will be made to endure for millennia--a higher kind of man who, thanks to their superiority in will, knowledge, riches, and influence, employ democratic Europe as their most pliant and supple instrument for getting hold of the destinies of the earth, so as to work as artists upon "man" himself. Enough: the time is coming when politics will have a different meaning.

5. The Great Human Being

966 (1884)

In contrast to the animals, man has cultivated an abundance of contrary drives and impulses within himself: thanks to this synthesis, he is master of the earth.-- Moralities are the expression of locally limited orders of rank in his multifarious world of drives, so man should not perish through their contradictions. Thus a drive as master, its opposite weakened, refined, as the impulse that provides the stimulus for the activity of the chief drive.

The highest man would have the greatest multiplicity of drives, in the relatively greatest strength that can be endured. Indeed, where the plant "man" shows himself strongest one finds instincts that conflict powerfully (e.g., in Shakespeare), but are controlled.

6. The Highest Man as Legislator of the Future

981 (Spring-Fall 1887)

Not to make men "better," not to preach morality to them in any form, as if "morality in itself," or any ideal kind of man, were given; but to create conditions that require stronger men who for their part need, and consequently will have, a morality (more clearly: a physical-spiritual discipline) that makes them strong!

Not to allow oneself to be misled by blue eyes or heaving bosoms: greatness of soul has nothing romantic about it. And unfortunately nothing at all amiable.

984 (1884)

Greatness of soul is inseparable from greatness of spirit. For it involves independence; but in the absence of spiritual greatness, independence ought not to be allowed, it causes mischief, even through its desire to do good and practice "justice." Small spirits must obey--hence cannot possess greatness

At Saturday, July 22, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bush has metamorphed the proud American Eagle into a pathetic zionist pigeon
defecating across the Middle East.
Doesn't Bush make you proud (NOT) to be an American ? Washington DC is zionist occupied territory and should be resisted by all true Americans.

At Tuesday, November 28, 2006, Blogger Eric Vaughan said...

When you said "must read," you were not kidding at all.

First of all, let me state that I have several Jewish cousins on both sides of my family tree and I sincerely believe that most Jews have never committed an offence that would land them in a penitentiary, such as child sex, murder, and Enron-pulling, all of which the repugnant Talmud permits.

I honestly believe that if the average Jew knew how the sayanim Chandra Levy was treated like a spent condom after just returning from Israel in order to mar Gary Condit and exactly how his political campaign was sabotaged after that by having set up Scott Peterson in a disgusting Christian blood libel scheme (he did plan to kill to marry his Mossad operative lover, but didn't plan on putting his alibi right at the murder scene), most Jews would treat Zionists like the bloodthirsty savages that they are. (Laci Peterson's gruesome death makes people vote Republican, in case you didn't know. Google "Aryan" and "Peterson family" if you have doubts about any of this.)

(As a trivial aside, you have to wonder if the Godfather movies were made to position the mob to be able to absorb a story such as the Condit/Levy/Peterson affair just as they did with Jack Ruby and the real JFK story because there is no record of any Italian ever blackmailing a blacked-out alcoholic politico with a murdered prostitute.)

This is to say nothing of the attempt to establish a legal precedent against DNA evidence by way of the deception A/K/A the JonBenet Ramsey slaying.

At Thursday, November 30, 2006, Blogger Masher1 said...

Sooner or later the few occuping forces at israeli disposal is going to be over run. I mean how many are there in the whole fracking area known as israel? Paleistinian's could all alone (If USA could keep it big nose out of it) solve the illegal israeli occupation in short order. Is israel going to FRIGHTEN all of you into not doing the right thing? Any one blowing wind into israel's sail is going to suffer the fate that israel is sucking around for in the world today. I have seen some blasphmous frackng manure in my day but for scale this land stolen israel is sure into shooting it's self in the face.

At Tuesday, January 09, 2007, Blogger cumatac said...

lol... u "Americans" still clinging to the Idea of America.... well as an African born in amerikkka i can tell you quite simply... the idea u hump and moan ovr has been a dead idea for a while now... ur politrickians are bought and sold to israel and or the highest bidder.... but i agree you should scream these facts out from every mountain top! Israel must be stopped! not one more red cent to the "chosen people" enuff is enuff!!! Israel the holocasut the bombing of the Liberty 9-11 Aipac Spy Scandals Abramof.. the list goes on! the so called Jews of the world are the only Anti-semites i see around.... look up the definition of a semite, then take a look at palastine, consider that most of the jews there have imported form all over europe... plus they are nothing more than converts to judaism... i mean its so much info out there that leads one to believe that all of Israel from the zionists on down are full of crap! take that to the bank and cash it! Israel must be stopped!

At Tuesday, January 29, 2008, Blogger babakama friendship said...

Amazing the way you misinterpret that entire exchange. That was John Mccain's way of saying "we are the world power, and we tell Israel what to do." The US foreign policy in the middle east reflects this. They have pressured Israel into concessions and to do exactly what the US tells it to do for decades. When Israel acted alone, and took out Saddam's Osirak reactor back in 81 under Menachem Begin, the US was furious with their "ally" Israel.

And I'm sure all you people calling for Israel to 'fight its own battles' would be the first yelling and screaming to condemn Israel if they ever did act on a threat. Which is what happens every time they do. The yelling and screaming appears on blogs such as this and in all the liberal mainstream media sources, which go wild and crazy to condemn the "zionists."

You people are so blinded by hate for Israel and Jews that you are unable to see how ANTI-Israel these people are, who claim to be pro-Israel, and tell you all day how "special" the relationship is and how good friends we are with Israel so that you will continue to eat it up and blame Israel instead of your own deceitful government. Israel advised the US NOT to invade Iraq. Israel stated clearly that IRAN was the real threat to the world and the sponsor of terrorism currently, NOT Saddam. Did they listen? Of course not, because they had their own designs. Bush had his designs on Iraq BEFORE 9/11. And America does what it wants regardless of what Israel or anyone else says (except maybe Saudi Arabia, but even they can't possibly have THAT much say).

If Israel ever elected a truly strong leader (like Begin, there hasn't been one since him) again, they wouldn't need or ask US approval to carry out their own actions and self-defense. And they wouldn't bend and waver at every US demand like they do now with their pathetic liberalist arabist pro-PLO leadership. They would again be a sovereign nation. But they have been led by the collar by the US for a long time. And they haven't had national sovereignty for a long time. I pray for the day Israel commits to Jewish principles and sheds US meddling to defeat its genocidal terrorist enemies without restraint. And when it happens, all you antisemites can cry foul but deep down you will know they are acting in justice and doing the world a favor to retaliate against the countless terrorist attacks, missiles, and rockets carried out against Israeli citizens on a daily basis. In any other country, what Israel endures on a daily basis would be considered open acts of war, but not Israel. To you people, they somehow should allow them to occur because of a perceived injustice they did to the world by existing.

You will no longer be able to eat up Hamas propaganda when there is no more Hamas. But the Arab UN will probably still mesmorize you with their demagoguery like they do to the entire world today.

At Tuesday, January 29, 2008, Blogger qrswave said...

babakama, you're insane.

It's amazing how you believe your own hysteria.

Too bad, one day you won't be able to escape the Truth. Then, you will wish you had tried a little harder not to be the hypocrite that you are.


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