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Become an Insurgent - Vote Anti-War

Provocative - I know. But, now is no time to be coy.

Howie likes to call it 'electoral insurgency.' That's what it is and it makes us all insurgents against a political establishment that took us to WAR based on LIES.

Enough is Enough.

We have less than two months to turn this baby around. So, we've got to work tirelessly to spread the word and VOCALLY support the men and women who don't just promise to - but WILL fight for our rights and against the lies.

Remember, we have to make as much noise as we can so that come election day, should they rig the vote, it'll be glaringly obvious who the majority voted for.

Just imagine if all our politicians were as honest and as thoughtful as Howie Hawkins. America would be the greatest nation on earth - not just in newspeak, but in deed.

With this kind of integrity, he should be in the White House not the Senate.
. . . The third issue I'm raising in this campaign is the energy crisis.

People are feeling it in their pockets. But, it's also an issue of global warming. It's an issue of trade deficits sky rocketing. It's an issue of national security and long-term supply of energy.

What I'm saying is we should take about half of the Pentagon budget, which is $660 billion - that's not a budget to fight terrorism, that's a budget for global military occupation, to make the world safe for economic exploitation by these giant corporations, it's more than the rest of the world spends combined - we take half of that and put it in a global works program to rewire the planet with renewable energy in ten years.

What that will do is spread goodwill around the world instead of the resource wars we're now fighting. It will ignite a global engine of job creation and sustainable economic development. It will help stop global warming. It will reduce trade deficits. It will stabilize energy prices where they're affordable. It will secure long term energy supplies, and in New York, it will create hundreds of thousands of new jobs - retro-fitting our industries, our buildings and our infrastructure for the efficient use of renewable energy.

* * *

We went to war for lies. And they're broadcasting lies up there [Times Square military recruitment ads] . . . The reality is people are coming back from Iraq poisoned by depleted uranium dust. We've dropped 3000 tons. That has a half life of 4.5 billion years. That's as long as earth has been here.

Cancer rates are skyrocketing in Iraq and we know from the first gulf war that one third of our soldiers and marines over there came back with Gulf War Syndrome - that's radiation sickness, one of the major sources of that.

So, what they're inviting people to do is to go get poisoned in Iraq in a war for oil that we don't need. With renewable energy we can render oil obsolete.

And besides, it's the Iraqis country. We would be fighting the Iraqis if they had invaded our country. Let's leave them alone. We've been at war with them since the first Gulf War, sanctions, no fly zones and now 3000 tons of depleted uranium.

* * *

[It's] an economic draft.
People don't have jobs. The military offers benefits so people sign up and it's not a good deal.
If you live in NY - you know who to vote for - Howie Hawkins is the man.

As I'm sure most of you know, MR has a comprehensive, nationwide list of anti-war candidates up at WRH.

Join the insurgency - vote Anti-War in your state.


At Sunday, September 17, 2006, Blogger Frederick said...

I got me a Howie Hawkins bumper sticker, right next to the one that says "stock options for CEO's, and has a little picture of a guy with his head in em. Howie's a good guy.

At Sunday, September 17, 2006, Blogger lesliemai said...

an american told me ther are voting machine computers used in her state. from what i understand computers can be hacked , ip's spoofed. and they dont print out a record of who you voted for. perhaps its me being paranoid but i doubt with these machines a fair election could happen. i guess on the other side if fraudalent elections happen enough times, sheeple rise, change occurs , perhaps peace will flourish. is marking an X on a ballot too low tech for america?

At Sunday, September 17, 2006, Blogger shirtees.net said...

Im expecting Bush to in state the draft soon with so many people uncovering his lies.


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