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UK Schools to make Twitter and Wikipedia mandatory

Whatever happened to reading, writing, and arithmetic?

A government commissioned overhaul of elementary schools in the United Kingdom would make learning about blogging, Twitter, Wikipedia, and podcasting mandatory.

National history? Well, that's covered in secondary school so it's up to the teachers to decide whether or not to teach it in elementary school. Oh, and they have to choose between teaching about World War II or Queen Victoria. Huh?

The plans, which will be drafted by Sir Jim Rose, who was appointed to overhaul the curriculum, will be published next month, according to The Guardian.

Here is a sampling of the changes:


At Sunday, March 29, 2009, Blogger Greg Bacon said...

Wikipedia to be mandatory?

Christ, Wiki has more BS, lies and propaganda than truths and that's going to be spoon fed to British kids?

Looks like the "United States of Israel" is going to get another state.

At Monday, March 30, 2009, Blogger Tom Sullivan said...

Yep, looks like it. Wikipedia for the disinfo, Twitter to encourage short attention spans. Shakespeare, Dickens et al, begone!


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