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Viva Palestina on the move to Rafah

The convoy has started to move out of the two car parks in Al Arish and onto the road to Rafah. At 7.55 (GMT) George's party reported that the first of the two car parks was now almost empty. It took 90 minutes for all the vehicles to leave. They were waiting for the second group of vehicles to get on the road. George intended his vehicle to be the last to leave - to ensure the safe departure of the entire convoy.

Negotiations with the Egyptian authorities have continued. Some non-medical aid was unloaded, in the line with the outcome of the negotiations, and has been handed over to the Egyptian Red Crescent for delivery by them to Gaza.

The convoy expects to cross later today into Gaza.

Viva ∞ Palestina

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At Monday, March 09, 2009, Blogger Tom Sullivan said...

Good to see the Egyptians stopped acting as the hidden hand of the Israhellis and allowed the convoy to make the crossing.


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