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A Clear Contrast

interesting commentary:

I am a Christian who fully supports seperation of church & state.

But Obama's request to have ANY religious iconography covered before he spoke is unusual.
So much so that I get a 'gut feeling' that something's wrong here.

When Obama went to Israel, did he make this same request of the Israelis, that all Jewish iconography be covered?
If he didn't, why not?

The Dark Side is here, and little by little its veil of deception is being lifted.

Good luck everyone, stay vigilant.

The people are uniting behind their anger at washington for selling them out to the banks, so the assholes who run the show pull out their ultimate divide and conquer card, religion.

The synagogue of satan is up to no good, as usual.


At Thursday, April 23, 2009, Blogger qrswave said...

wow- Obama is pretty audacious - asking them to cover the cross in a Catholic university.

that's an entirely unecessary act of complete and utter intolerance.

At Thursday, April 23, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you said it, qrswave!

has he ever asked anyone else to do so? has he ever spoken at an Islamic place? would he have the gall to ask them of it?

obviously the synagogue of satan put him up to this, in order to divide people, and gloat at what they've done.

i really don't think obama is Christian at all. at Easter, he mentioned passover first. of course, he would never ask his masters to hide their symbols.

i dare you to check the comments on it, they are almost all out of line, or on tangent. people like that invite the devil to usurp us.

At Friday, April 24, 2009, Blogger Titus Sviatoslav said...

I'm going to play the devil's advocate here. Imagine the field day the press would have had if Obama had appeared to speak under those three stained glass windows with the IHS directly above him. He would have been accused of staging a messiah event. It would have provided endless fodder for photoshoppers.


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