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New images of ‘Ground Zero’ leave no doubt it was an inside job

Check them out and tell me they don't destroy any shadow of a doubt left in your mind that 9/11 was an inside job.


At Thursday, August 24, 2006, Blogger lesliemai said...

a transport plane full of journalists hit a highrise building in tehran last year, everyone on the plane died, but amazingly the building did not collapse. could it be possible that iranian building codes are much more advanced then american? or.....

At Thursday, August 24, 2006, Blogger sabastian long said...

What was the significant purpose of building #7? What was it used for?

At Thursday, August 24, 2006, Blogger M. Shahin said...

For anyone who hasn't seen 911 Loose Change yet, google it and watch it as soon as possible.

And watch TerrorStorm by Alex Jones.

He goes into the history terrorism including the Hitler regime, where staged terrorist attacks were first employed to invade countries, when there was no justifiable cause otherwise. This video is informative and shocking. World governments don't care a fig about their populations. We are to be controlled, manipulated, and killed.

At Friday, August 25, 2006, Blogger zalame said...

if you're stupid enough to believe that, I truly pity you. Occam's razor.

So rather than having some honesty and introspection, you come up with a sophisticated theory in which Americans stage a mass murder of thousands, just to get what? political credit to attack the Muslim Ummah?

Get real guys! admit it. While most of the Muslim Ummah is peaceful, you have some problem there.

Focus your energies on trying to fix the problem, not on blaming others with ridiculous theories.

zalame (www.sexforpeace.com)

At Friday, August 25, 2006, Blogger Michael Price said...

It wasn't really Americans that were behind 911, it was neoconservative Zionists (who have no loyalty to any country except Israel even though they may hold American citizenship). The Zionists' plan was to cause Americans to become angry enough to become willing to fight Muslims, to fight Israel's wars on their behalf. The Zionists try to create as much hatred as possible between Americans and Muslims.
The fact is, although Zionists hate Muslims, they despise white Gentiles even more! But yet we foolishly and willingly act as their 'goyim', the Hebrew word for both 'livestock' and 'gentiles'. No Zionist ever feels saddened by American soldiers dying in Iraq or Afghanistan - as far as they are concerned, we're just animals anyway (according to their holy book the Talmud).
The official story of 911 is harder to believe than what really happened. Please watch 'Loose Change'!
The way to fix the problem, is for we Americans to wake up from our slumber, and understand how we've been manipulated and used for fools by the Zionists.

At Friday, August 25, 2006, Blogger AlreadyPublished said...

Five Men Detained As Suspected Conspirators

1.) "found carrying maps linking them to the blasts"
2.) "other evidence linking the men to the bombing plot"
3.) "bomb-sniffing dogs reacted as if they had detected explosives."
4.) "It looked like they're hooked in with this."
5.) "Sources close to the investigation said the men said they were Israeli..."
6.) "seen celebrating after initial impact and subsequent explosion"

Suspicious Activities Involving Israeli Art Students at DEA Facilities

46. [...] Ofir NAVON ... claimed to be a former Israeli Army demolition/explosive ordnance disposal specialist
56. [...] Zeev MILLER ... stated he was an explosive ordinance/combat engineer while in the Israeli military.
97. SEGALOVITZ reluctantly stated that he was an officer of the Israeli military special forces 605 battalion in Golan Heights. SEGALOVITZ has the rank of Leiutenent and his military ID number is 5087989. SEGALOVITZ stated that he commanded approximately 80 men. SEGALOVITZ stated that he had been in infantry, but as a platoon leader he and his men specialized in demolition. SEGALOVITZ then began to explain the various types of explosives that he was familiar with and stated that his main purpose was to clear mine fields for Israeli tanks and soldiers. SEGALOVITZ acknowledged he could blow up buildings, bridges, cars and anything else that he needed too. (sic)
SEGALOVITZ further stated that he was very familiar with small arms and had operational knowledge of tanks and other large military machinery. SEGALOVITZ stated that the only thing he was not trained to operate was military aircraft. SEGALOVITZ admitted that he had been in two (2) military actions in Lebanon involving explosives, these missions were to eradicate members of the Hezbolah. SEGALOVITZ asked agents not to divulge this information to Israel ...

from the diary of an Israeli Prime Minister:

"When I wrote these things [the instructions to the embassies (to frame Arabs for Israeli acts)]
I still didn't know how crushing is the evidence that was already published, refuting our official version.
The huge amounts of arms and explosives, the tactics of the attack, the blocking and mining of the roads ... the precise coordination of the attack.
Who would be foolish enough to believe that such a complicated operation could "develop" from a casual and sudden attack on an Israeli army unit by an Egyptian unit?"
Moshe Sharret

At Friday, August 25, 2006, Blogger lesliemai said...

i remember seeing the photos of the zionist mossad dressed like arabs, pretending to be al quada, busted! ive seen a great deal of stories from the west where zionists cry to the authorities of rascist nazi grafetti on ther buildings cemetaries, only to have it revealed later , that it was indeed themselves that did it. this ' democracy ' the great shayton calls it self came to my country in 1956 and overthrew our democratically elected govt, install the puppet shah, and gave rise to the late ayatollah khomeini. when zionist or the great shayton speak, it is only for the distrubution of propoganda and lies.


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