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Idiocracy in America - reinforcement of corrupted values at Louisiana State Legislature permitting filth to proliferate in name of "multiculturalism"

Louisiana is a pathetic state for allowing this to happen. Where is legislative priority, common sense and responsibility?

Such proliferation of filth in public, let alone in the supposedly serious legislature, demonstrates the decline of Western civilization.

Exactly what Zionist Jews want by promoting the corrupted and bad values to condone & encourage irresponsible, promiscuous, misogynistic, misandric, militant homosexual, criminal and self-destructive behavior in the West.

Every nation the swarm of Zionist Jew locusts invade turn to proverbial shit, and the result is clear.

Zionist Jews know that, revering the sinister wisdom of the Talmud and Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the most effective method of cultural & racial destruction is spreading media propaganda extolling the benefits of integration in unmitigated multiculturalism & open immigration policy to render the native population brainwashed and docile for complete conquest by control, terrorism and theft of public treasure.

This is the product of Zionist Jew mind-f*ck.

NAACP, SPLC & ADL Kosher approved.

Idiocracy mash-up


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