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Psychic Dictatorship: how the Media rules the world

"The best place to hide anything is in plain view."
--Edgar Allen Poe

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"Advertising is designed to generate an inner sense of conflict with the self."
– Bernard McGrave PhD
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[There is] a great poison in our midst, something that has a profound effect, negatively, on our conscious and unconscious selves. This is the use of subliminal persuasion in media and advertising. This persuasion constitutes nothing less than a psychic dictatorship. It involves the conscious subversive manipulation, and public purveyance, of words, images, numbers, colors, rhythms and symbols which are then directed, via the ubiquitous media oracles, toward the limbic areas of the human brain.
The following two videos, are from unrelated sources, but are remarkably complimentary in their message. The symbolism in the first illustrates the thesis of the second. The first, "Armageddon- 9/11/2001 the beginning of the end," is a little over a minute.

The second, "The Subversive Use of Sacred Symbolism in the Media," from which the above excerpt is taken, is 21 minutes long and is the 1st part in a 6 part series. The other 5 parts are available here.

This 6 part series is an absolute MUST SEE for any human being who wants to free themselves of the subversive effects of symbolism in the media.

"I think we are destroying the minds of America and that has been one of my lifelong ambitions."
- John Kricfalusi, creator of the Ren and Stimpy Show

* * *

"For years they have been studying you. The time has come for you to study them!"
You cannot fight what you do not know.

Thanks, Truth Ring


At Sunday, August 13, 2006, Blogger Michael Price said...

The way to defeat the Zionists is to use their own methods against them.
We need to learn how they manipulate public opinion through the media, learn how to use images and rhetoric in the same way as they do, in order to uncover their lies and to reveal the truth.
Learn their methods of distorting reality, their methodology really isn't so complex and once you understand it and you become immune to it after awhile. You eventually realize Zionists are really not so smart or invincible after all.
They can be beaten - it will just take some determination. They cannot be defeated on the battlefield in the Middle East, until they are first beaten in the countries where they gain their suport, most importantly the US.
Muslims and others in the US, Britain, Canada and elsewhere can counter Zionist domination by becoming active in political parties, by choosing careers in the media, by working toward forming powerful lobby groups, and eventually by purchasing newspapers and TV stations. It will take awhile, but it is far from impossible.
Remember, because most Talmudic Jews are racist and don't accept converts, their numbers are not increasing. Muslims, on the other hand, are increasing in numbers everywhere including the US, and especially in countries like Canada and Australia. Many white Europeans are converting to Islam.
Because of information found on the internet, more non-Muslims like myself now have a better understanding of how we have been manipulated all our lives by the Zionists, and we're learning to see through all their lies and deceit.

At Sunday, August 13, 2006, Blogger Caryl said...

Good post, excellent blog.
For a more philosophical take on the manipulation of symbolism, see my piece "Conspiracy Theory and Symbolic Self-Immunity" posted at http://mysite.verizon.net/vze495qs/theswordinthemouth/id5.html

Quote: "The real war has to do with the symbolical nature of man. Those who understand this belong to a pharisaic cult - conscious or otherwise - which knows how to wield symbolism. Those who do not grasp the symbolism principle will not be participating in this new phase of human evolution. Symbolism will be "done unto them" -- that is, the incessant visioning of degraded forms of human living. The persons resulting from such propagandistic immersion will be merely literal - rather than truly human - beings. They will literally be 'lost' to any real attributions of humanity. The new 'tribalism' is thus the production of subhuman beings to serve the machine order of the neo-tribalistic elites."

Also my blog -

Keep up the good work.
Caryl Johnston


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