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MP forced to resign for suggesting dialog w/ Hizbullah

The recent flap over a Liberal MP's suggestion that Canada should be encouraging a dialogue with Hezbollah is very unfortunate.

The rationale that one should never talk to a militant group is flawed and part of the verbal arsenal of the neo-con assault on common sense.

No one can dispute that Hezbollah is part and parcel of the 1.4 million Lebanese in southern Lebanon and its formation is the direct result of the political aspirations of the Lebanese Shia.

If we want to discourage a group from pursuing its political goals through violence, what better way than talking to it about its political goals. By not talking, the only avenue left open for grassroots political aspirations is violence.

Britain talked to the Irish Republican Army, Russia talks to the Chechens and even Israel has had several negotiations with Hezbollah. Even the Bill Clinton administration negotiated with Al Qaeda types in Bosnia. Russia does talk to Hezbollah, and can be used as an intermediary.

Refusing to talk to a genuine, though sometimes violent, political group is forcing it to further violence. How else do we deal with them? Kill them all, or hope they will be intimidated? That is playing directly into the neo-con view of the world.

And for a Canadian MP to have to resign a post over suggesting dialogue, is indeed a sad day for Canada.

Excellent point.

But, then how would Lockheed Martin and others like them make obscene profits if everytime a conflict erupted we talked?


At Friday, August 25, 2006, Blogger Michael Price said...

Hezbollah is not a terrorist organization, it is the Shia resistance in southern Lebanon, formed during the Israeli occupation of Lebanon. Their courage in fighting a much better armed and numerically superior enemy is admirable. That a Canadian politician is not allowed to even to suggest that Canada should negotiate with the freedom fighters shows what a powerful grip the Zionists have on Canada.
It shows how much "freedom" there REALLY is in Canada. Canada's Prime Minister Harper says they sent soldiers over to fight for "freedom" in Afghanistan? Canada needs leaders with the courage to stand up for freedom in Canada! If they only had a tenth of the bravery of the Hezbollah freedom fighters, Canada would become free from Zionist domination.

At Friday, August 25, 2006, Blogger lesliemai said...

it is interesting to note that hizbollah is already rebuilding homes , while the amerikans are still in shock and awe mode in the affected areas of katrina, one has to wonder if in the amerika skin pigmentation plays a part in this, or perhaps the superpower isnt so super , and a popular resistance is much more committed to peoples needs. also i have notice that hizbollah has taken very few casualities from the zionist terror in july, while the civillians ie. babies, elderly, women bore the brunt , this leads to the obvious conclusion that hizbollah stayed away from civillians.


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