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The Behavioral Patterns of the Manipulative, Destructive, Tyrannical Cult

"Resistance is Futile."

"Red or blue pill?"

A preface.

The message from the active ex-cult message board posted below was written by a former Mormon. The behavioral science of the identified patterns applies to the type of dominating religion or influential social/political organization representing the power-welders with the sinister agenda in design.

This includes the Church of Scientology, various front organizations connected to the Illuminati (CFR, Bilderberg, etc), and subscribers to hardened Zionist ideology in self-obliged political correctness as apologists and fanatics. Particularly the traitors who shill for Israel in the U.S., Canada, U.K., and other countries; the diplomats' walkouts to protest President Ahmadinejad's U.N. conference on Racism speech condemning Israel as "racist and cruel regime" clearly illustrate self-deception by brainwashing to commit treason against the represented nations that do not and would never benefit from the support of Israel's fabricated existence.

Fanaticism and obedience of the mortal authority as the "all-seeing" ruler form a dangerous cocktail that throw the chain on happiness and freedom to monopolize for profit and people control to expand the boundaries of political, social, and moral depredation to trap the victims in the entangled web of hypocrisy, lies and deception through repetitive behavior that resembles cult-like thought and attitude to effect psychological terrorism by external violence and internal destruction of the victim's mind and soul.

This is how Israeli puppet masters - through Mossad, AIPAC, ADL, and other militant Zionist organizations - control the politicians and statespeople with the continuous stream of threats to destroy their careers as servants of the People unless the politicians acquiesce to the demands by becoming de facto appeasers and apologists in subversion of the Western systems to cater to the whim of a despicably evil, ethnocratic foreign government. Former Illinois Representative Paul Findley's career was deliberately destroyed for this reason. U.S. investigation of the U.S.S. Liberty incident had been thoroughly whitewashed to absolve State of Israel for the deliberate mass murder as a failed "false flag" attack because Israel controls the Congress with threats and brainwashing.

The late Christian theologian and philosopher Paul Tillich puts it eloquently: "Fanaticism is the correlate to spiritual self-surrender: it shows the anxiety which it was supposed to conquer, by attacking with disproportionate violence those who disagree and who demonstrate by their disagreement elements in the spiritual life of the fanatic which he must suppress in himself. Because he must suppress them in himself he must suppress them in others. His anxiety forces him to persecute dissenters. The weakness of the fanatic is that those whom he fights have a secret hold upon him; and to this weakness he and his group finally succumb...." ("Types of Anxiety" in The Courage To Be, Yale University Press, 1952)


Authoritarian and TSCC [acronym of "The So-Called Church" refers to the Mormon cult's claim of divinity]

Written by Livros

While reading John Dean's book, "Conservatives Without Conscience," he mentions the research of social psychologist Bob Altemeyer of the University of Manitoba. Throughout the past several decades Altemeyer has gathered data on what he calls "right-wing authoritarians" (don't worry, I'm not going to get political here) and there are striking parallels between Altemeyer's data and my own personal experience with LDS [Latter-Day Saints] Inc.

In listing some characteristics, Dean notes that "[t]hese have not been deliberately isolated as negative characteristics; rather, they are traits that authoritarians believe to be positive."

Those traits are:

"They travel in tight circles of like-minded people."

"Their thinking is more likely based on what authorities have told them rather than on their own critical judgment, which results in their beliefs being filled with inconsistencies."

"They harbor numerous double standards and hypocrisies."

"They are hostile toward so many minorities they seem to be equal opportunity bigots, yet they are generally unaware of their prejudices."

"They see the world as a dangerous place, with society teetering on the brink of self-destruction from evil and violence, and when their fear conflates with their self-righteousness, they appoint themselves guardians of public morality, or God's Designated Hitters."

"They think of themselves as far more moral and upstanding than others--a self deception aided by their religiosity (many are 'born again') and their ability to 'evaporate guilt' (such as by going to confession)."

Dean divides the groups of authoritarians into two categories; essentially those who want to lead ("social dominators") and those who want to follow.

Here are just a few of the authoritarian leader attributes that certainly seem to apply to more than a few I've known in the morg [combination of Mormon and Star Trek Next Generation's recurring villain character "Borg"] with positions of authority:

-typically men
-opposes equality
-desirous of personal power
-intimidating and bullying
-faintly hedonistic
-cheats to win
-highly prejudiced (racists, sexist, homophobic)
-tells others what they want to hear
-takes advantage of "suckers"
-specializes in creating false images to sell self
(BIG one in LDS inc.!)

And finally, just some general attributes of authoritarian followers (low ranking morg bots, if you will):

-submissive to authority
-aggressive on behalf of authority
-moderate to little education
-trust unworthy authorities
-uncritical toward chosen authority
-inconsistent and contradictory
-prone to panic easily
-highly self-righteous
-strict disciplinarian
-severely punitive
-little self-awareness

It seems to me like those who are able to truly devote themselves, heart and soul, to LDS Inc. have quite a bit of an authoritarian streak. Some wish to dominate (the ladder climbers), while a great deal simply wish to blindly follow.

As a final note, it's amazing how I was completely unaware of virtually ALL of those tendencies while in the morg (cognitive dissonance) and how it only took a few months at college while away from their influence for me to finally gain a composite picture of how TSCC operates.


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We are the ZOG
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