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The Red, White & Economic Blues

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The current median house price in Detroit is $6000.

Good Morning!
You Shall Be Made Tenants On Your Own Land
Beyond Greed ~ How Bear Stearns ***ed Us All
The Great Depression ~ by design
The Dark Side Of The Looking Glass
Hollywoodism ~ Jews, Movies & The American Dream
israel admits no Hamas rockets were fired during Ceasefire

Red Cross declares humanitarian crisis in Gaza worse than Darfur
The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights
Vandalism to Palestinian property (graphic)
zooks surround Palestinian man and open fire
Gazan speaks of white phosphorus use
Like giving a piece of candy to the dying
Neil Young ~ When God Made Me
Hannukost ~ Mount Zion womb service
The Story Of Ikhlass
The Story Of Nadya
Johnny Cash ~ Hurt
Palestinian Land Ownership (map)
a contiguous, sovereign Palestinian state?
Endangered red-herring may become extinct
Jordan's refugees live in despair
Aimee & Henry Sing the Blues
Judged guilty until proven affluent
Three years in jail for journalist who threw shoe at bush
Mike Farell on taking a stand
Gaza War Crimes Investigation
George Galloway's Gaza Speech
Refugees in Lebanon
Obama = zionist puppet
operation enduring aftermath
Dear God, let me purge pure my heart, and be of Heaven's Hope a part!
Meet The Greatest President
Steve Vai ~ Alien Love Secrets

How to kill the hate bills ~ Rev. Pike (Feb.17,2009)
Do it for the tribe ~ Unrepentant liars (Oprah)
Who brought the slaves to America?
jewish ritual murder on Oprah
israel runs over babies with tanks
Orthodox Christian Russia under communism
Ali-G show (Sacha Noam Baron Cohen) ~ Hunting the Jew
Ali-G show (Sacha Noam Baron Cohen) ~ "Throw the Jew down the Well"
israeli army vandalizes Palestinian homes and smears shit everywhere
Borat movie (Sacha Noam Baron Cohen) ~ "Make My Day, Jew!"
israeli soldiers swim in Palestinian drinking water
israeli Karen Levy ~ "I'm a little bit fascist"
racist israeli settlers ~ Tel Rumeida, Palestine (HQ)
Z100 (NY) The Morning Zoo jewish prank call
Obama's plan the same as bush



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