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Aid or Insult? U.S. offers $300m to Gaza, rest to Abbas

The U.S. will pledge $900 million aid for Palestinians, but only a third of that is earmarked for Gaza.
The pledge amounted to $300 million to meet "urgent" humanitarian needs in Hamas-ruled Gaza after Israel's military invasion in December, and would be funnelled through U.N. and other organizations.The US pledged $1 billion of aid to Israel this year. More

Let's see, there's around 1.5 million Palestinians in the Gazan Concentration Camp, so that works out to about $200 dollars per person. Is this aid or an insult?

Add in the tremendous amount of infrastructure deliberately damaged by the IOF and the tens of thousands of homes deliberately targeted and destroyed by the IOF and suddenly, 1.5 million doesn't go too far, does it?

But the Zionist entity will get at least one billion and that's for starters. With the new Congress seated that has a record number of Jews, look for aid to Israel to increase significantly this session.

And the traitorous quisling Abbas will get hundreds of millions, some of which no doubt will wind up in some Swiss bank account.



At Tuesday, March 03, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In other words, the US taxpayer was fleeced by 'jews' to pay for all of colonial israel's bills (and some), with weapons for free, to kill Palestinians; and the immediate victims of these psychopathic racist 'jews', to wit: the Palestinians, get some bread in return for their martyred families, and destroyed homes.

..call it the judicial system, with laws for goyim only.


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