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Another Israel Stooge in the State Department

AIPAC and the LOBBY plants another Zionist stooge in the State Department, Jeffrey FELTMAN.

Don't expect to hear the "usual suspects" crying about this appointment like the wails they generated against Chas Freeman.

Feltman's a buddy of Martin Indyk another Zio-stooge who helped found one of the premier Zionist think tanks, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, which spends most of its time figuring out different ways to get Americans killed fighting wars for Israel.

The Zionists and the "Wars for Israel" crowd might lose an Eliot Abrams, one of the original signatories to the "Project for the New American Century," and one of the Israeli cheerleaders when that nation of war mongers invaded Lebanon in 2006.

But they replace Abrams with a body double, Jeffrey Feltman.

Indyk's and the LOBBY's go to boy at State, Feltman, has spent an enormous amount of time in Israel on "diplomatic" missions. Feltman's tentacles stretch from the Lebanese government of Siniora to Iraq, where he helped set up the nation destroying Coalition Provisional Authority.

Feltman prides himself on his ability to speak Arabic, except Feltman only knows about three words of Arabic.

With HRM Hillary's State Department lineup reading like a Bar Mitzvah guest list, is it any wonder people in Occupied Iraq, Afghanistan and Occupied Palestine have already given up hope of any sanity coming from the Obama administration? And that people in Iran know that the Zionist drawn bulls-eye on their backs gets larger day by day?

"Appointing an Israeli-Firster to Obama's administration? Good, Double- Good!"

State Mideast news: Feltman to head NEA, Mitchell deputies 04/08/2009
As expected, President Barack Obama today announced his intent to nominate Jeffrey Feltman, the acting assistant secretary of State's Near Eastern affairs bureau and a former U.S. ambassador to Lebanon, to be the assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs.

Feltman, a career Foreign Service officer, assumed his current position as the principal deputy assistant secretary in the Office of Near Eastern Affairs in February 2008, a White House press release said. Since the December retirement of David Welch, he has also served as acting assistant secretary of the bureau. Since joining the Foreign Service in 1986, Feltman has served in Beirut, Irbil, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Budapest, Tunis, and Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Last month, Feltman went with the NSC's Dan Shapiro to Damascus for meetings with Syrian foreign ministry officials.

Meantime, multiple sources said that NSC chief of staff Mara Rudman was likely to go work for Mitchell, either as a deputy or as his chief of staff. (Rudman accompanied Mitchell on his trip to the region last month)

Maybe that's what the White House was celebrating at last night's SEDER party at Obomba's crib.



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