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Israel - Your Days Are Numbered

Any violence by a large population is not because these people [are] more violent than any other.

It's an alarm. It's a sign.

It's a signal that something is wrong in the treatment of this population.

From Ireland

to Algeria

to India

to America

to South Africa

the voices of the majority were silenced

as they suffered the same injustices.

They attack all of us
for the same reason.

All of us catch Hell from the same enemy.

We're all in the same bag, in the same boat.

We suffer political oppression, economic exploitation, and social degradation.

All of them from the same enemy . . .

Racism, Greed, and Brutality.

But, all of them - every oppressor, without fail - lost in the end.

The Holy Land remains.

There must be someone, somewhere . . .

There's got to be somebody, somewhere that cares.

* * *

Young David took that one small stone

and the faith of his God

and slayed the giant - Goliath.

It happened before and it will happen again.

Israel - your days are numbered.

And I, for one, am counting.

The movie - Occupation 101


At Sunday, September 10, 2006, Blogger quasimodo said...

One way to put an end to this foul entity might be to simply forever stop referring to it as IS-REAL, and hereafter describe it as IS-NOT-REAL. Why afford a right of real Biblical identity ( mistaken or otherwise )to a bastard state conceived and instituted in deception and UNREALITY ? And if we must insist on calling this abomination a ZIONIST enterprise, we might as well refer to the remaining crumbling facade as ZION, so as to please all the ZIONISTS ( Christian or otherwise ), and thus restore some sense of long lost dignity to the name of Israel, of whom WE are all children, not THEM.

At Sunday, September 10, 2006, Blogger The Great Revealer said...

I've always enjoyed reading Stern Gang's articles.

If you're reading this, please post some more --- they are always informative, in-depth, and knowledgeable. I particularly like the precision and understanding you have regarding military/economics/world politics. Believe it or not, just because not many people post comments, doesn't mean it's not welcomed. In fact, most people are in awe or agreement with what you have written, and have little to add. ;)

And the other contributors, write some more as well!

It's always appreciated, and you all are making history. Think about that for a moment.... ....never before have the power been in the people's hands. The power which I speak of is KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING.

The Khazars (Ashkenazis) are really in a panzie!

At Sunday, September 10, 2006, Blogger Abu Zainab said...

It's official this blog is my favorite site. I need to get as many people as I can to visit this site for a good dose of truth. Keep up the good work!!!

At Monday, September 11, 2006, Blogger superslave2 said...

i'd leave south africa off that list since the anti- aparthied (sp) was mostly pro zionist/openheimier/marxist scum...i also love this blog...!

At Tuesday, August 07, 2007, Blogger Steve said...

What a piece of shit lying crap blog this is .. keep dreaming. Israel will live long after you lot are stinking dead

At Tuesday, August 07, 2007, Blogger qrswave said...

steve, I take it your a zionist?

zionism has reached its zenith, buddy - the only way forward is down.

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