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FBI entrapment for propaganda purposes

FBI, NYPD Arrest 4 in Alleged Plot to Bomb NY Synagogues (nbc)

happens all the time, links please.

Orchestrating Terrorism FBI Turns to Entrapment

Burned! Meet William Chrisman, FBI Entrapment Specialist

FBI Airport Arrests Prompt Questions of Entrapment

Oklahoma World Trade Center 911 mossad

The FBI's Sears Tower Plot


At Thursday, May 28, 2009, Blogger qrswave said...

grim- thnx for this important piece.

I read "FBI Airport Arrests Prompt Questions of Entrapment" - good stuff

between ex-convicts as informants, federal subsidies tied to successful prosecutions, and rules that allow police, prosecutors, and courts to keep a portion of the spoils (whatever they seize and confiscate), the criminal justice system is thoroughly corrupt.

At Thursday, May 28, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're welcome, qrswave =)

the vast majority of war/terror and rumors of it, are manufactured deliberately by those in control of the beast systems, in order to abuse our God-given rights, enslave us and steal our shit.

the new airport rules are ridiculous, the cost of the gas-chromatograph machines at the terminals must have been huge, and at our expense.

heck, just buy some everclear from the duty-free, haha!

I bet that nutella tasted good, what a score!


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