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AIG, The Stanford Group and Israel; Cozy as Bedbugs

Wall Street loses trillions of dollars, mostly from elderly stockholders and pension funds and no one seems to know where all that loot disappeared to?

It didn't evaporate, but it sure as hell is gone. Some reports put the money stolen,oops. missing from banks and accounts around the world at over 20 TRILLION dollars.

Where has all of that money in those 401K accounts and pension funds got off to?

Welcome to IDC Herzliya held each year in Israel.

"The Herzliya Conference is Israel‘s primary global policy annual gathering, drawing together Israeli and international participants from the highest levels of government, business, and academia to address pressing national, regional and world strategic issues."

Heavy emphasis on business, especially Wall Street banks.

"Sir" Allen and the Stanford Group

Another investment fund, the Stanford Group goes "Uh-Oh", billions of dollars disappear and who's to blame?

Maybe you should look at the recent Ninth Annual Herzliya Conference held in Israel, February 2-4, 2009 and attended by members of the Stanford Group.

Yes, that Stanford Group that seems to have lost at least 8 BILLION dollars of investors money.

The World Economic Crisis: Recalibrating Financial Risk, Management and Regulation

Ms. Joanne Thornton Senior Vice President, Policy Research, Stanford Group Company

The Stanford Group went belly up and defrauded investors of billions of dollars. Who's behind this monkey business?

Reading their list of employees is like reading a Bar Mitzvah guest list. Wonder if the luggage Joanne took to Israel for the 2009 conference was extra heavy, because a little over one week later, the SEC shed its blinders and started looking into his fund, AFTER the 8 BILLION mysteriously disappeared.

Had to give "Sir" Allen time and his fellow brigands time to get the plunder to the Kosher Nostra.

What other American financial company that lost billions and billions of investors money and is now being funded by the American taxpayer to the tune of over 200 billion was in Israel at this conference?


Prof. Jacob Frenkel Former Governor: Bank of Israel, Chairman, Group of Thirty (G-30); Vice Chairman, American International Group (AIG)

Not only is "Uncle Yakob" with AIG, he previously was with the now defunct Merril Lynch . Amazing set of coincidences.

Herzliya could mean "Take the Money in Run" in Yiddish, but is named after the Godfather of Zionism, Theodore Herzl.

Amazing. Yes, simply amazing. Wonder where all that money that disappeared from Wall Street 401K accounts and retirement fund went to?

Any guesses?

The only one missing from this "Swindler's List," is Bernie Madoff. But Bernie had already spirited much of the 50-100 BILLION in stolen loot back to the Mother Ship.

Besides hauling the loot to Israel, Bernie found time to spend some of that money on luxury homes, like the ones shown here.

An Aerial Tour of the Homes of Bernie Madoff and the Bailed-Out Bankers

Think any of that plunder made it back to the USA and into the pockets of our corrupt Congress?

Or maybe this is the "Clean Break: Securing the Realm" scenario talked about where Israel gets some type of outside money to permanently prop up that racist and apartheid, Jews only state.

A document written by some of the same thugs that lied the US into the Iraq War.

Thugs like, David Wurmser, Doug Feith and Richard Perle.

The Clean Break document here, says that "...[financial] self-reliance will grant Israel greater freedom of action and remove a significant lever of pressure used against it in the past."

20 TRILLION dollars would keep Israel on its war mongering path for decades to come.



At Friday, February 27, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd be willing to bet you that the 'jewish' mafia, over it's entire existence and incarnations, has killed more goyim than ever existed 'jews' in history.
Also, i'd be willing to bet that their mafia has stolen more money than they have ever earned, throughout history.

So what's the supremacism rate? grab adl article.txt
out of 400 american 'jews'
• 94% expressed sympathy for Israel over Hamas; only 1% for Hamas
• 81% expressed the belief that Hamas was responsible for the escalation of the violence; only 14% held Israel responsible
• Asked whether Israel's response to Hamas rockets was appropriate or excessive, probably the major theme that has appeared in international critiques of Israel, 79% said it was appropriate, 17% excessive

Well, there you have it. I suspect these numbers are not accurate, because jabbe's a pathological liar; and it's more like 2/3 of them. (sic)

At Friday, February 27, 2009, Blogger Greg Bacon said...

I read an article in the JPost at the height of Israel's murderous campaign against Gaza.

The comments following the article were amazing.

Most were cheering on the IOF slaughter and more than a few wanted it to escalate.

At one time, I tried to keep the foaming at the mouth Zionists and stark raving mad Israeli leaders separate from your average Israeli, but anymore, I'm having trouble keeping that distinction.

At Friday, February 27, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Consider how many dumb americans were pro-war, zookites included. It is a result of brainwashing, because i do not believe that people are born evil. nonetheless, the neo-jews are about to make their final move: to hell.

At Friday, February 27, 2009, Blogger qrswave said...

great investigative blogging, greg!

lots of questions need to be answered.

we need public hearings, followed by public floggings!

At Friday, February 27, 2009, Blogger Greg Bacon said...

we need public hearings, followed by public floggings!

You're being too kind. Public hearings, then indictments, trials and speedy execution of sentence.

Guillotines, set up around Wall Street and near Capitol Hill, for the more egregious cases.

Life in a Super Max prison without parole for the rest.

At Friday, February 27, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

..as much as the ringleaders deserve to be executed, where would we draw the line? captain? manager? i say let the fuckers rot in jail forever, no chance of escape, for treason of course; also, public floggings with priority given to those with grievances, would be most humorous.

The jist of it is, that although they deserve it, we don't deserve to become killers, on their behalf. think about it. the reason we think jail is a waste of money, is because there are way too many people in jail, and it's just a jail racket, to enforce hypocritical laws, mostly.


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