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Jews, Movies & The American Dream

Six Jewish companies own 96% of world media

For anyone who disputes the fact that Jews run Hollywood, this obscure little documentary film is a must-see.

download: (1 2 3) or torrent or backup links


At Saturday, April 11, 2009, Blogger Musique said...

Good docu, Grim. Although I think the brains behind it are little too soft on the thugs. If majority of them weren't so treacherous by nature & back stabbing, they wouldn't be ostracized - it is simple as that.

On the fun side ....
which movie they are promoting this weekend? Let's see ...
Another unfunny movie starring untalented jewish actor named Seth Rogan. All the jewish critics wants you to go and see that movie .. supposed to be that good! blah blah blah ....

Rat bastards don't want you to "steal" their "precious" movies but when They are the known as stealers, thieves or thugs!!

At Saturday, April 11, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're welcome. Thanks to 800-pound Gorilla for putting it out there, and memory hole for drawing my attention to it. i just watched it, split it, archived it, then upped it to movie and file servers for us.

..had to use the junkbox connection to upp it, motionbox banned my main ip, after deleting at least 10 accounts; i mean, where does it say i can't have 20 accounts? the embed boxes show up blank black for me, haha!

Glad you liked it.

At Monday, April 13, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

didn't take long for them to ***e my videos, did it?

Good thing we can all download a copy, lol


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