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IOF Goons Kidnap, Rape and Murder 16 yo girl.

The police findings contradicted the claims of Al-Nabari's family, who argued that the girl had been shot for no reason. Ali al-Nabari, the attacker's cousin, said following the incident that "it couldn't be. The police is lying and exaggerating. Maybe she was there to make a complaint and got mixed-up."

"The person manning the base gate thinks that anyone wearing a kaffiyeh is a terrorist," the cousin continued. "His friends shot her for no reason. She is involved in a program for exceptional students and active in social projects. It isn't logical that someone could have influenced her. She is in school from the morning until the afternoon and she comes straight home from there. There is no internet, or anything else. Maybe the police made up the gun."

'Teenage Bedouin gunwoman sought to avenge Gaza op' 05/04/2009 By Yanir Yagana, Haaretz Correspondent

The 16-year-old Bedouin girl killed during a foiled weekend shooting attack at a Border Police base in the Negev had apparently sought to avenge Israel's offensive on the Gaza Strip, the Israel Police said late Saturday.

Basma Awad al-Nabari opened fire on Border Police barracks at the Shoket Junction near her village on Saturday afternoon and was subsequently killed by officers.

Police revealed later Saturday that they had found among al-Nabari's notebooks letters claiming that she wanted to become a shahid - martyr - and that the aim of the shooting was to avenge the offenses committed by Israel's defense establishment against the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.

The girl arrived at Shoket Junction shortly before 2 P.M. and walked toward the main gate of the base. When she tried to fire on the sentry from a distance of a few meters, he turned the barrel away and escaped the bullets. She then ran away and took cover, while the sentry and another officer who had arrived at the scene tried to persuade her to turn herself in.

When the brief negotiation failed, another gun battle ensued, at the end of which the officer shot the attacker dead.

Yes, when someone is shooting at you, your best defense is to grab the gun barrel and turn it away. What a load. Most likely, the girl was kidnapped, raped and then murdered by IOF goons trying to cover up their crime.

The original Haaretz story is 15-year-old Bedouin girl killed after trying to shoot officers and NO mention is made of notebook's or Basma claiming to be a martyr.
Notice how the girl is given the "terrorist" tag in the followup story?



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