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Jew Critics Are 'Anti-Semites' Who Should Hang Or Electrocute Themselves

'InfoWarrior' Jason Bermas on his GCN radio show "The Info Warrior" Show that aired on Monday 4/13/09

So a caller brings up Jewish influence of the media and Hollywood movies, and Bermas responds that anyone who dare say such a thing is a "Nazi" & "Anti-semite" who should be subject to a "population control" program? And that they should hang themself, or electrocute themself, commit suicide, and stop breathing?

"'What about the jewish question Jason?'

"The question is, if you're asking that question, why are you still breathing?

I mean why haven't you really just taken a toaster oven and thrown it in the bathtub with yourself and had a party? Because that's what you need to do."

Uhh, like a Holocaust™ for us GOY types that get too "uppity" and ask too many questions about Jews running the USA? That SHOAH™ sounds like censorship, Jason. What have you got to hide?

Jason, maybe you'd better clean up the "loose change" on your My Space page, the part that says one of your interests is "Above all else, the Truth!"

Whew, Jason, getting a little hot under the collar, aren't we? All the caller did was ask a question, not threaten to start another pogrom.

Yes, just keep repeating that there is no Jewish control of the MSM, there is no Jewish control of the MSM. They don't own the Obama WH, even though most of the appointments to the WH and State Department are Tribe members.

Our foreign policy is NOT crafted in Tel Aviv, even though it mirrors Israel's. We invaded Iraq to save "God, Mom and apple pie, not to eliminate an "existential" enemy of Israel, Saddam.
Just ask any one of these 25 Zionists and Israeli-Firsters who helped craft and push an endless amount of lies to push the USA into invading Iraq.

And Hollywood is NOT controlled by the Jews. What are you, "anti-Semitic?"

Let's ask Ben STEIN about Hollywood:
"Do Jews run Hollywood? You bet they do--and what of it?"

Looks like "change" isn't the only thing Bermas has loose.
Chris Farrell, the Director of Investigations & Research at Judicial Watch, warned in an interview that his organization "could be the water carriers for a honey pot operation, in which the government attracts overwhelming attention to the Pentagon issue, making it the cornerstone of the "9/11 truth movement", and then blowing it out of the water by releasing clear footage of Flight 77." He stated, "Let's just call it a baited trap, it draws somebody into a situation in which they're compromised."

"Hey Jason, your MOSSAD handler called and said to keep up the good work. They just made another deposit in your Cayman Islands bank account and will have a couple of hot lookin' blonde shiksas there for you the next time you visit!"

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At Tuesday, April 21, 2009, Blogger Titus Sviatoslav said...

This should go right into the file of NeanderthALEX Jones and his jew wife, kids, and staff.


At Tuesday, April 21, 2009, Blogger Infensus Mentis said...

Good blog, Greg. Some interesting and useful links in there that I hadn't seen.

You might want to substitute the Bermas Wiki link with this one though (the 'Criticism' subheading), which leads straight to the quote you laid out.

At Wednesday, April 22, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great job Greg, on posting this. I have been commenting on this all over YouTube. It is especially ironic when you consider that this same day, Bermas had on his show Dr. Len Horowitz, who is a jew himself, say that 'everyone should read the Protocols of Zion' to familiarize themselves with what the elite had planned with vaccines used for depopulation. Isn't the Protocols supposed to be anti-semetic? Why didn't he have a hissy fit then? He said nothing. But a caller mentions jewish supremacy of the media and Bermas hangs up on him and goes on a 5 min/ tirade calling the guy a "nazi" and all the rest.... Pathetic.

I hope people point out this article to Bermas.

At Thursday, April 23, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps bermas has crazy bacon syndrome.


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