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The New Tiananmen Square: Baharestan Square Massacre in Tehran, Iran

Not certain about truth in the cacophony of propaganda on both sides. Not that CNN is a reliable news source anyway.

: Unimaginable Horror In Tehran Today (very graphic photograph of an "axed" victim warning)

WTH is "ThreatsWatch" web site? Could it be a Western intelligence op front like Mossad front web site Debkra and Rita Katz's S.I.T.E.?

Psychological warfare extends even to the Internet to spread confusion, half-truth, uncertainty and disinformation.

Even if the massacre did indeed happen, United States should continue to stay out of the internal crisis. U.S. cannot pretend to meddle and invade to promote democracy without utter hypocrisy in relentless bombings and massacres of the people "over there" in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. Ditto with vote fraud in "liberated" nations bombed to smithereens by the Coalition. The U.S. ignored the suffering in Sudan, Sri Lanka and Burma for a simple reason - there are no desired natural resources to exploit in these lands.

Iran holds a vast oil and natural gas reserve comparable to Saudi Arabia & Iraq, and U.S. imperialists hunger for blood money and human sacrifice for the military-industrial complex & energy industries and Israel.

If U.S. wants to grab Iran oil, they face the bigger problem as obstacle to outright theft and plundering regardless of whether the coup is established or not: Russia and China, the major powers of Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

The West's covert or overt war on Iran comes down to three principal motives: the right of access to oil reserves, preferred puppet hegemony (the return of Shah) and the urgent need to stabilize American Dollar as world's reserve currency under threat of devaluation to remove for liquidation and replace with alternative & most stable currency by the major powers, particularly Russia and China.

Cui bono?

Certainly not for the millions of protesters, because they have been played as pawns on the chessboard. When the pawn no longer serve the purpose by the West if the cleric theocrats retain power after crushing the opposition, the Imperialists will opt for overt destruction.

This is the end game for the Imperial West led by the proverbially dying U.S. Empire, whose American Dollar is about to face obliteration that could tear the Union apart and render America a bankrupt nation whose superpower status is vanquished overnight.

With California and other states mired in bleeding deficit under pain of recession due to corruption, corporate greed and job outsourcing, the glorious days of American dream is probably numbered now as the trillion-dollar War on Terror continues undeterred and looting of America's tax-funded treasure to bail out corporate firms despite Obama's pie-in-the-sky campaign promises to resolve the domestic economic problems.

President Obama, as we can see now, is just another politician asshole who lied his way to the White House. Obama is as much of an opportunistic traitor as Bush I/II-Clinton-Reagan crime mafia to serve the power structure of Plutocrat Oligarchy.

Pass the spare bread.


At Thursday, June 25, 2009, Blogger Titus Sviatoslav said...

Never forget that the Shah gave ziostan all the petroleum they needed for free via the old pipeline.

They now feel entitled to free oil


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