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Do Hasidic West Bank Land Thieves have "Foreskin Envy?"

Since most of the West Bank Hasidic Land thieves aren't Rabbis, who can legally sodomize a baby by slurping blood from the male baby's circumcised foreskin, does that mean that the West Bank Khazar squatters have "foreskin envy?"

It's that "foreskin envy" that makes them yearn for the circumcised foreskin and slurping the blood, so they take out their deranged sexual perversions on Palestinians, stealing their land, which represents the foreskin and drawing Palestinian blood (which represents the baby's blood) by beating in the skulls of some elderly Palestinian farmer or shooting to death some Palestinian family so the Hasidic thieves and thugs can fulfill their blood lust and desire to be like their Rabbis.

Who says "Crime doesn't pay?"

"Calling all Mohels, calling all Mohels..... and land thieves and Hasidic Storm Troopers, today's menu will be like yesterday's and tomorrow's, with theft, assault, rape and murder as the main course, all in service to our lovable demonic entity, Moloch!"

Is "Mohel" pronounced "MORE HELL?"



At Sunday, April 26, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

mmm, just like iron gristle chewing gum

quite traumatic, wouldn't cha say 'bacon?


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