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Exposing Jewish Terrorism - 7/7 Ripple Effect!!!

This is a flashback of the 7/7 terrorist attacks that took place during the summer of 2005. Over 52 civilians died, and 4 innocent Muslims were shot and killed by the British "anti-terrorist police", which gets its training and "education" (rather brainwashing) in Israel by Israeli "counter-terrorism" officials. As to Mohammed Siddique Khan, he was a misguided Pakistani who worked for/with the MI5. This can be seen in the fact that he may have been involved in helping resistance fighters in the struggle for Afghan liberation against NATO occupation. What most people may not know is that British intelligence was created by a Kabbalist Jew by the name of Dr. John Dee (who studied the Talmud). At the time of the London Bombings, a mysterious John Scarlett (who is Jewish) was the head of the MI6. Furthermore, it is further ascertained that Tony Blair is of German Jewish heritage on his mother's side according to wikipedia.

Blair was born in Edinburgh, Scotland[22] on 6 May 1953,[23] the second son of Leo and Hazel Blair (née Corscadden). Leo Blair, the illegitimate[24] son of two English actors, had been adopted as a baby by a Glasgow shipyard worker James Blair and his wife Mary. Hazel Corscadden was the daughter of George Corscadden, a butcher and Orangeman who had moved to Glasgow in 1916 but returned to (and later died in) Ballyshannon in 1923, where his wife Sarah Margaret née Lipsett gave birth to Blair's mother Hazel above her family's grocery shop.[25][26] The Lipsett family in Donegal supposedly originated with a German Jewish immigrant to Ireland prior to the 18th century.[27] George Corscadden was from a family of Protestant farmers in County Donegal, Ireland,[28] who descended from Scottish settlers that took their family name from Garscadden, now part of Glasgow.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tony_blair

In the film "7-7 Ripple Effect", you will notice that important British Jewish and Israeli figures feature prominently as suspects in the terror attacks that took place that day. Furthermore, an Anglo-American Zionist (who denies his Jewish heritage) by the name John Loftus, who is connected to Israeli military intelligence after the terror attacks immediately releases some ingenious disinfo: that the scapegoat Haroon Rashid Aswat was working for the MI-6 and was thus protected by them. Even if we were to assume that Haroon Rashid Aswat is/was a spook, there is no proper evidence linking him as being the perpetrator or mastermind behind the London tube and bus bombings. Jews or British Israelites like David Blunkett, Peter Powers, one-time MI-6 agent Tony Blair, John Scarlett, and John Loftus should all be arrested and prosecuted for their role in the 7-7 terrorist operations. In addition to that, we have Israeli military intelligence specialists like like Ephraim Halevy, Benjamin Netanyahu, Rafael Eitan, Meir Dagan amonsgt others that should also be apprehended for further interogations and definite water-boarding in order to reveal their knowledge of what happened that day. Furthermore, it must be known that Mohammed Siddique Khan's role as a spy was to infiltrate and send money and weapons to the Afhgan resistance from Pakistan.

David Shayler, a former MI5 agent and Kabbalistic Jew had named Mohammed Siddique Khan as a resistance fighter. Yes, he may have been to some. However, working with British intelligence to help drive out western troops occuppying Afghanistan and parts of Pakistan can only serve a nefarious agenda. Another post will show the evidence of British intelligence's involvement with the Afghan resistance, and the purpose of that connection and assistance. However, this assistance does implicate MI5 and MI6 in acts of treason against the soldiers of Britain - even if they are doing a dastardly deed of occuppying Afghanistan.